Relisting Service

Give your old items a second chance!

Do you have a listing that just won't budge?

Have they been sitting in your closet and appear to have no chance of selling?

Well, have you tried re-listing this item?

Items have 20-25% better chance of selling if they are re-listed after sitting idle for more than 30 days!


From the amount of growth Poshmark has shown every month, there will be a completely new set of eyes on your listings, and especially whenever you post something new, that item gets a little “boost” in the algorithm.

So, why not do this to items you already have, that have been sitting there for a while?

Give them that “boost” they had when you first listed them, and they will have a better chance of selling!

Relisting Service

How does it work?

  • We relist your oldest items for you
  • Just choose 50, 100 or 200 items
  • Our relisting service is completed within 24 hours

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Relisting Service