How to Cancel an Offer on eBay

How to Cancel an Offer on eBay

Have you found yourself in a situation where you need to back out of an eBay offer, and you don’t know how to cancel an offer on eBay?

If yes, then don’t worry because, in this blog, we will guide you through the steps of canceling an offer on eBay. No matter if you are an eBay buyer or seller, we will explain how to properly cancel an offer without getting red-flagged.

So, without further wait, let’s begin!

5 Reasons Why Buyers Cancel Offers on eBay

1- They Found a Better Deal Elsewhere

eBay buyers often continue shopping around even after making an offer. If they stumble upon the same item at a lower price or with more attractive terms, such as free shipping, they may be inclined to cancel their eBay offer.

2- Change of Mind

Impulsive decision-making also leads to offer cancellations. Some eBay buyers might make an offer in the heat of the moment, only to later reconsider their choice. Upon reflection, they may realize that they don’t actually need or want the item, or that it doesn’t align with their budget.

3- Misunderstanding of Item Details

Misunderstanding of Item Details

Despite eBay sellers’ best efforts to provide accurate and detailed descriptions, misunderstanding can happen. Buyers may misunderstand important details about an item’s condition, size, color, or features. When they become aware of their mistake, they often opt to cancel the offer rather than proceed with a purchase that doesn’t meet their expectations.

4- Seller Taking Too Long to Respond

If a seller takes too long to respond to an offer, the buyer might lose interest or find an alternative in the meantime. Quick and efficient communication is often key to closing sales on eBay, and if a seller is taking too much time to accept the offer, it leads to cancelled offers as the buyer moves on to a more responsive seller.

5- Accidental Offer

Accidental Offer

Sometimes there are technical glitches, and buyers experience issues with eBay and then accidentally submit offers they didn’t intend to make. In such cases, they’re likely to cancel the offer once they realize the error.

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How to Cancel an Offer on eBay as a Buyer?

Cancel an Offer on eBay

Before we tell you how to cancel an offer on eBay, it’s important for you to know that there are a few conditions that need to be fulfilled for eBay offer cancellation.

You can only cancel an eBay offer if:

  1. There must be 12 hours or more left before the listing ends.
  2. You must have placed your most recent offer less than 1 hour ago.

You can’t cancel your offer on eBay if:

  1. The seller either accepted or declined your offer or sent you a counteroffer.
  2. You’ve already made 5 offers in a particular category.
  3. Less than 12 hours remain for listing to end and it’s been more than 1 hour since you made your most recent offer.

To cancel an offer using the eBay desktop site:

  1. Click “My eBay” on the top right of the screen and then click “Bids/Offers” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Next, find the offer that you like to cancel.
  3. Finally, select “Review Offer” and then select “Retract Offer.”

If you’re using the eBay app and want to cancel your offer, then you simply need to fill out the Best Offer cancellation form and submit it.

How to Cancel an Offer Sent to a Buyer?

If you are a seller and have sent an offer to a buyer on eBay and later want to cancel it, then here below are the steps to do it:

  1. First, go to the “Messages” tab.
  2. Next, select the conversation of the buyer whose offer you want to cancel.
  3. Then, go to “More Actions” and click “Cancel Offer.”

It’s better to let the buyer know that you are canceling his offer before the cancellation. Moreover, provide a valid reason for order cancellation, if you have any.

Can You Cancel an Order After Accepting an Offer on eBay?

After accepting the offer, the buyer has 4 days to pay for the item. If he doesn’t pay the amount within the 4-day period, you can cancel the order by clicking “buyer didn’t pay.” Your fees will be refunded to your account.     

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