Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Poshmark Reselling Business?

Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Poshmark Reselling Business?

Why are you in the reselling business? Why do you have a Poshmark closet in the first place? Certainly, there’s the fun of arranging, photographing and listing items. There’s the community spirit inherent to the platform. There is also the adrenaline rush that comes when you actually make a sale. All good points.

However, why are you actually a Poshmark reseller…drum roll please: to make money. Of course it’s to make money!

It’s the new American dream: create a side gig that could potentially surpass the kind of cash you make at your day job thereby enabling you to quit said day job and Poshmark to your heart’s content—all the way to the bank. And it can happen.

Google “Poshmark success stories” and you are bound to read about the savvy twenty something who built a veritable Poshmark empire. Or the single mom who desperately needed to make some additional money for her family and with hard work and a little luck saw her Poshmark dreams come true.

So, we do know that it is possible to create a profitable business reselling clothes on Poshmark. That said, here is the question…Do you honestly have the kind of time to dedicate to this endeavor that you will need to in order to make some real money? And actually, another question, do you know what you are doing on the Poshmark platform well enough to maximize time spent and money earned?

Ponder those for a moment as we look at what exactly a virtual assistant does, and then consequently, how such a person and/or business could be precisely what you need to build a more robust Poshmark reselling business.

What does a Virtual Assistant do for Poshmark Resellers?

Let’s begin with the basics…The concept of a virtual assistant has been around now for quite some time. They perform a wide range of tasks: a virtual assistant does everything from helping companies answer emails, maintain schedules and perform data entry, to assisting resellers on whatever the platform may be by managing their accounts, ensuring that their presence is an active one and engaging other users. 

The benefits of having a virtual assistant (VA) for your Poshmark business, almost too many to name…but we’ll do our best to give you some of the highlights!

A VA gets that Time is Money

This is true for everyone. We tend to overlook the fact that sharing (be it, self or community sharing) and following take up time—often an inordinate amount of time.

If Poshmark is not your primary income source (at least not yet anyway), then you need to carefully weigh the hours spent versus what you could, or should, otherwise be doing to keep the money coming in. Here is where a VA works their online magic. They give you back that ever so precious time, while making you decent money with your side hustle.

A Poshmark VA understands the platform

There’s no shame in not knowing everything there is to know about how to navigate and manage your Poshmark account. In fact, most getting into reselling clothing items for the first time, don’t necessarily have all the knowledge they need to convert clothes to cash.

A virtual assistant, at least a good virtual assistant, will be someone (a company or individual) who’s done their homework. In fact, beyond homework, they have years of experience with a specific platform and can therefore help you make the right choices and the smartest moves: everything from knowing when the best times are to share in order to maximize that sharing moment, to following other Poshers.

They can help Simplify the Process

By this same token, a VA can take that which may seem a bit daunting at first and in managing your account for you, greatly simplify things. Poshmark currently has over 50 million users. There are roughly 75 million listings at any given time. These are not small numbers—meaning, things can get confusing quickly. It also however, means that the potential to make some real money is most definitely there.

They keep your Closet Active

This is hugely important. Many resellers dive into the world of Poshmark with the intention of growing their business, selling item after item and reaching that six-figure dream. And again, it can happen.

But…the problem—life has this way of intervening. Your job, the kids, household responsibilities, you name it. And so that once promising closet sits stagnant, and ultimately your items rarely if ever get seen, much less sold. A VA’s job is to ensure that closet stays as close to the top of your followers’ feeds as it possibly can.

Sharing, Following, and Clicking…Oh My!

If you’re relatively new to Poshmark, you’ve probably been introduced to some of the terminology inherent to the platform, but you might still be trying to figure it all out. In hiring a virtual assistant to do the heavy lifting for you, the thing is, you don’t necessarily have to become a Poshmark expert.

sharing following and clicking

A Poshmark VA will take the reins so to speak and, depending on what type of package you opt for, do your clicking for you. That is to say, between self-shares, community shares and follows, they ensure that your closet is not only active, but in front of the right people at the right times.

The Art of Sharing

Make no mistake about it, there is without question an art to sharing on Poshmark. Randomly sharing throughout the day, whenever you happen to have a moment to check your account activity, can actually backfire on you. But having someone who’s dedicated to their client’s Poshmark success, who spends the time necessary understanding when to self share with your followers so as to actually attract those buyers, can produce promising results.

