10 Free Photo Editors for Your Poshmark Pics

10 Free Photo Editors for Your Poshmark Pics

Poshmark, by and large, is all about the photos. Sure, you need great descriptions to go along with the images, but first and foremost people are looking at those pics. To this end, you want to ensure the items in your closet look amazing.

Subpar images and flawed photos aren’t going to help your sales—in fact, if anything it could hurt you in the long run. If your items don’t look appealing, poshers are going to stop viewing your closet. It’s as simple as that.

So if your goal is to take your Poshmark side hustle all the way and ultimately create a lucrative business, then you’re going to need to take that extra step and ensure your photos look appealing and professional.

It’s completely fine to take pictures with your iPhone, some of the best quality photos are done with smartphones. That said, there are times when pictures can use some retouching and editing. Of course, you don’t want to filter photos to the point where the clothing no longer resembles its actual condition, but things such as cropping and brightening, for instance, can help make your images truly closet-ready.


10 Free Photo Editors for Your Poshmark Pics

Photo Editing for Poshmark

The good news is that there are plenty of free online photo editing tools that you can use to strike the right balance between a carefully edited image and one that remains true to life. And you don’t have to have the extensive graphic design experience to use these tools either. With many of them, the learning curve is almost zero!

Below are our picks for the ten best free online photo editors to help make your Poshmark offerings look professional.

1. Canva

Most by now have heard of Canva as it has quickly become one of the most popular editing tools available online. While there are premium versions, the free Canva tools are more than sufficient for basic photo editing. You can add vignettes, adjust the background to help your clothes pop, and perform a number of other photo editing functions.

2. Pixlr X

Also available in a premium version, the free version of Pixlr X actually makes it easier to edit photos using fairly intuitive tools. Perfect for aspiring poshers, Pixlr X even has a one-click touch-up tool that lets you erase unwanted elements from the photos.

3. Photoscape X

. This online photo editor is actually perfect for those just starting to use these types of tools. Easier than some of the others on this list, Photoscape X also offers a series of video tutorials that walk you through the various functions step by step.

4. Fotor

Beyond offering basic editing functions, Fotor is also known for having a fairly extensive collection of stickers, frames and text options to help keep those photos fun and engaging.

5. InPixio

This photo editing tool is another great one for the novice editor. With all of the standard photo features, InPixio also makes it super easy to share the finished image and consequently upload it to your Poshmark closet.

6 PicMonkey

Many rave about this particular tool because of how user-friendly the platform is. You don’t have to have a ton of experience when it comes to photo editing to get a gorgeous end result with this one. And unlike some of the others, there is far less clutter allowing you to make quick work of the editing task at hand.

7. BeFunky

BeFunky is a bit more streamlined than some of the others. But for enhancing your Poshmark photos it does the job seamlessly. Easy to use and fast to figure out, this editing tool is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to making photos stand out.

8. iPiccy

With iPiccy, you can upload multiple photos at once without the sluggish load times. Its features are relatively basic, but again for touching up those Poshmark pics this gets the job done.

9. Ribbet

Like some of the others on this list, Ribbet allows users to take advantage of a large collection of stickers, frames and text options. Who says your Poshmark images have to be the same-old-same-old.

10. GIMP

Among the most popular photo editor, GIMP can be a bit trickier to get a feel for than some of the others here. The great thing about GIMP though is that it is constantly adding new features and functions.

When editing pictures for your Poshmark business, again, keep in mind that you definitely don’t want to obscure what the item truly looks like. Rather it is a matter of fixing any photo flaws, brightening and/or adding greater contrast so that the clothing stands out from the background, and potentially removing unwanted elements from your photos. Your pictures are what sell your clothes. Taking a little extra time to make them perfect will only result in more sales in the long run. 

Rounding up

So, that is our list of the best 10 Free Photo Editors for your Poshmark pics!

Don’t stick with the first one you try, we suggest setting up trial accounts with a few and seeing which works the best for you, some are easier to use than others and some offer upgrades that are maybe worth the price if it saves you time and gets you the results you are after even quicker!

Also, don’t forget there are literally 1000s of apps for your phones or tablets! You may find it easier to edit on your phone instead of using a computer, but always remember to try and save the image at the right dimensions for the best look!

Now you’ve got your photos sorted don’t forget to check out our guide for planning ahead in 2021!

Let us know in the comments or on our Instagram page with what editor you recommend – do you prefer desktop or a web-based one?

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    This was very helpful to those of us who never tried these tools. Thank you!

  2. Personally I use PICSART app I’ve used this app for a total of 3 years now. I do pay for a year subscription it’s 59.00 I think for the year and I 7se it for everything. I also have and love Canvas. It’s great for ads and sales and I use it for my DIY crafts and home planning papers and what not as well. It’s a practical app and I also pay for the full app it is worth it when you use it as often and for as many things as I do. I haven’t tried the others and now I’m going to Because I’m always loving the upgrade to tweak photos 8f the lighting isn’t on effect for instance so thank you it’s very good to use new stuff especially if they work well!

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