Poshmark Home: What Products are Trending in 2021?

Poshmark Home: What Products are Trending in 2021?

Needless to say, many poshers were excited about the launch of Poshmark Home. While reselling clothing and accessories is certainly great, the ability to launch into the lucrative home décor and accessories market was a thrill to many. The ability to expand their listings and diversify their Poshmark business meant the potential for even faster business growth…and of course more money!

That said, as is the case with selling clothing on the Poshmark platform, where staying up to date on the latest fashion trends is key, the same can be said of the home space. What’s trending, what type of décor is popular and what things people are clamoring for as far as home accessories go is so important to know.

If you do plan to venture into the Poshmark home sphere, you’re going to want to do your homework. So we thought we’d help you get started by offering our take on what’s trending in 2021 when it comes to the new and exciting Poshmark Home sector.

Cottage Chic Designs and Décor.

Many have heard of shabby chic décor, and many are probably familiar with more rustic inspired pieces. Well, combine the two and you have a whole new fresh take on that intersection where rustic meets elegance: cottage chic.

What types of items might you list to this end?  Sky’s the limit. Could be vintage pieces that you source from flea markets. You could also offer more glamourous looking accessories with a hint of that cottagey feel. Use your judgement as to what types of accessories might fit well with this particular design vibe.

Woven, Rattan and Wicker Pieces.

What is more “homey” than woven materials? From baskets and wicker furniture to rattan/wicker style picture frames and even lampshades, the warmth of softer wood materials is definitely in in 2021. With people having spent a great deal of time at home this past year, many realized that they wanted their homes to be as comfortable and inviting as possible.

Wicker and rattan have this innate way of cozying up a space. And given that these materials are so versatile, they can be used in virtually any type of application. So if you have woven wood based products that you are itching to sell—by all means list them in your Poshmark shop!

More Exotic Accessories.

Also as a result of more and more people being confined to their houses in 2020, 2021 is seeing a trend that really does make sense. As far as home goods and accessories go, exotic is hot. Wall décor, statues, pottery, you name it, anything that harkens far-off islands and tropical locales are popping up increasingly in homes across the country.

No one could really travel for a year or so and therefore people opted to bring those sought-after vacation destinations into their home. The key with these types of home accessories is the color in many instances. Bright, vibrant colors are hallmarks of this design aesthetic.

Bringing in the Beachy Vibes.

Hand in hand with exotic décor, more specifically are those items that bring in the beach. Again, to some extent this design trend is all about wishful thinking—in other words, while many of us could not go to the beach necessarily in 2020, we brought those beachy vibes into our homes.

Beach related décor and items can range from beach glass-inspired vases and bowls to wall art depicting idyllic ocean scenes. Accessories might include boats, vintage buoys, maybe even fishing/crabbing items that can double as décor. Get creative here and explore your beachy side!

Eco-Friendly Pieces.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness are no longer just buzzwords but realities that we all must consider in order to preserve our planet. More and more people are realizing that everything they purchase—from clothing to food items to home décor—usually does have a sustainable and eco-friendly option.

That said, if you are looking to make your Poshmark store a home-based one, stocking items that do take the environment into consideration is certainly not a bad strategy. People are becoming more conscientious about everything and what they put into their homes is no exception.

Branching into the Poshmark Home sphere may take a little time and effort on your end. From finding and sourcing the right products to figuring out the best and most attractive ways to list these products, you have some work to do. However, keep in mind, Poshmark launched this sector for a reason. They understand that right now we are living in a moment when people are ultra concerned about what they buy for their homes and how those homes ultimately look and feel. This could be a great market for many aspiring poshers!

Rounding up

Those are our trends for 2021 – do you have any to add or think we missed some?

Have you started experimenting with Poshmark home items yet? This is a new and emerging market you should get involved in!

If you have, let us know over on our Instagram page or in the comments below!

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