Pick Your Poshmark Style

Pick Your Poshmark Style

You’ve launched your Poshmark business. You eagerly await the flood of likes and interest in your closet items. But something seems to be off. People are looking sure, however, they don’t seem to be buying. If you ask the Poshmark superstar sellers, their answers will most likely vary in terms of what you can do to boost sales and ultimately become a Posh star yourself.

We thought we’d do a little digging ourselves as far as what makes one Poshmark closet stand out from another. In other words, what can you do as someone just starting out on the platform or even as a veteran of the Poshmark world who needs to up their sales game, to increase those numbers?

Of course, solutions to the slumping sales problem are going to range. Maybe you need more and/or better pictures. Perhaps your descriptions are a bit lackluster. Maybe you aren’t sharing enough—or on the flip side, oversharing. Or just maybe, you haven’t yet chosen your Poshmark style.

What do we mean by Poshmark style…If you look at some of the top closets out there, you may notice that there is a cohesiveness to their closet. It could be a color scheme cohesiveness. In some cases, sellers may feature a couple of key brands. And sometimes it’s all in the way the reseller stages their photos. Remember, in creating a Poshmark business you are very much creating a brand. So what does your brand currently say about you?

If your closet items are as random as they can get, then your brand identity is going to be garbled at best. There needs to be a rhyme and reason to your closet schematic. Below are a few tips for creating your own unique Poshmark style, one that will get buyers to notice you, and most importantly, get them to remember you and your killer closet!

Pick Your Poshmark Style

Create a Poshmark Closet Color Scheme

There is something to be said for having items be of a similar shade, tone or unified color palette. This of course is not to say that you have to fill your closet with all one color or various shades of one color. Basically though, if you do have some sort of overall palette that you’re working with, for instance, pastels, bright and bold colors, or more muted tones, this helps to unify the items in your closet and thereby make it easier for buyers to recognize your particular style.

Going the color route, you can certainly have some fun with the items you opt to stock. From handbags to jewelry to boots and clothing, assemble Poshmark offerings that look amazing when grouped together!

List Items According to Brand

Specializing in a few top brands as far as your Poshmark closet goes is an excellent strategy for helping to unify your own brand and create a strong Poshmark identity. Now certainly, you may have items from time to time that prove the exception; however, for the most part, those poshers who have stuck with a brand-based strategy have enjoyed quite a bit of reselling success on the platform.

Let’s say for instance that a buyer just has to have Free People clothing. They’ve searched and searched but are not particularly happy with what they’re finding. And then they remember having seen your Poshmark closet and its plethora of Free People items and outfits. When you become synonymous with certain brands, your closet tends to stick in the minds of the buyers of those brands.

The Way You Style Your Clothing Counts

The manner in which you stage the items you photograph could go a long way toward solidifying your own Poshmark brand. Think about some of the items you yourself have searched for. If there is a unique way that a fellow posher styles and then consequently shoots their clothing or accessories, you are often bound to remember this.

You can get creative when it comes to how you layout and/or stage the items you list in your Poshmark closet. In fact, creativity most definitely counts here! The key is to develop a signature style that immediately lets buyers searching through the platform know that an item does in fact belong to you.

Whatever Poshmark style you pick, the important thing is consistency. Remember, you’re developing a brand so that your Poshmark business can go big. As with any business model, branding is hugely important to the success of a company. If you are striving for Poshmark stardom, choosing your own unique style and vibe is a great place to start!

Rounding up

Do you have a Poshmark style you stick to? Or do you change it depending on the season or your mood? Consistency can be key for a popular Poshmark business – unless you operate in a very niche segment!

What are your thoughts? Let us know over on our Facebook page or in the comments below!

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