how to be Successful on Poshmark

How to Be Successful on Poshmark as a New Seller in 2023

Are you just starting to sell on Poshmark but don’t know what it takes to successfully run a reselling business? If yes then today we will be telling you 10 secret tips on how to be successful on Poshmark as a new seller.

Selling something on an online marketplace like Poshmark is considered easy by many, compared to selling on a website, which is true to some extent. However, with dozens of sellers coming each day in every category, the competition even on online marketplaces is becoming ferocious.   

Therefore, as a new seller on Poshmark, you should have a plan and strategy regarding how you are going to be a successful seller in your niche.

Here below are the 10 tips for you that you can incorporate in your selling plan to come up with that “winning strategy” that will help you in becoming successful on Poshmark.  

How Easy It Is To Be Successful on Poshmark?

Honestly, to be successful on Poshmark is not as easy anymore as it used to be 3-5 years back. The reason why we are saying this is because the number of sellers on the online marketplace has increased drastically.

As of September 2020 data, there are more than 4.5 million active sellers on Poshmark which obviously has increased to a lot more in 2023.

Another reason why sellers are struggling to get sales is that they don’t have good marketing skills.

In the first few years of Poshmark, sellers were usually getting sales without putting much effort into product images, description, SEO, and even prices since there are not many sellers.

However, in 2023, sellers must have some marketing skills to attract potential buyers by writing compelling SEO-optimized product descriptions and taking captivating photos.

Moreover, they need to do extensive market research to set the right price for their listing.

Anyway, there are roughly around 80 million active buyers on Poshmark which makes it a great online marketplace for both sellers and resellers.

You just need to be a smart seller to be successful on Poshmark as a new seller.

Here below are 10 tips that will help you become a smart seller.

10 Tips for New Sellers to Get Success on Poshmark

1- Do Keyword Research Like A Pro:

Being active on Poshmark and try everything to make your product listings visible on the platform are pretty much the only ways through which you can grab sales.

Likewise, any other online marketplace such as Amazon or Etsy, Poshmark also works on a product ranking mechanism that you need to understand so that you can get your product ranked for maximum visibility.

To get the product listings ranked on the top of the search results you need to do optimization or SEO of your product listings with relevant terms and keywords so that people can find your listings more often.

However, there aren’t any particular keyword research tools available for Poshmark so you need to do all the keyword research manually.

One of the ways, you can do comprehensive keyword research is by using the Poshmark search bar.

All you need to do is to enter the parent keyword in the search bar and search for it. When the search results will show you can find out all the relevant search terms related to your main keyword.

For instance, if you are looking to sell a party dress, you will simply search out for party dress in the search bar and the search results page will be shown something like this:   

You can make a list of all the keywords that you find relevant to your keywords considering intent, style, brand, size, color, and event, and optimize your product listing with all of them.

Moreover, when writing title and description for a listing try to be as specific as possible.

For instance, if you are selling a party dress, do mention for what event your dress is ideally for. If it’s a prom party dress or a holiday party dress.

This will help you in reaching out to a narrower segment of buyers who are particularly searching for the same dress.    

2- Leverage Sales Psychology in Product Images:

The very first thing that a buyer notices when scrolling through the Poshmark feed is the product image. Therefore, if you need to be successful on Poshmark, you need to find a way to make your product images look stand out.  

However, capturing product photos that stand out doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to get the thing done by a professional product photographer.

A decent understanding of photography and sales psychology is all what is required to capture great captivating photos of the products with your phone and grab buyers’ attention.

Here are a couple of product photography tips for Poshmark sellers that will help them in making their forefront product photos worth a look.

Tip 1

Try to use a simplistic background as it will allow the viewers to focus on the product and its features rather than the background. Moreover, it helps in increasing the visual weight of the photos to make the product appear more significant in the photo.

Tip 2

Since the Poshmark feed is flooded with product images, make sure that you experiment with something different. You can consider using simple yet captivating props to bring an element of uniqueness and aesthetics to your photos. However, it should be done in such a setting that the product in your image doesn’t get overshadowed by the props.

