What To Stock Your Poshmark Closet With for the Perfect Winter 2021

What To Stock Your Poshmark Closet With for the Perfect Winter 2021

Seasonal selling is smart selling. Sure, you may have a couple of t-shirts listed in the winter and maybe a stray sweater or two in the summer months, but ultimately, you want to strategize when it comes to seasonal sales. In other words, what is going to move best on Poshmark in the winter, as that time of year will soon be upon us!

If you are looking to turn a side hustle into something that might actually be able to sustain your family with a full-time income, then make no mistake about it, you have to stay on top of trends. You have to know what’s hot and what’s not, and you absolutely should have a season based game plan in place.

It goes without saying that your Poshmark closet is the centerpiece of your business venture. So what can you do to make sure that it gets noticed and consequently when it does get noticed, that the items actually sell? You are here to make some money, after all, correct?

In this article, we will look at a few items of clothing that stand to net you a pretty decent winter profit. Remember, it’s all about knowing what to sell and when exactly to sell it.

What To Stock Your Poshmark Closet With for the Perfect Winter

Poshmark in the Winter: All About the Sweaters

Winter time means sweater season. All of those eager shoppers out there looking to score a sweater deal will be scanning the platform for the latest cardigans, cropped or oversized sweaters. A few things to keep in mind when it comes to sourcing sweaters for your Poshmark closet.

  • Be aware of what’s trending. While there are certainly a vast array of sweater styles and colors out there, you might want to take a look at what’s popular this winter versus winter 2018 for example. Oversized sweaters seem to be in demand, as are cable knit sweaters for winter 2020. That said, the cardigan also seems to be trending heavily—in all sizes and styles.
  • Check the condition. With sweaters especially, pilling can be an issue. Look also for any pulls in the yarn/fabric. You want to establish a reputation as a posher who puts out only the best, high-quality clothing.

Workout Clothing For Your Poshmark Closet

Among the bigger selling items during the winter months…workout clothing. Think about it, the holidays come around. People indulge and then of course, potentially the most popular New Year’s resolution: focus on diet and exercise.

So is your closet stocked with enough workout shorts, tanks and crop tops? Among the more popular selling brands this winter: Lululemon, Nike, New Balance, and Athleta. Some things to consider when listing workout clothing / activewear for this winter season:

  • Poshers tend to lowball especially when it comes to activewear. Stand your ground. Figure out exactly what your clothing is worth and refrain from responding to lowballers
  • Consider bundling activewear. This is a strategy that could work particularly well with workout pieces. You might bundle shorts, a tank top and sneakers for example. Emphasize that the bundle is intended to help them get “gym ready.”

Poshmark Party Outfits for this Winter Season

While things may look a little different this year come the holidays, there are still bound to be get togethers and smaller scale celebrations. Perhaps even virtual parties to commemorate certain occasions. Regardless, poshers are historically on the lookout for that next hot party look come this time of year.

Does your closet get it done?

What can you offer those looking for that elegant black dress? Or perhaps that want a more fun and flirty look for their winter events. Do a bit of research here to figure out what styles and party looks are becoming 2020’s go-to. A couple of thoughts on this season’s party ensembles…

  • With party outfits, descriptions and photos are hugely important. You’re not just reselling clothing here, you’re selling the promise of fun, of an amazing night to remember. Your photos and descriptions need to factor this in. Selling clothes on Poshmark is as much about the psychology of the buyer experience as it is about the items in your closet. So spend some time and really make those party pieces stand out.
  • Look for those top-selling brands. Here we’re talking about another level of clothing beyond just your everyday sweater and jeans. So yes, when it comes to these types of outfits, brand name counts.

The winter season will be here before you know it. Having your closet ready to go and stocked with relevant items could mean the difference between doing a high volume of sales or sitting stagnant. Again, it really comes down to your reselling strategy and the game plan that you ultimately have in place.

Do you have any tips or things have worked well for you for each different season? Let us know in the comments or on our Instagram page!

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