Reseller Assistant - Upcoming Poshmark Changes

Upcoming Poshmark Changes

The Poshmark Bulk Sharing Survival Guide

The good, the bad, and the efficient!

The last few days have been a life-changing one for the Poshmark community!

The release of the “Bulk Sharing” feature has caused quite a buzz and seems to have quenched a big problem for resellers alike. 

And that problem is: 

The time it takes to share your closet! 

Posher’s (and their staff, such as VA’s) have been complaining about the time it takes to share your closet since Poshmark became a selling platform. 

How does bulk sharing work?

When Poshmark first started announcing the release of Bulk Shares, the majority of Poshmark sellers thought it was a saving grace, and the truth is, for small closets, it’s perfect! (200 items and lower in our opinion).

But, for larger closets, let’s say 300 – 1000 items, this can get very tedious after a while.

Why? I thought it was BULK sharing? Well, actually for Bulk sharing to work, you STILL have to select each item, scroll down, select more items, scroll down… etc until you get to the end of your closet. Then, you press “Share” after everything is selected.

The usual way to share is to click the share button under the listing, then click either “share to my followers” or “Share to party”, the new feature has eliminated the “Share to my followers” or “Share to party” part of this, so you are left with selecting each and every item manually.

Let’s say you have 300 items in your Poshmark closet, and you want to share 3 times per day minimum, that’s 900 clicks minimum every day.

Even with 300 listings, after a while, it will get old and get old FAST. After a while, sharing will go back to feeling like a chore that you must do every single day, multiple times per day in order for your closets engagement, offers, and sales to stay the way they were.

Luckily, with Reseller Assistant, you NEVER, EVER have to worry about sharing your closet, or ever missing any time slots, or parties! Why? Our VA’s are standing by to share your items, they get paid to share them on time, all day, every day (even weekends and holidays – No matter how many items you have)

One thing that you will start to notice since “Bulk Sharing” was announced.

Bulk sharing is causing a blizzard of listings to jam up the feeds, and what happened to your items?
They have since been PUSHED DOWN the feed into the abyss! 

And this means the MORE people who are Bulk Sharing… The LESS your items will be seen by the people who matter the most… YOUR FOLLOWERS!

This is ALREADY affecting Poshers worldwide, the community is noticing a pretty significant decline in likes, engagement on their listings, and overall sales.

How do I make sure my Poshmark closet isn’t affected by this?

Luckily has got your back! (even when new features threaten the stability of your income)

We will not let your sales suffer!

We have a few different ways we can go about this.

Our Solution

Since Poshmark has stated OFFICIALLY that this new feature will 2x the speed of sharing, in your purchased package, we will DOUBLE the number of SELF closet shares that is normally included in our packages.

We recommend spreading the extra “Self Shares” throughout the day, into 2 or 3 EXTRA time slots. 

Your virtual assistant will have no problem utilizing the bulk sharing feature to get your Poshmark listings seen more.

Let’s say your schedule already looks like this (not including community shares, or follows)

Eastern Standard Time:

  • 7PM – SS / Party Shares

For bulk self shares, our virtual assistant’s can share faster, and more times throughout the day, and your schedule would look something like this:

(Average closet size: 500 – 1000 listings)

  • 8AM – SS
  • 11AM – SS
  • 1PM – Follows / Community Shares
  • 3PM – SS Party Shares
  • 7PM – SS / Party Shares
  • 10PM – SS / Party Shares

This schedule can put you back on track for steady engagement and sales 

If you have a massive closet (2500 items or more)

We will experiment with a few extra time slots to keep your engagement, offers and sales on track. 

Bulk Sharing is quicker, but you WILL have to do it way more times in a day to compete with a flood of listings that ARENT YOURS, reaching your followers.

Even with 1000 listings, you still need to select every single listing! That’s over 3000 clicks per day minimum!
To get keep your engagement on track and sales the way they were before, without being affected by the surge of extra sharing going on, we recommend adding another 1 or 2-time slots to your schedule (based on 1000 listings)

That’s 5,000 clicks minimum per day!

Again, Reseller Assistant has got you covered! And we will NEVER let you miss a time slot to share your closet, we work for YOU, and we want to see your business THRIVE!

We hope this has put your mind at ease, just know, at Reseller Assistant, our staff and VA’s are 100% committed to your Poshmark Business. 

We love our community of resellers and will continue to support you and provide quality and efficient closet management.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below about Poshmark’s Bulk Sharing and our upcoming updates!

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