Why You Should Probably Not Resell Clothes on eBay

Why You Should Probably Not Resell Clothes on eBay

While eBay has seemingly been around forever, as far as clothes reselling goes, it may not be your best bet. In fact, we can tell you quite confidently that it’s not. The online auction giant made its name as just that: an auction site. When it comes to clothing specifically, this is not necessarily the best route to go—at least if you’re looking to make some money.

The rapid rise of Poshmark in the clothes reselling sector has proven that there is a time and place for everything, and as far as selling clothes goes, that place is definitely Poshmark.  Below are seven reasons you should rethink trying to resell clothes on eBay.

Why You Should Probably Not Resell Clothes on eBay

Random pricing

The great thing about Poshmark is that it is a community of individuals looking to build their businesses by reselling clothing and accessories. That said, many poshers understand that pricing is important. What’s more, pricing in accordance with where similar products are listed is especially important.

 With a site like eBay, pricing tends to be a bit more erratic. In some instances, there really is no rhyme nor reason. As a new seller especially, you might therefore be confused about where exactly to price a listing. The result: it sits there with no bids, no looks and no interest.

Lack of a community

As mentioned, Poshmark is all about that community spirit. Users support one another; they like, share and follow one another. It is as much about the social aspect of Poshmark as it is about the selling. EBay on the other hand, really offers no kind of community of which to speak. As such, it is a totally different type of reselling platform. And one that is not as easy to break into and succeed at because of this lack of community.

Less Buyer/Seller Interaction

One of the benefits of using Poshmark to resell clothing is that buyers and sellers interact all the time. When it comes to asking questions about a specific item or even as far as chatting about an upcoming Posh party, poshers aren’t afraid to engage one another. This not only makes for a more unified vibe across the platform, but also helps people sell more.

Ebay on the other hand, feels far more restrictive to this end. Sure, people can ask questions of a seller, but they are not always quick to answer. And sometimes they fail to respond at all.

More Vulnerable to Scams

While any platform of this nature is going to be potentially susceptible to scams, because of the steps Poshmark has taken and because of the way the platform works in general, Poshmark is less vulnerable to scammers than some other sites.

In some ways, eBay is notorious for certain kinds of scams. And unfortunately, the scammed parties don’t always recoup their losses. That is not to say that Poshmark has never encountered any scams, but many do consider the platform among the safest in the realm of reselling.

Postage Can Be All Over the Place

Poshmark, unlike many similar sites, has a very streamlined process in place as far as shipping an item goes. From the two day deadline to having the postage labels available as soon as an item is sold, Poshmark really does ensure that all transactions—start to finish—go smoothly.

With eBay on the other hand, there really is no set process as far as how shipping/postage are handled. It is up to the seller to navigate that terrain all on their own, which can result in some disastrous shipping issues.

Too Broad in Terms of Product Offerings

Ebay is a marketplace that was set up for sellers to auction off just about anything they want. Clothing is on there certainly, but so are video games, cars, even real estate. If you need anything, odds are eBay will have it.

Poshmark on the other hand has a much narrower product scope. Clothing, accessories and some home goods for the most part are what constitute the listings on the Poshmark platform. As a clothing reseller this is great news for you! Why? Because when someone is searching for used clothes online, their mind will go to Poshmark first. It is after all synonymous with clothes reselling.

Tricky Dispute Process

On eBay, as is the case on a number of platforms, disputes can arise. Handling those disputes on the eBay platform can get to be rather tricky, if not downright tedious at times. Poshmark, because of the overarching community vibe, handles disputes in a much more streamlined and expedient way. This way you can get back to business and sell more items!

Reselling clothes online is a potentially lucrative business with tons of room to grow. Before listing on eBay however, really think about what platform might offer the best market for your items.

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