Offers to Likers

New Offers to Likers Service launching soon!

Hot on the heels of our eBay Cross-Listing Service and our soon-to-launch Mercari Sharing service, comes our Poshmark Offers to Likers service!

What is it?

Our Offers to Likers service allows you to make offers to people who like items in your Poshmark Closet.

By offering a discount (on the item or shipping – or both!) you will increase the chance of a sale of that item.

How does it work?

Simple! You place the order with us for the number of offers you would like us to send. You then tell us what percentage (%) discount you would like us to offer off the items and what discount (if any) off the shipping too.

We then find all the people that have liked items in your Closet and send them your offers!

Then all you need to do is sit back and count the sales!

How do I order it?

Just head over to our Offers to Likers service page and pick a plan that is suitable for your Closet. You can stack the plans, order different ones to get a number you desire or whatever you wish – they don’t expire and are not recurring, just one-off!

When is it launching?

We are hoping to launch this service in the week starting 24th May – until then you can claim a 15% discount off any of the plans – so get them whilst they are on offer – you have until Sunday 23rd May to pre-order!

Just order from our Offers to Likers page! (no coupon needed!)

If you have any questions, contact us or drop us a message below or on our Instagram channel!

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  1. Will we be able to specify which items we want OTLs sent on? I mean, I don’t send out OTL on anything priced at $10 or less, I can’t afford the shipping discount on less expensive items.

  2. Stacy DeRose says:

    Can you please clarify this more? Are the number of offers per item? Or say if someone likes an item, you send an offer, two minutes later someone else likes the same item and you send them an offer too, so that would be two of my offers used up? Or do you at a certain time of day send out offer to likers to maximize the number of items offers are sent out for?

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