Increase Poshmark Sales

How to Increase Poshmark Sales (Ultimate Guide 2022)

Poshmark is an excellent online marketplace to sell your unique clothing items. No matter your reason for joining the platform, making more money is definitely a driving force. 

To avoid falling into the dreaded sales slump, the informative article below explores many strategies on how to get more sales on Poshmark, grow your brand, and surpass your revenue goals.

Treat Selling and Your Poshmark Store as a Long-Term Business Venture

If you want to earn substantial long-term profits, you must view selling on Poshmark as a viable business venture or full-time job. It starts with being disciplined and dedicating meaningful time toward perfecting your craft, selling clothes creatively, and growing your own boutique. Find articles on how to sell more on Poshmark. Numerous other people are using the platform, so you need to do everything to give yourself the edge.

It all starts with time management. Budget specific time blocks each day to focus on all selling functions. These activities include acquiring and curating new items, writing descriptions, listing items in the store, and shipping out the goods.

Another factor to consider when you sell clothes is inventory. Treating your selling on Poshmark as a business means keeping your online closet at optimal stock levels. It would be best to maintain 10-15 valuable listings. If you really want to hit it out of the park, focus on preparing 50-100 listings.

Social media is another channel to promote your Poshmark brand. If you already have a large following, you can use this to your advantage. Share and publish your own listings on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat as a value-add to your followers. Engaging with other users’ listings is also critical.

Here are some other selling on Poshmark tips and more ways to successfully run your Poshmark business:

  • Track your financials closely by itemizing your expenses, recording all your sales, and keeping all receipts of transactions.
  • Be professional and respectful toward difficult people you run into on the Poshmark app.
  • Have fun and enjoy the process, even during the rough times.
  • Outline clear goals for exactly what you wish to accomplish.
  • Make sure you follow the Poshmark Pricing and Selling Fees guide

How to Sell More on Poshmark: Utilize a Pre-Written Template

When selling clothes and listing many items, having a template is beneficial and will help save time. A mental or written template speeds up the listing process and helps you make the most of your time. Buyers are also more likely to read a thoughtful, meaningful post. Not only do you instill confidence in the shopper, but you will also increase your closing rate.

Achieving Poshmark sales goals is all about your ability to save time. You should have a dedicated block for listing items, but you should also make time to write descriptions. Doing so will bring out the best in your writing to craft the best post.

So, what should you include in your template? Communicate the item’s specific details, such as measurements, size, and condition (on a scale from bad to fair to good to excellent). Many Poshmark users will also look to trade their items. If you look to boost your sales, make sure your template conveys that you will not accept trades.

Seek to Earn Your Status as a Party Host or Poshmark Ambassador

Are you struggling to boost exposure for your Poshmark closet? It might be beneficial to submit a Poshmark Ambassador request or seek to become a party host pick. To see if you meet the requirements of becoming a Posh ambassador, check out the following:

  • You must have at least 5,000 self-shares.
  • You must maintain at least 50 listings within your closet.
  • You must have 15 or more sales on Poshmark.
  • You must have at least 5,000 shares from other closets.
  • Your average rating must be at least 4.5 stars.
  • Your average shipping time needs to be lower than three days.

Becoming a Posh Ambassador has many benefits. Not only does your closet get recommended to new users, but you also gain access to helpful resources. As a Posh Ambassador, you can read an exclusive e-newsletter, browse through special programs, and take advantage of unique opportunities.

You can also be proactive in becoming a party host by contacting Poshmark to express your interest. All you will need to do is fill out a quick application, and then you can have your page displayed at the very top of the parties. It is also essential to check if Poshmark launches another suggested user program in the future.

Provide Unique Bundle Discounts for Potential Buyers By Using the Bundle Feature

Bundle discount deals are another advantageous option to drive more sales to your Poshmark closet. Poshmark offers you a couple of choices when providing a bundle discount.

One option is to designate a certain percentage the shopper receives based on the number of goods. For example, buyers could get 25% off two items or 30% off three items. After you adjust this in your settings, you can advertise it on your profile and individual listings. The great thing about this feature is you can activate it or deactivate it at any time with one click.

The other option is through pure negotiation. A buyer can select a group of items from your store, and then you can suggest additional items to complete the bundle. From here, you and the buyer can initiate a private deal or negotiation. That way, you and the other user can decide on a fair rate or other deal, including reimbursing the sales tax, 50% off the next purchase, or free shipping cost.

Explore Top Selling Categories, Markets, or Segments

Diversifying your product offering is an effective way to boost sales for the Poshmark store. Poshmark allows you to market and sell a broader range of items. The more demographics you can satisfy, the more revenue you will bring in for the store.

If you only focus on selling clothes for women, do not hesitate to branch out into men’s clothing and accessories. There are still many men that buy items on the platform. If you can effectively target potential buyers or a specific niche, it could be a nice revenue spark for the store.

As you dive into new demographics and niches, it is critical to brand your overall store. When people navigate to your Poshmark closet, they should know exactly why you are different. Make it known that your store is a one-stop shop for all buying needs and preferences.

