Virtual Assistants for Poshmark.

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What Do We Provide?

Self Sharing

We will share your closet for you, day and night. So you don’t have to. Sharing is extremely important in order for your listings to be seen!​

Community Sharing

One of the best ways for people who aren’t following you, to see your listings is by Community Shares. We perform share backs and share new Posher’s closets too!​


We can help grow your account by following other closets! The more people you follow, the more your listings will be seen!

Simplified Reselling

We are a done-for-you solution for resellers, we provide Poshmark Sharing, Relisting & Crosslisting, without the need for YOU to use software!

Good News! Reseller Assistant Now Supports Poshmark in the US, UK, Canada, & Australia

No matter if your selling on Poshmark in the US, Canada, Australia, or UK. Let our experienced virtual assistants take the charge of your account and help you achieve stellar sales growth.

United States
Reseller Assistant - UK

How it Works

Just find a plan which suits your Poshmark requirements and then place your order.

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Find a plan which suits your commitment to your Poshmark business.

We do the work.

After your order you will be assigned a virtual assistant who will look after your Poshmark closet no matter if you are selling in the US, Australia, UK, Canada, or India.

Need a Poshmark VA for the UK and Australia? Get in touch with us via Contact Us page.

We do the work
Grow your business

Grow your business.

Your VA will handle the long tasks on Poshmark whilst you just list, answer customers and sell!

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