Poshmark launches in Australia

Poshmark launches in Australia

While previously, Poshmark was only in operation in the US and Canada, the reselling juggernaut is now launching in Australia as well. With its stock prices already soaring because of its new pet sector launch, the platform is now branching out geographically as well.

Poised to most definitely go global, Poshmark Australia is a first step in taking resale mania worldwide. After having been hit by a pandemic, the world has been finding ways to cope, in all aspects of life. Shopping smarter and from home became the norm for most people in just about every country. As a result, here in the US and in Canada, Poshmark emerged as a cost-effective and still stylish go-to. Plus, given the convenience of shopping from home and having packages quickly delivered…let’s just say, the platform’s popularity skyrocketed.

For Poshmark the next logical step was the expansion in an effort to meet global demand for reselling needs—both in terms of customers looking to shop for brand name clothing and home accessories and also for those savvy sellers who wanted to earn some extra money and build a Poshmark business.

Poshmark launching in Australia has proven a boon to the platform and has dramatically increased the size of the Poshmark community around the world. This really is an exciting time to be a part of such a dynamic platform and community. With the rate at which Poshmark is expanding, now entering the Australian market, the potential is definitely there to make some big money, as long as you manage your Poshmark business strategically.

If you currently are a reseller with a killer closet, ask yourself, are you prepared to handle all that lies ahead for Poshmark? This is where a VA might be the perfect solution to help you capitalize on the platform’s growth while growing your own business into something that you can truly call a full-time gig.

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