Tip 3

Do add a human touch in your product photos wherever possible as it will help buyers better perceive how it will look on them. For instance, if you are selling fashion jewelry, you can feature a hand wearing that jewelry in your product photo.

Tip 4

When doing photography of your product try to use natural ambient light each and every time! First, it’s free, and second, it provides the product image with a natural look that is more aesthetically pleasing compared to a product image that is captured under artificial lighting. You can even consider using tools like diffusers and reflectors to take your DIY product photography to the next level.

Tip 5

If you are selling clothing items on Poshmark then make sure that they are properly ironed and cleaned. Any wrinkles or stains appearing on the clothing item will make it look unattractive in the photo and that will prevent buyers from buying it.    

3- Find Ways To Grow Your Engagement:

Since Poshmark is a social commerce platform, therefore, for you as a seller, a lot depends upon the engagement. You can’t become a successful seller on Poshmark unless you know how to sustainably boost your listing’s engagements.

a) Be Punctual In Listing Your Products:

The very first thing that you need to do to increase your engagement is to be punctual with the listing of your products.

Most of the sellers on Poshmark usually make the same mistake. They list all their items at once which is definitely the wrong way to do it.

As a seller, you need to understand that listing all the items in a day is not going to flood the Poshmark feed with your products. Rather, you need to adopt a rational way to do it!

For instance, you have 70 items to sell on Poshmark. So rather than listing all the items at a time, you can start listing 3 to 5 items each day. This way, you will be able to grow your engagement in a sustainable manner as your listings start getting visible to people on a regular basis.      

b) Grow Your Following Smartly:

Your followers are your potential buyers. Therefore, you should focus on growing your following as it will ultimately help in boosting engagements and sales.

One great way to get a following for your Poshmark closet is to start looking for poshers who have recently joined Poshmark and follow them. There are chances that these poshers will follow you back as they are new to the platform and looking for accounts to follow.

Another thing you can do to attract potential buyers to follow you is target following. Target following is a tactic where you follow sellers who are selling items from similar brands that you are selling.

Then, what you need to do it to follow all the buyers who’ve recently bought from that seller. Eventually, many of them will follow you back and this will help you in reaching out to those buyers who already have an interest in the products that you are selling.

c) Strategize your Sharing:

Sharing is indeed the best organic way to increase your Poshmark engagement fast but how sharing should be done might be a concern for you as most people do it wrong.

While most sellers on Poshmark are quite unorganized in their sharing, you should strategize your sharing as it will help you in getting more engagements and reach with minimum effort.

It’s a myth that sharing on Poshmark all day long can get you good sales because if you are sharing excessively, you will only end up being in Poshmark share jail.

Therefore, the first thing you should remember is to do sharing at specific times when people are more active on Poshmark. This will help you in reaching more people only with a few number of shares.

So what’s the best time to share on Poshmark?

We think the three best times to do sharing on Poshmark are 5 pm, 9 pm, and 1 am. Here why:

5 pm: Evening is the time when most of the Poshmark users are usually online. Therefore, the best time for you to share your closet listings is 5 pm. So that all your followers can see what you are sharing.

9 pm: The second best time to share on Poshmark is around 9 pm because that’s the time when people are usually browsing different apps on their phones after having dinner. So it’s a great opportunity to grab the attention of those who are scrolling through their Poshmark feed after dinner.

1 am: Though it’s the time when not many users are active on Poshmark, it’s also the time when no one is sharing. Thus, your shared listings will most likely be visible to those who sleep late at night or wake up early.

Moreover, it’s better to do a bit of community sharing along with self-sharing as that will help you in getting more followers and share backs.  

If you feel that planning a strategy and executing tasks such as relisting, following, and sharing is not your cup of tea due to not having enough time or unwillingness to put effort then the best solution for you is to hire a Poshmark virtual assistant.

Reseller Assistant is one of the best Poshmark VA service that you can avail to hire the most professional virtual assistant to handle and manage your day to day account activities and sales.

