Poshmark Launches Pet Marketplace

Poshmark for PETS: Yes, Poshmark Has Officially Gone to the Dogs!

If you haven’t heard the latest from the Poshmark universe, the platform is officially branching out into the pet sector. One thing 2020 saw was a boom in pet ownership. With people stuck at home, pets proved to be a comfort and a way to expand those forms of recreation in which we engaged. Of course, it goes without saying that people have always loved their pets.

Between 2019 and 2020 it was estimated that nearly 70 % of all households in the US had a pet, be that cat, dog, guinea pig, you name it. And what’s more, pet owners are increasingly looking to give their furry friends the very best. Poshmark saw an opportunity for an expanding marketplace and jumped on it. And now as a Poshmark reseller, you can too!

So why should you consider opening up your Poshmark closet to our four-legged friends? And is there an opportunity for you to increase your bottom line big time by doing so? In this article, we look at the implications of making your Poshmark closet more pet-friendly, and we answer the question: is it worth it to dive into the world of pet accessory reselling?

Poshmark for Pets

Pet Owners Like to Pamper Their Furry Friends

It’s not just about providing the basics; pet owners tend to go all out to ensure that their cat or dog has the very best of everything. In fact, according to a few different studies, pet owners are apt to spend more on their pets than they are on themselves at times. From cute little doggy coats to fashion-forward collars for cats, people are on the lookout for that unique and intriguing new accessory or item that will make their pet feel/look special.

And it goes beyond just collars and clothing. Toys, food dishes, even fish bowls, you name it, are all going to be up for sale on the Poshmark platform. For the savvy seller, sourcing these items and reselling them can be quite a lucrative opportunity. In fact, some poshers are even talking about moving almost exclusively to pet items should that Poshmark sector take off.

Diversification Never Hurts

Your Poshmark closet likely has a certain look/feel/vibe going. And that is terrific. But keep in mind, more and more sellers are coming to the platform every single day looking to become the next Poshmark superstar. This means that competition is getting fierce. The Poshmark PET business is a brand new niche and therefore a relatively untried avenue in terms of reselling.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor, as the saying goes. What would it mean to your Poshmark business if you became a Poshmark pet trailblazer?

Poshmark is a Community…And Many of Them Are Pet Owners

One of the very best things about being part of the Poshmark universe is that you are automatically part of a community—something larger than just a reselling platform, it is members coming together, supporting one another, interacting and engaging. That said, one thing many of the platform’s members have in common is that they are avid pet lovers and owners.

The overall dynamic of Poshmark really does lend itself to selling items and accessories for pets. In many ways, it’s a no-brainer, and the fact that Poshmark has now branched into this particular niche only reinforces the community spirit underlying what the platform is truly about.

Pets Really Did Help Dave the Day During the Pandemic…

During the peak of the pandemic, pet adoptions were up to numbers not seen in quite some time. Locked down in their homes, people sought companionship. More and more individuals and families took in dogs and cats in need of homes. These furry friends really did become the center of many households throughout the crisis.

The Poshmark powers that be recognized this surge in pet ownership and answered the call with Poshmark PETS. To date, just think about how successful Poshmark is and how dramatically it has grown in just the past couple of years. Obviously, they understand supply and demand, and right now, among the biggest in-demand niche are pet supplies and accessories. How can you argue with a formula that has been so successful thus far?

Whether or not you as a Poshmark reseller decide to jump into the pet market mania is totally up to you. If you do decide to take the plunge, odds are you’re going to be pretty busy keeping pace with all of those new sales. This is where a skilled virtual assistant can make your life a lot easier, not to mention help streamline operations so that your business has the greatest chance of success!

Rounding Up

Do you have pets? More importantly, are you going to take advantage of the new Pets features at Poshmark? This absolutely massive market is just the beginning for Poshmark and areas it is looking to get into – if you are planning on taking part in this, we would love to know!

Just let us know in the comments below or over on our Instagram page!

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