Level Two (Non-recurring)

(11 customer reviews)


4,000 Clicks a day


120,000 Clicks for 30-days

Mix and match between

  • Community Shares
  • Self-Shares
  • Target Follows


Once your order is placed your virtual assistant will reach out via email between 1-5  hours to customize your order.

You will receive 2 virtual assistants to service your account all week.

Why 2 virtual assistants?

There is NO WAY 1-person can sit down and manually click 120,000 times a month.

11 reviews for Level Two (Non-recurring)

  1. tammy tsai

    Phenomenal! Had a 30% increase in sales my first month. Saved me so much time so I could work on new listings. RE-upping for a 2nd month! I highly recommend Reseller Assistant. And thank you for the excellent customer service.

  2. Mery Motley (verified owner)

    Awesome service. My sales was up to my record high. That’s why I’m signing up for my 2nd month. Thank you Reseller Assistant.

  3. Lindsay Stemen (verified owner)

    Love this service! Frees up so much time, so I can focus on adding listings and sales! Definitely re-upping for another month. Thank you for this service.

  4. Tara Ring

    I never realized how important sharing both my closet and fellow poshers closets was until after one week with Reseller Assistants help. I was only getting 1 or 2 sales a week IF I was lucky. I purchased one week of services and got 18 sales in one week! So happy with my package that I am purchasing the monthly package. Thank you so much for your fabulous service and for getting started so quickly! 🙂

  5. rcaler (verified owner)

    Love, Love, Love this service!! My sales are phenomenal and my work time has been cut in half!!

  6. Beth Savoie (verified owner)

    This is the best thing I did for my business. Sales increased by 50% the first week. I’m now ordering my 3rd month. Thank you Reseller Assistant for helping me make my business a success!

  7. Alice Lott (verified owner)


  8. Alice Lott (verified owner)

    Helpful service.

  9. Ashley Moore (verified owner)

    I love this service. I was able to get my life back and put my phone down. My husband & kids loves it and I’m making consistent sales. I tried a week and loved it, signed on for December (which saved my Christmas) and loved it again with great results! Signing up for another month!

  10. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I LOVED this VA! I got it from a giveaway and it was amazing. My sales skyrocketed and I didn’t have to worry about sharing my closet. 🙂

  11. Phyllis Presley (verified owner)

    Increased sells. Decided to try another month to see if things improve even more.

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