The best part is that you can even kick start your journey with a weekly plan that starts at less than $20. Moreover, you will get free ambassador and booster add-ons with every plan you buy.

So what are you thinking of? Choose a plan now and automate your online reselling business!

4- Consider Accepting Lowball Offers Occasionally:

It’s a fact that in an online reselling business, buyers negotiate a lot when shopping for a product, and the same is the case if you are selling on Poshmark.

Lowball offers from customers are quite common on Poshmark and as a seller, you should deal with it smartly rather than getting frustrated or angry with the customer.

Getting angry and sending rude responses to customers will not only result in the loss of sales but will also affect your credibility as a seller.

So how to deal with lowball offers on Poshmark?

Well, one thing you can do is to consider making a counter offer rather than simply denying the lowball offers from the customer.

This will not give you the chance to seal the deal but will also help in making a positive impact on your buyers so that in the future they can return back to you for more purchases.

Moreover, if you deal with your buyers with courtesy, there are chances that they might get influenced by your good behavior and recommend people online or in their social circle to buy from you.    

Here’s how you can courteously respond to a lowball offers from a buyer:

“Dear customer, I really appreciate your getting in touch and making an offer and I wish I could accept that. Unfortunately, the offer you have made is below my asking price, considering the fact that I will be charged a 20% selling fee. Still, I would like to make a counter offer of [Price]. Please let me know if you are good to go with it.”

5- Make the Most of the Bundling Feature:

Buyers love discounts more than anything else and as a Poshmark seller, you should know how to cash in from it!   

One of the underrated tactics to increase your sales on Poshmark is offering bundles to potential buyers.

Poshmark Bundles is a unique feature by Poshmark that enables you as a seller to make a special private offer featuring multiple items at a discounted price.

For instance, if a buyer is interested in buying a pair of shoes from your Poshmark closet, you can create a bundle offer by adding that pair of shoes with a pair of socks and offer a percent-off or shipping discount.  

Poshmark Bundles not only benefit buyers but also benefit you as a seller as it saves you shipping fees. Moreover, it helps in increasing the average order value (AOV) which eventually helps with many of the cash flow and supply chain issues.

6- Be Very Specific When Pricing Your Products:

Pricing a product listing is something where most of the Poshmark sellers often don’t bother to put much effort and usually set the price without doing any market research.

This not only wipes out all the efforts that sellers put into setting up their closets and creating the listings but can also seriously dent their chances of getting any sales.  

For instance, you picked a really nice pair of Nike shoes to sell or resell that are also popular and in demand.

You did everything right, from picking the right photos to writing the perfect description but you went wrong with the price by pricing it unreasonably higher and lower than the other sellers who are selling the same pair of shoes.

Now what will happen is that if you price it lower than the rest of the similar listings on the marketplace, people might generally perceive it as a counterfeit or knockoff product.

Similarly, if you price the item higher than the rest, it will discourage buyers to buy from you as they can get the same value at a cheaper price.

Therefore, doing detailed market research and then coming up with a competitive pricing strategy is of paramount importance.

Another important tip for you as a Poshmark seller is to reconsider your product pricing every now and then. As there are chances that other sellers who are selling a similar product might lower the prices of their products to cope with competition and you are totally unaware of that.

Moreover, if you feel that you are selling a product or variation of a product that very few or no sellers are selling on the marketplace then you can definitely consider selling it for a higher price.

This will help you in balancing out your profit margins. In addition, will help you in improving the cash flow by bringing in more money faster so that you can later reinvest it in your business to maximize growth.      

7- Join Posh Parties:

If you really want to get good sales on Poshmark with minimal effort then Posh Parties is probably the best way to achieve that more than anything else.

If you don’t have any idea about posh parties then posh parties are virtual shopping events that are usually hosted by Poshmark Ambassadors who are often the best-rated sellers on Poshmark.

Usually, there are 4 posh parties that happen every day on Poshmark where you as a seller can join to engage with other poshers. Moreover, you can gain exposure for your product listings by promoting your closet to other poshers who are also attending the event.

