What Poshmark Home Items Should I Sell?

What Poshmark Home Items Should I Sell?

Once upon a time, Poshmark was a clothing site for women. They later expanded into children’s and men’s clothes. Since that time, Poshmark has even branched out into non-clothing and accessory items to include products for pets as well as home items. Listings that feature things for your home have grown exponentially since the platform ventured into this niche. For those looking to grow a robust Poshmark business, getting into the home sector and selling those items that seem to be hugely popular within the home space could be the way to go.

In this article, we look at some of what is trending in terms of home goods on the Poshmark platform. We also assess the best ways to break into this specific reselling niche for those who may be new to the world of home-based products.

What Poshmark Home Items Should I Sell?

Kitchen Items for Your Poshmark Business

Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of the home. And of course, kitchen items have become hot sellers across the Poshmark platform. Don’t necessarily have any clothing items handy at the moment to sell? No worries, you can list an array of kitchen products and associated accessories and potentially make some good money on those sales.

What types of kitchen items have been selling fast on Poshmark? Cookware and cooking utensils appear frequently on the Poshmark platform. With people increasingly stuck at home, cooking has become one of the new national past times. People are always on the lookout for great deals when it comes to those items that can help them whip up their next amazing culinary creation!

Designer Mugs and Glasses

One thing that you will find quite a lot on Poshmark Home are mugs with catchy saying and quotes. Also, mugs and glasses with specific designs on them seem to be doing pretty well for resellers–especially mugs and coffee cups for example with team logos or cute cartoon characters. The more fun-looking the mug, the better the chance someone will snatch it up.

You do want to be sure to include all relevant details in your product description. Especially if it’s a collector’s item, the more details you have regarding the origin of the mug or cup, the more money you stand to make on it. You do want to avoid selling those products that have been damaged or cracked in some way.

Wall Art and Décor

People love to decorate their homes. Making spaces feel cozy and aesthetically pleasing has become a national obsession to some extent. This is why home décor and wall art sell really well on the Poshmark platform. Users are always on the lookout for something unique and interesting to help elevate their home design. Do you currently have anything that fits the bill?

Often, poshers reselling home items, specifically home décor based items, will source things from thrift shops, flea markets and garage sales. You never know what sorts of hidden gems you might come across at these types of places. Be on the lookout for pieces that speak to you and that will hopefully speak to those poshers looking to amp up their walls.

Window Treatments

Gone are the days when window treatments were relegated to just ornate drapery. Now there are all sorts of fabrics, styles and designs when it comes to the world of windows. And Poshmark resellers are providing a wide range of window treatment products on their sites. So if you come across or happen to have any of the following, as long as they are in good to excellent condition, it may be worth listing:

  • Roman shades
  • Curtains of all kinds
  • Wood/composite blinds
  • Valances
  • Honeycomb shades

Of course, this list isn’t extensive, so if there is something window-worthy that could catch someone’s eye, go ahead and list it as part of your foray into Poshmark Home.

Candles and Knick Knacks

It’s not all about decorating the walls of the home, many people are also on the lookout for items to spruce up their shelves and other flat surfaces throughout their space. Candles tend to be a huge hit wherever they are sold, and Poshmark is no exception. From scented candles to oversized glass-encased candles, poshers are buying them up in droves.

And when it comes to knick-knacks, the sky’s the limit. What items do you have that may appeal to shoppers who want to bring some interest to a bookcase or the shelves of an entertainment center for example? Get creative with your descriptions as well. Remember, you are selling the experience of the home item as much as the tangible item itself.

If you’ve yet to enter the Poshmark Home sector, now is a perfect time. People are paying more attention to their homes as we are spending way more time in them than before the pandemic. Think strategically about what home products you want to list.

Rounding up

Have you experimented with selling home items yet on Poshmark? It is a great niche to get into if you are struggling with your other items – especially if you feel you have a great interior design skillset!

You should make sure you pay good attention to the photos you take for any home items, as people need to imagine those items sat in their home day after day!

Let us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page if you sell home items on Poshmark!

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