How To Double Poshmark Sales in 3 Easy Ways?

How to Double Poshmark Sales in 3 Easy Ways?

If your goal as far as your Poshmark business is concerned is to make as much money as possible…then this article is for you. If it’s simply to expend a lot of time and energy and ultimately spend more than you’re actually making, then perhaps you’re looking for “spare-time side hustles that lead nowhere.”

Good…that’s what we thought. Ready to learn how you can actually double your Poshmark sales. True story. And yes, you can find a ton of articles out there that promise the moon, only to deliver regurgitated content that really is of very little value.

There are proven strategies out there for maximizing your Poshmark income. They’ve been tested—the numbers behind them don’t lie. So while this may be a side gig for you now, it could eventually turn into something quite lucrative…if you know what you’re doing.

We’ve all heard those tales of unbelievable success that people have experienced as a result of what started as a part time online experiment. You can be that success story. You just have to know your way around the platform…and you have to have that selling savviness which allows you to take your Posh game up a notch.

Shall we begin…

Growth Strategies for Making the Most of Your Poshmark Journey

Make no mistake about it—this in many ways is a journey. It’s your journey to something potentially bigger and better. Especially now, especially in light of the uncertainty we’re facing; wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have something certain to rely upon? Picture how wonderful it would be to have a second income. You could do more for your family, for yourself. Hey, you put in the effort, it’s okay to pamper yourself once in a while. We all need that from time to time.

So, how can you up those sales numbers, empty your closet faster and have a truly measurable amount of money coming in? Glad you asked!

1. Self Sharing: There’s a Method to the Madness

Self sharing, as most Poshmark sellers know, is incredibly important. You have to get those items from your closet out in front of people. And it can’t be just a randomly timed once per day. Multiple times a day is a must if you want to maximize your exposure.

That said, there are generally two types of poshers here:

  1. Those who will self share that one time and are consequently satisfied with their effort regardless of the results it might produce
  2. that person who goes absolutely crazy and like someone on a maniacal mission shares incessantly. Both strategies are flawed, and here is why…

As noted, the once a day routine just isn’t going to garner your items enough exposure. Your closet will sit stagnant, guaranteed. And with the nonstop self sharing, well, let’s just say there’s no real strategy there, there’s no method to the madness.

Did you know that studies have found that those poshers who share their closets at specific times of the day were actually able to increase their sales by just over 46%? This is huge. This could mean a substantial boost in your bottom line. So, what are those magic times, you might be asking right now…

There are actually three key times that have been found to be optimal as far as getting the right kind of closet attention.

  • In terms of the morning sweet spot: between 10 and 11 AM. Think about it. A mom is done breakfasting her kids. Dishes cleared, some odds and ends accomplished. Still some coffee time left. And what does said mom do with her favorite “I don’t give a sip” coffee mug in hand…she sits down in front of her computer and looks for those amazing Poshmark deals. Your closet pops up featuring clothes in just her size and just her style—voila, sale made!
  • Moving to the evening hours now, 6 PM has been shown to be an optimal Poshmarking time. There is a definite psychology to the timing here—this isn’t just about throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall to see what sticks. People tend to work 9 to 5, not all, but many do. They come home and usually hop on their computers and/or device for a while. And there is your closet, newly self-shared. They are intrigued, and consequently, ready to buy.
  • Finally, experts agree that between 9 and 10 PM is also a great time for spotlighting that closet of yours. People are getting ready for bed but want to spend a few minutes browsing, seeing what’s out there, what may strike their fancy. Of course your Poshmark closet is the ultimate fancy-striker.

So there you have it: the three best times to self share. Also, keep in mind…holidays. What are people generally looking for around the holidays—yep, a cute outfit to wear. You may consider self sharing that closet a little more than normal around Christmas or the fourth of July for example.

2. Community Sharing: Helping Hands Can Help Double Poshmark Sales

Perhaps more so than many other selling platforms, Poshmark is all about community, and we mean all about community. That said, community sharing is pivotal if you want to become a top earner. Upon surveying 1000 of the highest earners, most all agreed that community sharing is the only way to truly create that Poshmark empire you so dream of.

And the great thing about this platform is that even top sellers are game when it comes to community sharing essentially anyone’s closet. They want to keep their followers and grow that list; which means if you share their stuff, they will most definitely share yours in return.

Another interesting fact: let’s say one of the higher earners on the platform shares your closet with her followers. This then of course means all of those users are now going to see your listings. Statistics show that one out of every ten users will then start following you. This could be a pretty lucrative cycle if you use it to your advantage.

A good tip: don’t be afraid to reach out to some of those top sellers and compliment their closet. Engaging other poshers, especially those top poshers, can never hurt. Be friendly, note that you love their images. Ask for advice. Again, this platform is all about community spirit. You will find that even the Poshmark superstars are willing to take the time to reply and perhaps even offer guidance.

If you do reach out to others, try and target those who have similar items/styles as you. People interested in their clothes are thus more likely to be interested in what you have in your closet.

3. Turn Those Likes into Actual Sales

This maybe not the best kept secret when it comes to doubling Poshmark sales, but one that more people need to understand and heed. That is to say, when followers do like an item, make them an offer they can’t refuse, as the saying sometimes goes.

Suggest that you’ll do a bundle discount. Or better yet, give them free shipping if they purchase the liked item. Studies have found that throwing in free shipping increases the likelihood of a purchase by near 65%. That’s a pretty impressive statistic. And one that again, could go a long way toward doubling those sales!

Additionally, you may want to consider leaving a message for those who like an item. Nothing too pushy or formal—keep it casual and light. Something along the lines of: Hey, go ahead and make an offer. Maybe consider bundling a few items for a discounted rate.

Building your Poshmark empire will take a little time and some effort on your part. But once you get going, once you have momentum behind you, it really can be a sky’s-the-limit game changer for you. Times are tough, understatement of the century, right? So why not invest yourself in maximizing your Poshmark strategies so that you can in fact double your sales? Poshmark can be both fun and profitable; again, it’s a matter of understanding some key tips and tricks in order to ensure that your closet is getting seen by the right people at the right time.

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