Carefully Select Value-Added Items to Sell Clothes Creatively

It might be easy to sell anything and everything on Poshmark to get extra cash. Instead of listing everything you find in your actual closet, be selective in what you sell. Curate your items by listing what the Poshmark community will buy. This strategy is sure to increase Poshmark sales.

Identify the highest percentage of Poshmark shoppers. A large demographic to consider are younger females. Therefore, trendy, seasonal, and specialty items will perform well from a sales standpoint.

It is also critical to do financial analysis on items you sell in high volume. When you list numerous items, it would be wise to calculate your net profit by deducting the 20% seller fee. People are also more likely to buy things with a lower listing price after adding shipping costs.

Bottom line, Poshmark can always be a great place to make a quick profit if you are getting rid of some clothes. However, your strategy needs to change if you look to make a consistent long-term profit. It requires careful research and curating on what the market wants.

Personalize Your Poshmark Profile

When you customize your closet and profile, you are likely to get more money and visitors. The highest performing stores typically have a face to match the store or brand. When you add your picture to the store, shoppers may feel more of a personal connection. They are more likely to trust and buy from someone when you break down the barrier and set a picture.

Building a “Meet Your Posher” listing is another way for you to add customization. Creating this listing offers a couple of benefits. First, potential buyers now have a consistent communication channel with you. Although specific items may go away because someone bought them, your listing is never well. If any buyers have questions or inquiries, you can always be there to address them.

Poshmark also allows you to add up to 16 photos and text within the listing. If you have a unique cause or fundraiser you support, this is the opportunity to advertise it. For example, you might donate a percentage of your sales on Poshmark to a local animal shelter. You can write or post a picture about this cause, which will gain traction for the store.

Engage with People Who Like Your Items to Target Potential Buyers

Other sellers or users who like your items are a prime lead generation opportunity for your store. Closely monitor your page to see who engages the most with your post or blog post. Keep an organized list of these people, and offer them special deals on current and future items. When you reach out to these people, make sure to bring a “value-first” approach to avoid sounding pushy.

You can be even more proactive by offering a shipping discount as soon as you see the “like” notification. You could offer a small deal on the item they liked, or you could recommend similar items. Allowing the buyer to negotiate their own offer is another effective technique. If you throw the ball in their court, you may be able to sell clothes for a higher price.

Network with Other Users on the Platform

While other Poshmark sellers are your competition, they can also be a valuable resource for you because they want the same thing. Be proactive in reaching out to other Poshmark sellers. There are many ways to do this, but an excellent place to start is through compliments. Everyone loves to feel important, which is why a compliment can go a long way. Here are some ways to network with others through compliments:

  • Give a specific reason why you like their photographs, closet, or store
  • Ask for tips and tricks on how they increase sales
  • If they live in a place you visited, bring that up
  • Ask for helpful strategies on photographs

Networking relationships with other sellers are all about value. While you may ask for Poshmark tips or tricks from other people, see what you can do to help them out. Address the person by asking them how you can be of value to them. This value could be trading clothing items with them, scheduling a call to share best practices, and exchanging tips on how to increase Poshmark sales. You never know who could be a natural light of Poshmark knowledge.

Compare Item Prices

When an item is not selling on Poshmark, it might be good to do a competitive analysis. A significant driver of low sales is overpriced items. The best way to understand where you stand is to double-check your price against other listings on Poshmark.

When you search for similar users’ listings, look closer at items that have already sold. Sold listings typically have a lower price than available ones because of higher initial inflation. There are often backdoor negotiations that will drop prices for sold items.

It is okay to sell clothes for a higher price. You never know when a shopper will see the value and go for the higher price point. However, you must understand that sales might come slower or be less likely to go through. Do a cost-benefit analysis of lowering your prices. If decreasing the cost will make you suffer a loss, you might be acquiring the item for too much.

Strategically Position Your Items

If you want to increase sales, you need to place your items at the top of your page. This location is the first thing people will see when they navigate to your page. The more accessible you make your items, the more likely someone is to buy them.

When you share items from the closets of other sellers, they will likely return the favor. The items you put at the top of your page will probably be the listings that your connections will reshare.

These top listings are also critical for potential buyers. You want to place something at the top that will keep them scrolling to check out the rest of the closet. So, what are the best items to list at the top? Here are some suggestions:

  • Designer clothing items
  • Popular, well-known, or top-selling brands
  • Items with popular brands or tags
  • Things that are in pristine condition
  • Choices that allow you to ship items quickly Poshmark
  • Options that are sure to increase Poshmark sales

Provide Shipping Deals

When you get started selling, discounting shipping is an advantageous deal that can lead you to increase sales. Not only is it an excellent incentive to purchase, but it also gains trust with your buyers. Providing shipping deals will keep people returning to your store and build a loyal community of repeat customers.

When you sell high-priced items or large bundles, it would be wise to boost the price and cover shipping. For small goods and individual purchases, you should still put in a minor buffer to cancel out the shipping cost you pay and save money.

