Selling Pre-Owned Clothes on eBay is Now Free

Selling Pre-Owned Clothes on eBay is Now Free

Big news for pre-loved clothing resellers in the UK!

From April 8, 2024, selling pre-owned clothes on eBay is completely free. This is a game-changer for anyone looking to clean out their closet and make some extra cash.

So, what causes this change in fees?

Well, most online marketplaces are getting really crowded these days. eBay used to be the top online marketplace in the UK, but now it’s facing tough competition from giants like Amazon and Etsy, as well as smaller players like Vinted and Depop.

Uk marketplace competition

To stay competitive, eBay is dropping all fees for selling second-hand clothes. This includes the usual 12.8% sr, the 30p per order fee, and even the 0.42% regulatory fee. It’s a bold move to attract more sellers and buyers to their platform.

But here’s the really cool part – it’s not just for used clothes. If you’ve got brand new apparel with tags still on, you can list those for free too. And if you already had clothing listed before April 8, don’t worry – those listings will also benefit from the fee waiver.

Clothing with tag

There is one catch, though. This update only applies to clothing and apparel. If you’re selling accessories like handbags, watches, or jewelry, you’ll still need to pay the usual fees.

According to eBay, it’s not just about beating their competition. They’re also thinking about the environment.

Kirsty Keoghan, eBay’s Global Fashion GM, points out that the average person has about £400 worth of unworn clothes just sitting in their closet. By making it free to sell these items, eBay hopes to encourage people to declutter and keep clothes out of landfills.

This move is great news for online resellers. Without fees eating into their profits, sellers can either offer better prices to buyers or keep more money for themselves. It’s a fantastic opportunity to boost sales without sacrificing profit margins.

Buyers stand to benefit too. With more sellers listing items for free, we’re likely to see a wider variety of clothes available on eBay. And since sellers aren’t paying fees, they might be more willing to offer discounts or negotiate on prices.

Clothing end up in landfills

eBay has been promoting sustainable fashion for a while now. Last year, they prevented over 1.6 million kilograms of clothing from ending up in landfills – that’s about 4 million shirts!

They’ve also backed initiatives like the Circular Fashion Fund and partnered with the TV show Love Island to promote second-hand fashion.

If you’ve been thinking about selling some of your old clothes, now’s the perfect time to give it a try on eBay. With no fees to worry about, you can clear out your closet, make some extra money, and help the environment all at the same time.

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