They also know precisely when to return a share and/or community share. Day of the week is key. Time of day is also key. Most people simply don’t have the ability to commit to a regimented schedule in this way. A virtual assistant does.

Understanding Following

Whereas sharing involves sharing the items in your closet (or someone else’s), following simply entails following another user because you identify with their style, you like the items they have for sale, and you want to know when they have new listings. Why is it important to be strategic when following…Great question! Ideally, you want to accrue a ton of Poshmark followers. Makes sense, right?

The more followers you have, the more users who will see your listings when you share them, and it stands to reason, the more sales you will rack up. The way that you increase the number of followers you have is to follow others relevant to your closet and style. Again, do you really have the time to do all of the legwork required to find and consequently follow the right Poshers?

Your Poshmark VA Will Offer You A Package of Clicks

So that means, depending on the package chosen, you will get so many clicks per day which translates to X amount of clicks per month. You can then decide how you’d like to split your daily clicks allowance: self-shares, follows, community shares. And that is literally all you’re required to do; your VA handles the rest.

Unleashing Your Ultimate Poshmark Potential

Close your eyes and picture it…You might start small, not a ton of clothes in your closet, but it’s a beginning. As you get more and more followers, you notice that your items are selling faster. Whereas once upon a time, you had 2-3 sales per week, you’re now seeing as many as 6-7 per week.

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You go even bigger. You now source used clothing from other channels. Your closet is expanding. Perhaps you even need a room in your house dedicated to just your Poshmark wares. Pretty soon, what was a side gig is beginning to look like it could make you some real money—and couldn’t we all use some more money right about now.

This isn’t a distant dream; this is a reality that is attainable by anyone with some pre-worn clothes to sell and a cellphone. BUT…how do you maximize it, how do you truly unleash that Poshmark potential? So many Poshers start out with this scenario brewing in their mind. They’re excited; they can’t wait to get going. And then…they realize the time commitment is too much.

This then leads to a keen sense of being overwhelmed and they therefore let that side hustle dream go to the wayside, only to return to the daily grind of their “normal” lives.

There are really two key elements here to achieving true monetary success on the Poshmark platform:

  1. Make sure that closet looks amazing. Think about positioning, about lighting. What about your descriptions? Don’t overlook those. Beyond just the visual images you’re providing, words do have the power to entice users into purchasing.
  2. Get those followers; do the work when it comes to sharing. Once you’ve got that killer closet ready to go, you need people to pay attention to it. And that is not going to happen unless you’re diligently managing every single facet of your account. So are you? Do you have the time to dedicate to your Poshmark presence in order to make sure that your closet is optimally active?
amazing closet

What we’ve discovered is that the more time and attention you put into creating an amazing closet, the better your sales. It can feel frazzling at times to try and manage every aspect of your account. Not to mention, we haven’t even touched on the shipping component. You also need to keep up with that as well—customer service just as with any retail venue is critically important here.

In fact, in subsequent articles we will address taking your customer service game up a notch; for the time being, just understand that communicating with buyers, engaging with users, managing that stellar closet, adding to that closet regularly, and then of course shipping on time are all a part of how you ultimately make money at this. Needless to say, a lot of moving parts…and we’re talking a lot.

So to recap…Why have a virtual assistant for your Poshmark business?

  • Most people simply don’t have enough hours in the day to dedicate to this business and thereby run it the way it needs to be run in order for it to be lucrative.
  • Many are unfamiliar with the protocol as far as sharing (when and with whom), following, and consequently managing their engagements.
  • Some users simply want an easy way to make money; they don’t necessarily want to do all the leg work, rather they prefer to sit back and just watch their business grow.
  • Still, other Poshers are frustrated at how slow in coming the sales are. Again, a professional Poshmark VA is well versed in exactly how to up the sales game and keep that cash flowing in.

A Poshmark Virtual Assistant is Your Key to Financial Success

There really is no question as to how beneficial a VA can be when it comes to this particular platform. It gets confusing at times. It certainly gets time consuming, and if you start to let it, it can also get very frustrating. That’s not what you want—that’s not why you started this.

You started because you wanted more money. You started because perhaps you’re dreaming of one day quitting that day job so that you have more time to spend doing what you actually like to do.

You began with Poshmark because it seemed like a relatively easy way to earn extra cash. And it is…As long as you approach it with the mindset of “I want this to be as simple and still as profitable as possible!” This is where a top notch VA comes in—dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Poshmark experience.

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