Advertising-free shipping is equally important in this process. There are multiple ways to promote the deal. You can build a separate listing to showcase it. Doing this will properly call out the deal so people do not miss it. Many top sellers on Poshmark will add the information to the item’s description or picture. Adding the shipping discount as a comment on the listing is another helpful technique.

Switch Up Your Cover Photos

As people scroll through Poshmark, you want to capture their attention. Changing up the cover pictures for your items can help gain traction for your store. Make sure the picture is clear and noticeable, so you can free people from confusion.

Order is another component to play around with the order of the photos. Which of your items do you want people to see first? If you have flattering pictures for some of your items, you may want to place those at the top. You could also use different apps and programs to alter the photos or add various effects to them. Adobe Spark and Canva are both programs with many photo editing resources.

As you snap photos of your items, you must ensure a clear distinction between the clothing item and the background. Avoid taking a picture of a black clothing item on a black background or a white item with a white background. The more distinguishable the item is in the photo, the more eye-catching it will be.

Participate in Poshmark Parties

You can find up to four Poshmark parties per day to showcase your top items. Each event has its own theme, category, or brand focus. For example, f you have a set of athletic clothes, there is at least one party for you to share your clothing pieces with.

Parties are an excellent resource for a couple of reasons. It is a quality way to boost awareness for your store because all the attention is on the event. Marketing your items is all about going where your customers are. 

The Poshmark parties are also a fantastic location to build relationships with other Poshmark users on the platform. You could always meet a seller who could teach you about their success.

Create Attractive Item Titles and Descriptions

While you may think your item titles and descriptions are engaging, it is always best to give them another look. You may draw a different type of inspiration when you revisit how you describe your items. There is likely room for improvement to help convert buyer attention to the sale.

There are a few things to remember when you go to write good descriptions. Consider if you can list out more details the status or condition of the item. Maybe the item has an interesting type of fabric that you want to expand upon. Other description enhancers include:

  • The brand of the article: A Nike, Adidas, or Lulu Lemon item could catch someone’s eye
  • Adjectives: Use intriguing adjectives to describe the item’s style
  • Size: Make sure to cover all aspects of the dimensions
  • Condition: Describe how fresh or new the item is
  • Color: Paint a clear picture in the person’s mind about all the colors

Follow People Who Share the Same Style or Interests as You

Sharing clothing items is the engine that powers Poshmark. When addressing how to get sales on Poshmark, you need to interact with as many users as possible. Try to establish connections and follow hundreds or thousands of users. You will discover that most people will return the favor and follow back. Even better, these people will share the items you post.

So, where should you start in searching for new people to follow? An excellent place to start is the Poshmark party host’s followers. Navigate to the party pages you engage with, and then pull up the list of followers. If you have a free moment, go down the list and request all these users. If you go to the correct party pages, you could send out a hundred new requests within five minutes.

Monitor Your Newsfeed

As you get into the groove of sharing items, listing descriptions, and negotiating with buyers, it may be easy to neglect your newsfeed section. This area is where the critical notifications show up. First, confirm that you have these settings turned on, and then check them once per day.

Poshmark helps you organize the newsfeed by categorizing shares, offers, likes, comments, bundles, and other critical updates. Sometimes when you host pick a party or have been off the app for a few days, you could get behind. Therefore, you should budget a small portion of your day toward checking and reading through the notifications.

Be Responsive to All Questions and Post Office Inquiries

Time is critical for everybody, and that includes the people who reach out to you. It is a common Poshmark rule to address questions within 24 hours or even a few hours. If you do not respond quickly, it can lead to a less-than-ideal review. If a customer is ready to pay for an item, answering their question quickly can drive more sales. Someone may have their payment information ready to go, so they will probably give it to the first Poshmark seller who responds.

Most Poshmark users will also create a Poshmark account and let it go inactive. You can separate your closet from many others by giving off the impression you are active. When you respond in a timely manner to a customer inquiry, it shows that your store is operating, functioning, and selling on Poshmark.

Maintaining consistent communication with a confirmed buyer is also critical in building your reputation and gaining more Poshmark sales. After you two agree on selling items, you could update them right after you ship the package from the post office, apply fancy packaging, or attach a shipping label.

Ensure Your Poshmark Profile Is Complete

Completely filling out your Poshmark profile is another way to show people you are an active Poshmark seller on the platform. Not only should you fulfill all the necessary information for your Poshmark account, but you should also make your page friendly and approachable.

Buyers should feel a personal connection with you when they read the “about you” section. Not only can you upload great pictures of yourself, but you could build a description that explains your “why.” The best way to write this section is to provide readers with a snippet about who you are, your motivations, and your value for shoppers.

Adding photos of your services and top clothing items can also paint a better picture of your Poshmark brand. If you offer a unique feature like free shipping or Poshmark sales milestones, this is a great section to list that out. Maybe you could post a video of everything you do within your Poshmark operational process, including your trip to the post office to ship packages.

Final Wrap Up

While there is no one answer on how to make sales on Poshmark, it is a commitment that takes hours of hard work, practice, and relationship building. When you invest time into perfecting most of the Poshmark sales strategies on this list, you are sure to exceed your goals on the sales report, earn you extra cash, and help you become a Poshmark selling machine.

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