Vinted Selling Fees - How Much Vinted Charges from Sellers

Vinted Selling Fees: How Much Vinted Charges from Sellers

Before you start selling on a marketplace, one of the things you need to know is how much fees that marketplace charges from its sellers. The reason why it’s so important is because it can greatly affect sellers’ profit margins. Moreover, it helps them adjust their product prices to maintain competitiveness.

Vinted is one of the largest online marketplaces with over 800 million items listed on the marketplace. So, as a seller on Vinted, you need to analyze and strategize your pricing before listing items on the marketplace and for that, you need to know everything about Vinted selling fees.  

In this guide, we will be explaining how much Vinted charges from its sellers. In addition, we will discuss how Vinted fees work for buyers. So, let’s begin.

Vinted Selling Fees

Registration/Subscription Fees

Unlike some marketplaces like Amazon where you have to pay a registration or monthly subscription fee, there is no fee for getting registered as a seller on Vinted. Getting started on Vinted is absolutely free and you even don’t have to pay a monthly subscription.

Listing Fees

While some marketplaces charge a registration fee from their sellers, others charge listing fees. For instance, if you are selling on Etsy or even eBay, you have to pay every time you create a listing. However, that’s not the case with Vinted. On Vinted, there is no such fee as listing fees and you can list as many items you want for free.    

Selling Fees

Almost all online marketplaces charge a selling fee on each sale made on their platform. While some marketplaces charge a flat selling fee, others charge a percentage of the sale amount. But surprisingly, Vinted doesn’t charge a seller fee from its sellers. This means, that as a seller you don’t have to pay Vinted selling fee. So, you will keep what you earn.  

Item Bump Fees

While there are no Vinted selling fees, there are a few promotional tools on Vinted that you have to pay for. Bump an item is a premium promotional feature on Vinted that displays your items higher in Vinted search results and members’ newsfeeds.

Vinted Bump

You have to buy item bumps for either 3 or 7 days, or until the item is sold. The price of bumping an item depends on factors like the price of the item and for how long an item gets bumped. You can check how much a bump will cost you when you will be paying for it.

Wardrobe Spotlight Fees

Wardrobe Spotlight is another paid promotional feature on Vinted that boosts the visibility of the whole Vinted wardrobe. Once you purchase a Wardrobe Spotlight, Vinted will promote your listings to those buyers who are more likely to buy them.   

Wardrobe Spotlight

You can purchase a Wardrobe Spotlight and run it for seven consecutive days. The fee for using Wardrobe Spotlight once is £6.95 which also includes VAT.

Now, you might be wondering how Vinted earns if it doesn’t charge anything from its seller. Well, it’s because it charges from buyers. Here’s how Vinted charges its buyers.

Vinted Buying Fees

Buyer Protection Fees

Vinted charges something called a “buyer protection fee” for all its buyers. This fee helps cover things like customer service help and making sure payments are secure when a buyer buys something on Vinted. It also includes a guarantee that if the buyer’s item arrives late, she can return it.

The fee varies depending on what the buyer buys. For example, if a buyer buys something in the UK, it can be between 3% to 8% of the item’s price, plus an additional fixed charge from £0.3 to £0.8 for buyer protection.

It’s also important to know that these fees don’t include things like taxes or shipping costs, and once the buyer paid the fee, it’s non-refundable.

Shipping Fees

Vinted’s shipping fees depend on factors like the item’s size and weight. Sellers on Vinted offer various delivery options, and buyers pay for the delivery, which can vary based on these factors and the chosen courier service.

Vinted Selling Fees

There’s flexibility in delivery choices, potentially offering lower prices, such as opting for nearby drop-off locations. Sellers must ship the item within five business days of the buyer’s selection of delivery option, otherwise, the order will be canceled, and the buyer will receive a refund.

If the item is damaged or not as described, Vinted allows returns for a refund but it must be initiated by the buyer. However, sellers aren’t obligated to accept returns if the buyer simply changes their mind or if the item doesn’t fit. Still, both parties can agree to a return or exchange if they choose to do so.

Final Words:

Vinted stands out as a marketplace for sellers as it doesn’t have any selling fees. Unlike many other marketplaces, Vinted doesn’t charge any fees for listing items and making sales.

While there may be fees for using additional promotional features within the app, the no selling fees is a significant advantage for sellers.

This makes Vinted an attractive option for those who are looking to declutter their closets and earn some extra cash without worrying about hefty fees cutting into their profits.

So, if you’re considering selling your items online, Vinted is definitely worth selling on!

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