Exclusive Poshmark Review – How Safe Is Poshmark To Use in 2020?

Exclusive Poshmark Review – How Safe Is Poshmark To Use in 2020?

A totally legitimate question. Especially now, given what we’ve all come through, questions of safety are first and foremost in so many people’s mind. People generally are pretty thorough when evaluating the clothing that they’re considering buying: looking for tear or stains, assessing the lister’s reviews and transactions. It takes a discerning eye sometimes to find that perfect item that works for you.

And of course, beyond the condition of the clothing, there are concerns regarding identity and privacy, money exchanges, returns and so forth. If you have asked yourself how safe is Poshmark to use…odds are, you’re not alone.

We live in a world in which internet sites come and go. Some are safer than others, some more legit than others. And unfortunately, the word “scam” is a rampant part of our online vocabulary. So it seems natural to question a newer (relatively speaking) platform such as Poshmark in terms of the safety factor. Which is why we wanted to highlight exactly how safe Poshmark is to use and on the flip side, how to protect yourself in the event an issue arises.

Is Poshmark Safe to Buy From? – A Beginner’s Guide

So many new poshers are throwing their hat into the reselling arena daily. And some do have questions regarding the safety of doing so. We want to first offer a brief overview of what exactly Poshmark is, for those who may not be as familiar with the platform.

Essentially, Poshmark is much like many eCommerce reselling platforms out there—think eBay or Mercari for instance. The emphasis however with Poshmark is on clothing, fashion accessories and cosmetics. Poshers set up their closets and consequently share them with followers in order to get their listed items noticed, and if all goes well, sold!

Now that we know what Poshmark is, let’s further explore the question: How Safe is Poshmark to Use…

How do I know if Poshmark is really legit?

Couple of things to keep in mind here—by and large Poshmark is a very reputable platform with scores of users. There is nothing “fake” about the platform and many poshers have gone on to enjoy great success—even six figure success!

is poshmark safe - is it legit

Now, that said, the one area where things can on occasion (though rare) get a little sketchy is as far as the identity and verifiability of Poshmark buyers and sellers. Poshmark lists out the following:

  • Buyers have the right to return or accept an item once they receive it. Moreover, payments from buyers won’t be released to the seller until they verify their purchase and receive the items.
  • Shipments from sellers are protected for as long as they ship using the site pre-addressed or pre-paid shipping labels.

This offers protection to all parties involved and helps deter against people using the app who aren’t actually who they claim to be. You can never be too careful given any online/app interaction.

Below we break down the safety issue from both the buyer’s and the seller’s perspectives.

How Safe Is Poshmark for Buyers?

There are numerous platforms out there on which you can purchase used clothing items. So how do you know which are among the safest? As far as Poshmark safety goes, there are really three things you need to keep in mind from the buyer’s side of things: the actual purchase, the money part and of course, in this day and age, privacy.

Privacy Protection with Poshmark:

As far as privacy and identity protection with Poshmark, you need to be deliberate with the way in which you approach this. In other words, when choosing a username for instance—might not want to use your own name. Come up with something clever, creative and cute…the 3 C’s of Poshmark username effectiveness after all!

poshmark identity protection

Many users are concerned about the fact that they have to give out their mailing address to the seller, Makes sense, how else are you going to get the item that you purchased. That said, the question  stands: is there anyway to avoid having to provide a mailing address. Unfortunately, again, if you want your item, there has to be a destination to which the seller can send it.

This is where you can get somewhat creative if you are that nervous about exposing mailing info. Some posh users have actually taken to getting a PO Box. This enables you to keep that mailing address a secret while still allowing you to receive the clothing for which you paid.

There is also the potential of having any item you purchase through Poshmark shipped to your workplace.

Money Protection When You Purchase on Poshmark

This is a biggie. The last thing a buyer wants is to get ripped off. Especially in light of the times in which we live, money is a bit tighter than perhaps it otherwise would be. So let’s say you do order an item based upon a seller’s photos and description provided. You receive said item and lo and behold, a tear not disclosed anywhere. You’re deflated. You’d been waiting for that purchase to come and it is not living up to the seller’s hype. You need to take action ASAP!

poshmark money protection

First off, take photos of the item and the flaw in question. Next, you want to open a dispute against that seller via the Poshmark platform. Do keep in mind, that Poshmark is nothing if not serious about sellers truthfully representing their items. There are safeguards in place should a piece of clothing arrived “not as described.” To this end, the platform generally does have the buyer’s back covered.

Another top money concern—can the seller see your personal banking information. The short answer here: no. You submit that to Poshmark; they then hold onto the funds until you receive the item and consequently verify that you are satisfied with the purchase. Poshmark will then pay the seller directly. Your info is never seen by the seller.

Is a Poshmark Item the Right One to Buy?

This definitely is a concern for some when considering: how safe is Poshmark to use. That is to say, what if you get a product that is of subpar quality? What if it falls apart after one wash? What if the size, though seemingly yours, just doesn’t fit at all? All good questions and valid concerns. And this all you current and aspiring poshers is where your ability to do a little research comes into play. Photos can be manipulated in many different ways. Filters work wonders even on the ugliest of garments. Check the brand—actually go ahead and see if you can find the same exact item brand new somewhere online. This will give you a better view of what it looks like versus what it looks like in the seller’s closet. If you’re still on the fence, don’t hesitate to ask for some additional pics…a good seller should be happy to oblige.

You might also want to do a little reading about the sizes associated with that particular brand. Remember, sizes can range, widely so. A size 6 in one brand may be a size 4 in another. See if you can get a handle on where certain sizes stand with certain brands.

How Safe is Poshmark for Sellers?

Sellers also have to be aware of certain pitfalls that can happen on literally any eCommerce platform if we’re being honest. This particular reseller platform is quite seller-friendly. There are a couple of things to keep in mind however as you begin your journey into Poshmark entrepreneurship.


Protection on Poshmark as far as Return Policy

This is probably one of the biggest concerns that sellers have. Poshmark seems to adopt the approach that the buyer is generally right. When a buyer files a dispute against you claiming some flaw or misrepresentation with the item, if they can actually show said flaw, they usually always win the claim.

As a seller your job therefore is to be as meticulous as possible with your descriptions. Even if the flaw may seem minute and inconsequential to you, document it. You don’t want it to come back and bite you later. Take photos of any irregularities in the clothing. Be 100% transparent with every single thing you list; it’ll only help prevent disputes in the end.

Getting Paid: Are Poshmark Sellers Protected?

This too probably of some concern to sellers, especially newbies. As far as the fees associated with any Poshmark transaction, these are clearly spelled out on the platform, so there should be no confusion in regard to your responsibilities there.

As far as the buyer…You don’t ship the item until the buyer has paid. Consider Poshmark itself the escrow account—they hold the funds from the buyer. Once that buyer receives and okays the item, money is released to your account.

Is Poshmark safe to use: all signs point to yes! As with any other platform out there, you need to be a little savvy about some of the more nuanced aspects of it. All told however, it is a potentially lucrative journey for any seller, and a treasure trove of amazing items for all of those deal seekers out there. 

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