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Amber Osborne Avatar

Absolutely amazing experience with this service! Great communication & very prompt. I noticed more traffic to my closet & more sales during the week. Highly recommend!

Amber Osborne 10/12/2020
Starter Plan Image

Starter Plan

Natasha Mitchell Avatar

My sales went through the roof with this service!

Natasha Mitchell 9/21/2020
Power Shares Basic (25) Image

Power Shares Basic (25)

Fea snyder Avatar

Absolutely wonderful! Great service! Highly recommend. I will definitely keep coming back! Still in shock at how many sales I made in just the one week! So happy! Thank you so much💋I’m still a posh freshie, and this service has helped me grow❤️

Fea snyder 9/15/2020
Starter Plan Image

Starter Plan

Phyllis Presley Avatar

Increased sells. Decided to try another month to see if things improve even more.

Phyllis Presley 8/29/2020
Level Two (Non-recurring) Image

Level Two (Non-recurring)

Elizabeth Avatar

I LOVED this VA! I got it from a giveaway and it was amazing. My sales skyrocketed and I didn’t have to worry about sharing my closet. 🙂

Elizabeth 6/25/2020
Level Two (Non-recurring) Image

Level Two (Non-recurring)

Jennifer Taylor Avatar

Best investment I have ever made in business. I am a full time Posher and reseller. My sales have doubled over the past month. My husband was furloughed from his job for three months due to Covid-19. I was apprehensive to spend ANY money during that time, but I took advice from a friend, and it was the best advice I have taken. AND, I got to spend two days on the river boating instead on crunching over my computer. Professional and reliable. I would recommend to anyone who does not have time to constantly share.

Jennifer Taylor 6/14/2020
Level One (Non-recurring) Image

Level One (Non-recurring)


I wish I did this sooner!! It is a small cost to increase your business. I have had daily sales in my first week and can comfortably say that it has just about doubled or more my sales. I can visibly tell all of the increased traffic to my closet. If you are thinking about it... DO IT and do it now! It is worth it. Thank you so much Reseller Assistant!!

TINA WRIGHT 5/29/2020
Starter Plan Image

Starter Plan

Michele Schuring Avatar

I have been using the service for a few months & have seen an increase in sales

Michele Schuring 1/18/2020
Level Three Image

Level Three

Jessica Jadhav Avatar

Love this service! I have ordered from them on a few separate occasions and each time they were right on point with the shares! I was a little hesitant at first to give out my password but this company was nothing short of professional each time I used them. They respond personally to emails within a few minutes and are so polite and courteous. I completely trust this service and can't recommend them enough. Trust them! The service will not let you down. Oh! And the sales kept coming in! It was phenomenal! There was no way I would be able to share my closet that much in one day, and getting my listings shared thousands of times helped tremendously with increasing my sales. When you break down the cost of this service weekly, it's really a no brainer. This service is a must!

Jessica Jadhav 1/08/2020
Level Three Image

Level Three

Ashley Moore Avatar

I love this service. I was able to get my life back and put my phone down. My husband & kids loves it and I'm making consistent sales. I tried a week and loved it, signed on for December (which saved my Christmas) and loved it again with great results! Signing up for another month!

Ashley Moore 1/07/2020
Level Two Image

Level Two

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