However, it’s important to remember that every posh party has a particular theme which is often a product category that the party is focused on.

From brand parties and category parties to department parties and style parties, you can join any of them depending on the products that you are selling.

For instance, if a posh party theme is handbags then you are only allowed to share your handbag listings there.

Another reason why you should join Poshmark parties on a daily basis is that it gives you the opportunity to increase your number of followers by interacting with those poshers who are actually interested in the products that you are selling.

Not only that. You can even join posh parties and connect with other poshers to know what styles are trending. This will give you an idea of what items to add to your closet to boost your sales.  

8- Relist All The Product Listings That Are Not Getting Sales:

Most sellers who sell on Poshmark often don’t have any idea about how important it is to have fresh product listings in their closets.

No buyer on Poshmark wants to buy from a closet with listings that are months or years old and have no sales and reviews on them.

Therefore, it’s really necessary for you as a Poshmark seller to get rid of all the old stale listings that are not getting any sales as they impact the overall performance and health of your seller account.

However, getting rid doesn’t mean that you need to simply delete those listings permanently. Rather, you need to be a smart seller and remove those stale listings and relist them so that they appear as fresh listings in your closet.

Relisting a product gives you a number of other benefits as well, other than making it appear fresh in your Poshmark closet.

It helps you with increased visibility because when you relist a product it appears as new in the feed of those who are following you on Poshmark which increases the likelihood that it will be seen by more new potential buyers.

Moreover, relisting a product gives you the leverage to make significant changes to your listing such as adding better product images, writing a better product description or title, and setting a good competitive pricing so that it can appeal to the target buyers.  

9- Do Cross Listing If You Are Selling on Multiple Marketplaces:

If you also selling on other online marketplaces such as Depop, Mercari, and eBay other than Poshmark then there is a smart way to get product listing done in no time.

There are various cross listing services available such as Reseller Assistant cross listing service that you can use to import all your existing product listings on other online marketplaces such as eBay, Depop, and Mercari, and list to your Poshmark closet.

Not just these cross listing services will help in minimizing the effort that you put into listing products manually but it will also be helpful in saving you time that you can spend on something that can be more productive for your business.

If you really want to be successful on Poshmark and looking to grow your reselling business online then adoption of automation is a must and the best way you can start automating your online business is getting a cross listing service!

10- Have a Presence Out of Poshmark:

There are only a few things you can do to promote your product listings within the Poshmark app.

Either you can share your product listings and closet, join posh parties, or follow other poshers to get follow back. However, outside Poshmark, the promotional opportunities are endless!

If you really want to see your reseller business grow on Poshmark in the long run then consider building a presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Building profiles on social media platforms and posting regular updates on them will help you in growing a relevant audience outside of Poshmark. An audience that is interested in what you are selling and hence gives you the opportunity to reach a wider audience to grab more sales.

Another great benefit of building an audience outside Poshmark is that it helps you in distributing valuable content to your audience to drive new sales.    

You can even consider running PPC ads campaigns on social media platforms to target your customer segment to promote brand awareness and product listings. 

Moreover, you can reach out to social media influencers for paid promotions and that will help you in reaching a mass audience who might be interested in purchasing your products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Poshmark a good online marketplace to sell on as a new reseller?

With around more than 80 million monthly users, Poshmark is indeed a great online marketplace for resellers to start their reselling business from scratch. By nature, Poshmark is a reselling platform but you can also buy and sell new products there.

How much time do I need to spend each day to get good sales on Poshmark?

If you are just starting out selling on Poshmark then you need to spend around 3 to 4 hours each day listing products along with doing promotional activities such as sharing and following. Once you are done with doing listings then spending 1 to 2 hours daily is good enough to make good sales on Poshmark.   

What products can I sell easily on Poshmark?

Almost everything sells on Poshmark if you are selling the right way. However, some of the most in demand items on Poshmark are clothing items such as dresses, tops, tees, jeans, shorts, leggings, and outerwear. Moreover, items such as shoes and handbags are also quite in demand.


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