Best Times to Share on Poshmark

The Best Times of Day to Share on Poshmark

As most poshers are well aware, sharing is central to success on this particular reselling platform. Sharing gets you seen, sharing gets you followers, sharing gets you sales, plain and simple. However, if you are randomly sharing and/or self-sharing with no rhyme nor reason, no specific time of day, your non-strategy could backfire and actually cause you more harm than good.

As with pretty much anything online, there is an art to sharing on Poshmark. When you share is hugely important, as you want to try and maximize how many users actually see your listings. Having your Poshmark listings get seen is after all the point, right?

A mistake that many newbie Poshmark sellers make is to overshare or just share whenever the urge strikes. Again, this kind of a listing/sharing strategy can hurt your bottom line when all is said and done. Below are a few tips for optimizing your Poshmark sharing and hopefully, gain you new followers and new buyers!

The Best Times of Day to Share on Poshmark

Sharing on Poshmark in the Morning

Ideally, morning is a terrific time to share your closet items. Think about it, people have not yet headed to work. They are likely having coffee, taking some time for themselves before the craziness of the day-to-day hits.

Studies show that during this “pre rush hour” in the morning, people actually do spend a bit of time on their laptops and devices. They search for what interests them and, keeping tabs on what is available in terms of their favorite brands on Poshmark is definitely among many people’s interests.

You therefore need to make it a point to take to your own computer/device and start sharing before the day gets too hectic and people put their Poshmark preoccupation aside for the time being. By sharing your closet listings in the morning, you rise to the top of the “just shared” list. Why is this important? As people log on while sipping their morning beverage of choice, they now see your items front and center.

This then may stick with them throughout their day. They liked what they saw. They can’t stop thinking about that super cute jacket or wish-list pair of shoes. The momentum builds until finally, done with the duties of their day, they pull the trigger and buy. Sale made, done deal!

Now that may be a bit of a dramatization, but you get the picture. Morning sharing is a must—at least if you want to see your Poshmark business take off and potentially turn into your full-time gig. It can and has happened!

Afternoon Shares on the Poshmark Platform

To share in the afternoon or not to share…Perhaps the trickiest time of day when it comes to doing anything meaningful on Poshmark is the afternoon. This is generally the busiest point in a person’s day. School, work, running errands, you name it—people are just plain busy in the afternoon. A share in the afternoon hours could very well be a wasted one, as very few are apt to see your listings then.

That said, you might think about sharing items from your Poshmark closet right before lunchtime. Sometimes users will hop on for the thirty minutes or so they have midday and check to see the latest activity on their Poshmark feed. Strategically shared during this time, your listings could garner some attention. However, it is usually better to focus your efforts on the morning/evening hours. Which brings us to…

Evening Sharing on Poshmark

Among the best times to self share is during the evening. By this point in the day people are home, they’ve eaten and now they are relaxing and taking some time for themselves. Surveys suggest that the optimal evening sharing hours are between 5 and 9 pm.

It makes sense. When people do finish up with work and finally get to just relax one of the first things they do is log onto their social media accounts. Poshmark is quickly gaining ground as a social media based account (one that also has the ability to make people money). If you’ve just shared 3 or 4 of your listings, these again will appear in the ”just shared” section of a person’s feed.

This is also a great time for community shares as well. You will usually engage more in community sharing here than in self sharing, as this goes a long way toward devising the perfect Poshmark strategy.

Can’t handle all of the sharing, timing and strategy on your own? We get it—you’re busy, life is hectic, and you need some help to make that Poshmark business boom. This is where a virtual reselling assistant can take care of the heavy lifting for you so that you can just sit back and reap the rewards!

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  1. make sure to tell our VAs this.

    1. I don’t think my VA shares at those times. I’m pretty sure they told me that 10am, 2pm and 9pm were the best times. This might be based on new research, and if it is I hope they will tell our VAs to share at the new times suggested in this article. I found this very informative.

  2. Bren Hill says:

    Do you think it’s best to share to your own time zone, or to the time zone where you seem to have the majority of your sales? I’m on the east coast, but easily 60% of my sales seem to come from Texas and California.

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