Should you get a logo for your Poshmark Business?

Should You Invest in a Logo for Your Poshmark Business?

Poshmark is a business endeavor, make no mistake about it. The more you treat it like a business, the more apt you’re going to be to start making money. And of course the more money you make, the more your Poshmark venture starts to look like a full-time job versus just a side hustle.

So how do you make money on Poshmark…The answer to that question actually lies in the way that you approach it.

What is one thing that every business has? A logo of course. Think the golden arches of McDonald’s, think the Nike swoosh, think Apple. All have recognizable and identifiable markers that indicate who they are and ultimately come to signify what they stand for. Which brings us to the question, should you invest in a custom logo for your Poshmark business?

There are a variety of Poshmark sellers out there and accordingly, a variety of approaches to this question. If indeed you do want to turn your side gig into something resembling full-time money, then investing in a logo may be a very smart move. Below we go into a few of the reasons why a unique Poshmark closet logo could help lift your business to the next level.

Should You Invest in a Logo for Your Poshmark Business?

Logos help brand you

Most have of course heard the term “branding.” And while Poshmark reselling is its own unique venture, branding here certainly can’t hurt. Your brand is simply an identity. It is who you are and what value you bring to your customers. Branding strategies involve across the board approaches and consistency when it comes to things such as visual identity, messaging, color scheme, among other elements. The logo is at the center of any brand. So what do you want your logo to say about your Poshmark closet-as-brand?

Logos can be fun

Obviously, you can use your photo on your Poshmark site, some sort of avatar, an image that appeals to you and ties into your offerings, but with a logo, you get to have a little fun and also make it fun for users who come upon your closet. Think of something flirty and fashionable, or it could be chic and classy. What do you want this logo to embody in terms of your style and how can you make it interesting and eye-catching?

Logos can tie everything together

The great thing about having a logo is that now you have a distinctive image/emblem that can be used in a variety of ways. So for instance, you can imprint thank you cards with your logo. Of course, it can be featured prominently within your closet—from profile pics to header images, experiment with where you might place it. Even packaging can to an extent be customized with your logo. This only helps remind people of who you are and then in the future, they will more readily associate that logo with your closet.

Logos suggest professionalism

Versus someone who is just selling a piece or two randomly, if you set out to create a legitimate Poshmark business and have a logo designed for that business to boot, you definitely are making a statement; that statement: I am serious about selling! There are the casual poshers and then there are the hardcore poshers who are in it for the long haul. It can be quite easy to tell them apart. A logo is certainly one hallmark of someone who is in this endeavor for more than just a little bit of extra “mad money.”

Logos can travel with you

Essentially, anywhere you sell, any platform, however you decide to grow your clothes reselling business, a logo can forever be tied to that business. This then becomes a common thread bringing together all of your reselling efforts.

Logos are affordable

You don’t have to spend a fortune hiring a graphic design firm to create your custom logo. There are a variety of freelance platforms such as Fiverr for instance that feature some talented professionals who offer very reasonably priced services. You might also try searching online for free logo maker tools and dashboards.

Whether or not you decide to go with a logo for your Poshmark closet, the key is to approach it as a business in any way that you can. The more you invest in it, the more reward. If you do decide to have a logo done, make sure it is relevant to what you’re selling and your overall style—as it is ultimately a reflection of you as an entrepreneur. Many poshers integrate clothing/accessories into the overall logo design., which of course makes sense. Just be sure in the end, it is something that you are proud to stand behind by way of your business brand.

Rounding up

Well, you have read our take on whether a logo would be suitable for your Poshmark business or not. There are many factors to decide on before you get a logo and if you do, many factors on actually choosing a logo that suits your brand!

Who has a logo for their Poshmark business already? We’d love to see them – send us some links in our comments below, or on our Instagram or Facebook pages!

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