Are Your Poshmark Sales Slow? 10 Steps to Turn Things Around

Are Your Poshmark Sales Slow? 10 Steps to Turn Things Around

Every day or every week for that matter can’t be a winner. Many Poshers have faced sales slumps. You’re riding a wave of sold items and then suddenly…crickets. Nothing is moving from your closet and users have seemed to have lost interest.

This, however, is not a reason to get disheartened. Your side gig can still be successful if not eventually roll over into a pretty lucrative reselling business. The key is to recognize when sales do in fact slow down (if not fall off altogether) and then take action to help turn your Poshmark potential around. In this article, we explore a few tips and strategies for handling that dreaded sales slump.

Are Your Poshmark Sales Slow? 10 Steps to Turn Things Around

Patience is Key

Yes, that sounds a bit cliché, but it’s cliché for a reason. Having patience and knowing that sometimes you’re going to have to endure the slower sales periods in order to get to the eventual gold so to speak, will make it easier on you. Poshmark sales like anything else, are going to have slower seasons—and that’s not just you. Fellow poshers are likely in a similar situation. So don’t lose hope, don’t get down and keep on listing and sharing!

Revisit Your Pricing

Could it be that your pricing is too high for the platform? Consider also, there are times of the year when people have less money to spend (i.e. right after the holidays), so you might want to rethink clothes prices in regard to the time of year.

Expand Your Offerings

Poshmark is becoming more flexible, and it is no longer just about women’s clothing. Perhaps you’ll have more luck in another market segment. Scroll through the platform. See what users are offering and of course, see what appears to be selling well. Maybe a pivot is in order in terms of what you are currently listing.

Bundle and Discount Items

This is a great strategy and is likely going to attract some users. Poshers love discounts—it’s kind of why they’re on the platform in the first place. So if you can discount items even further by bundling related pieces, this just might help jumpstart otherwise sluggish sales.

Try Free Shipping

This works particularly well for higher-priced items. By offering free shipping on the lower costs pieces you could end up losing money, so be careful. But with some higher-end listings, if you throw in the cost of shipping, this will make your item a better buy. And while yes, you are having to absorb shipping costs, if the listing is priced right, you still stand to make a decent profit.

Update Photos

Maybe your photos aren’t the best quality, or maybe they’re not doing just to the item in terms of spotlighting certain features. Find similar items and compare how they are staged and shot. If the piece of clothing has been listed for a while now, it could be time to update what have become stale photos—this might give that item new life and get your Poshmark sales up and running again.

Consider Staging

Just as with any “store,” how you display an item is going to make the difference between whether or not it sells. Mannequins can work to your advantage here—they give clothing more of that life-like appearance. Also, look at the backdrop against which you’re setting the pieces. Does it contrast enough with the clothing? Is it overly busy and thus distracting? And if you do include a stock photo, just be sure to have the actual item displayed as well so as not to mislead other Poshmark users.

Reinvigorate Your Descriptions

As with photos that may not be the best or that may be getting stale, your item description could probably use a bit of a facelift as well. Keep in mind the psychological aspect of selling clothing. What value will it bring to the person who buys it? How might it enhance their life? It may sound somewhat over the top, but people really do connect clothing to lifestyle. So what can your clothing do for their lifestyle?

Relist Items as New

Yes, you will lose likes for example, but then again, if it hasn’t sold then what good are those likes doing you? Relisting an item as a new listing will bring that item to the top of that brand’s feed. Poshers following said the brand will therefore see it. This could catch the eye of someone who previously hadn’t been aware of the piece of clothing in question.

Keep That Chin Up…

Even when sales may be slow, that’s not to say that they can’t turn around in a day or two. A strategy is definitely involved by way of some of the above tips, and if you want to make this a legitimate business, you need to do your due diligence to help bump those sales back up. But know that every Poshmark reseller is going to experience both ups and downs. If your business is slow, take heart that eventually, it will pick up again.

Have you experienced a slowdown in business?

So, are your Poshmark sales slow? Did our 10 steps to turn things around give you some ideas?

We’d love to hear if you have had a slowdown in business and if you did, what did you do to correct it? Let us know in the comments below or on our Instagram page! Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast for extra tips too!

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