Poshmark Trends for Spring 2021

Poshmark Trends for Spring 2021

Spring is just about here! Is your Poshmark closet ready to go? In other words, do you have all of the latest styles? Are you on top of what clothing and accessories are trending in the Spring of 2021? Making sure that your listings are timely from a seasonal standpoint is often critical in the world of Poshmark reselling. Buyers will scroll though the platform looking for what they can wear now or in the near future, not what they’ll be able to wear this winter and definitely not reminiscent of what they wore last year. So you want to stay on top of the latest Spring trends for 2021.

In this article, we look at what is expected to be hot come April and May. We check out what buyers are clamouring for as far as chic styles and by the same token, what you may want to clean out of your Poshmark closet as it is so 2020.

Oversized Jackets

The boyfriend jacket is back! Though some might say it never left. That said, do you have any fashionable jackets in your Poshmark store? The great thing about jackets and blazers of this kind is that they are so versatile. This is probably why in Spring 2021 they are going to be huge! They can be worn with everything from jeans to long skirts and even dresses. If you’re not listing any jackets or blazers, then it may be a good time to get out there and start hunting some down.

Clutches and Handbags

While clutches and purses and various types of handbags have always been quite popular, this Spring they are definitely all the rage. The unique twist this season can be found in the colors. Pastel handbags, mustard yellow clutches and even bolder reds and oranges are taking center stage in terms of the world of bags. Make sure your Poshmark closet is fully stocked for the Spring.

Knee High Boots

The knee-high boot can be seen all over the globe—and this Spring we are sure to be seeing even more fashionable colors and styles of the boot out and about. Why knee-high boots all of a sudden? Again, as with blazers and jackets, they are extremely versatile. You are bound to see such boots worn with everything from funky patterned dresses to skinny jeans!


Fringe is definitely funky and for Spring 2021, fringe can be seen accenting just about everything and anything that is considered fashion-forward. Jackets, handbags, even boots are all sporting fringe this season. After the long and difficult year that was 2020, people are out to have some fun. And when it comes to fashion especially, fun often comes in the form of fringe—so make sure your listings reflect this fun and flirty trend.

Sporty Shades

While we’ve all had our fair share of fashion for the face this past year, more and more we are seeing sunglasses take center stage. And not just any old pair of shades…people again, are having some fun with this particular trend. Sporty shades, oversized shades, even sunglasses with interesting patterns and prints are all the rage. As the Spring sun emerges, we all are looking for something stylish to wear. Listing trendy sunglasses in your Poshmark closet is only going to lead to increased sales!

Wrap Skirts

Whether the longer or shorter version, this skirt style is making a huge comeback this Spring season. Again, this is one fashion trend that is all about versatility That wrap skirts can be both casual or worn for more formal outings, which makes them particularly attractive. It may be time to reassess your skirt situation as far as your Poshmark closet goes and make sure to include these highly sought after skirts.

Pastel Colors

From soft pinks to baby blues, lighter shades and pastel inspired colors are turning up the heat this Spring. After emerging from the crisis of the past several months, people are looking to make a statement, and that statement is all about keeping things light and airy. Enough with heavy and depressing, it is time to celebrate Spring and have some fun with pastel inspired clothing. Re-evaluate your closet and listings and ensure that you are sending out the right vibes in terms of your Spring 2021 offerings.

Being strategically seasonal when it comes to selling on Poshmark is absolutely key. Buyers after all tend to follow the trends, and so understanding what is hot and what is not this Spring will help you in terms of your sales numbers. You are in this to make some money after all!

Rounding up

So that rounds up our list of the trends we think will be popular in Spring 2021 on Poshmark. Do you have any other trends you think will be popular too? We’d love to hear in the comments below or over on our Instagram page!

Don’t forget to tie in the Spring 2021 trends with our earlier article on setting your Poshmark 2021 goals – it is really productive to have a goal in mind when doing any planning with your Poshmark business!

That’s all for now!

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