How To Make Money on Poshmark? Complete Guide 2020

How To Make Money on Poshmark? Complete Guide 2020

How to make money on Poshmark? Just like any beginner, you also might be looking for the answer to this question, right? Don’t worry we got the answer in this post, stay tuned!

Poshmark is both a social and reselling app. With Poshmark you can easily sell your old clothing, jewelry, shoes, and more right from your phone. Moreover, you can follow the closets of other people and know what items they are adding in their Poshmark closet.

How You Can Make Money on Poshmark?

For buyers, Poshmark offers a news feed where they can find important updates and alerts appear, like offers, sales, or questions about any item. Unlike eBay and Mercari, Poshmark is just for fashion and clothing. Moreover, it’s a great online place to sell branded and designer clothing in good condition. That you might have bought long ago and they are no longer of your use.

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Can You Make Good Money With Poshmark?

First of all, you must understand that Poshmark is meant to be built to get rid of old clothing. However, many people have been running their clothing reselling business on Poshmark.

As far as the question, how much money you can make on Poshmark is concerned, we can’t give an actual idea. Still, we can tell you a rough calculation on the basis of people’s experiences. On a gross sale of 2500$, you can easily earn a profit of $1000-$1500. So you can see, how good Poshmark is in making side money online!

Is Selling On Poshmark Profitable? Is It Really Worth It?

Selling on Poshmark is very profitable. Especially, when you have tons of branded clothes in your closet that you have been looking to sell. Selling used clothes with branded tags on them on Poshmark can make you profit up to 60%.

Another proof that Poshmark is quite profitable is that people are successfully running reselling business on it. Many of them are doing it also as a full-time job.

How Do I Sell Successfully On Poshmark?

Since many of the sellers on Poshmark can’t figure out the way to sell on Poshmark successfully. Therefore they won’t be able to make much money from it.

For this reason, we are writing some of the tips for you through which you can increase your sales and profits on Poshmark.    

  • Make your product description simple, honest, unique, to the point, and optimize it with relevant keywords. Don’t try to mislead people with your description.
  • Take clear and brightly lit photos of your selling item. Moreover, take great cover shots, it will help your item in attracting more buyers.   
  • Regularly share your item with the Poshmark communities. Moreover, share your listed items on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • Price your item fairly. Do some price research before deciding the selling price of your item.
  • Add items to your Poshmark closet from time to time, to bring them in the limelight of the audience and buyers.    
  • Start selling items from popular brands that people want.

Want To Make Money Fast On Poshmark? Do This!

If you are not been able to spend much time managing your closet on Poshmark. Then there is one thing you can do to make money fast on Poshmark.

Hire a virtual assistant that will do everything on your behalf!

You can get a professional virtual assistance service like Reseller Assistant for just $119.99 per month. Through this easy way, you can bring more sales to your closet in no time, without even wasting your precious time. Spending just a little amount of money will do the trick for you!

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