Why Have A Side-Hustle?

Why Have A Side-Hustle?

In 2018, the Pew Center conducted a poll about American job satisfaction. Just the slimmest of majorities – 51% of them – said they were happy with their work, meaning almost 1 out of every 2 people doesn’t particularly like what they do for at least eight hours a day, every single day.

That is a terrible thing to think about. Put 10 people in a room and five of them are unhappy. If your company employs 100 people, 50 of them would really rather be somewhere else every single day.

That’s where side hustles come in. 

Just think if you could spend 5-10 hours a week doing something you really enjoy; a hobby or a passion that revolves around something that makes your spine tingle and your brain shoot off those pleasureful endorphins that runners get when they are out in the wide spaces jogging away. 

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Take that thinking beyond just the financial benefit and consider the benefits to you. Less stress is the biggest one. Research proves that when we engage in activities that we enjoy, we relax more. Our muscles unclinch, our oxygen levels increase, we breathe more deeply and our body is able to just exist rather than feeling agitated and irritated. 

It Can Improve Your Sense Of Well-Being

Your brain is also getting a workout when you have a side hustle. If your job has a lot of monotonous, repetitive activities associated with it, you’re not doing your mental health any favors. 

The brain is our most important muscle of all and loves to be challenged, to be creative, and to see us reach milestones of success. Forging a side hustle means figuring out how to turn your favorite pastime into a real profession. 

That can take some mental exercises to figure out how one begets the other. And when you do figure it out, you’ll find yourself feeling surges of pride, confidence, happiness, and success the first time someone buys a product or service from you and those first funds transfer into your account. 

Have you ever been to a business where they have a $1 bill framed and hanging on the wall to represent the first time the company ever made money? You’ll be wanting to print out your first Paypal invoice or similar money transfer stub when you make your first sale. 

Realizing that you have the power to make money outside of the traditional workforce using only your own skills and knowledge – no investment in some 30-day get-rich scheme or taking out student loans to go back to college – is a life-altering event. 

Give A Man a Fish...

It’s like the old adage of giving a man a fish and he can eat for a day, or teaching him to fish and he can eat for a lifetime. Adding a side hustle to your life is the equivalent of teaching yourself to fish. 

You are suddenly not so reliant on your employer to supply you with all of your financial needs. In time, you could find yourself not relying on them at all, being totally self-sufficient in how you make your money, and finding the ultimate in freedom: being your own boss, working your own hours, and dictating how your business is run, because you’re not only the employee, you’re the owner as well!

Just think how empowering that feeling is! 

You’ll have that much more control over your life, your independence, and your happiness.

Speaking of happiness, money apparently does not buy that, which is a LOAD OF CRAP to me. Money can almost certainly buy you more freedom, more time to spend with the important individuals in your life, family, friends and loved ones.

Having a successful side hustle can bring all of those things and more!

 Stay tuned in the future, for here at Reseller Assistant, we are elaborating on how you can start your own side hustle step by step on Poshmark.

Whether you are a a seasoned seller looking to improve your sales, or you haven’t even created a closet yet… We can show you how to go from ZERO, to having a major income source that can replace your day job, all in just a couple months!

To our fellow resellers, keep hustling and follow your dreams! YOU are the only one who can make them come true!

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  1. I’m a hustler from 8 years ago and turned a $400 into a brick & mortar, a website, http://www.pink-julep.com, and selling on 3 other platforms!
    Be passionate about what you do and you can achieve just about anything. Reseller Assistant is helping me bring it all in a little closer by helping me streamline sales on one platform, while I manage and grow not only 3 other platforms — but my B&M too!

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