Setting Your 2021 Poshmark Goals

Setting Your Poshmark 2021 Goals

It’s a brand new year, and so it’s time for some brand new selling goals. Could this be the year that you really make your Poshmark business soar? Maybe 2021 is the year where you hit that $5,000 per month mark. It can be done. You just need to set your goals and work toward achieving those objectives.

Many Poshers dream of one day making it big on the Poshmark platform. Success stories abound if you just google “Poshmark superstars.” And you can be among those superstars. If you believe in yourself and in your reselling business this truly could be your year.

That said, we wanted to share some Poshmark goal setting ideas. Of course, it’s great to dream big, but you also want to be careful about setting goals that might be too far out of reach. It’s a blend between being realistic about what you want to accomplish on Poshmark in 2021 and what you see as far as your bright and shiny Poshmark future!

Setting Your Poshmark 2021 Goals

Goal #1: List at Least 10 to 15 New Items Each Week

Keeping that closet active and offering users fresh looks is key to achieving Poshmark success. If your listings remain for the most part stagnant, things are going to get stale…quickly. The best way to ensure consistent closet activity is to create a daily schedule for yourself—set aside time each day that is devoted to your Poshmark business; that is, if you hope to grow that business.

Let’s say each morning from eight until nine, you dedicate yourself to photographing and listing 2 items. And make sure to note this in your planner/calendar. Having a visual reminder of this responsibility will compel you to get up and actually do it.

Goal #2: List More High Demand Items in Your Poshmark Closet

If you are continuously listing items that users aren’t really looking for, this is going to become a hindrance to your business endeavor. This particular goal may require you to spend some time doing a bit of research. But it will pay off and get you a step closer toward realizing your dreams of turning a side gig into a full-time job!

If you do list those items that people are actively looking for on a regular basis, this will help drive those sales numbers up. And the best thing is, you’re not having to work as hard. The items in many ways sell themselves!

Goal #3: Decrease How Long Before an Item Sells

There’s nothing worse than having a listing just sit there, garnering little attention and little interest. One of the main goals for any Poshmark reseller should be to get their items sold faster in 2021. It can be done. First off, studying what brand names get sold quickly can definitely help you decrease closet time.

Additionally, in order to sell clothes faster, you might want to think about how you’re photographing and describing them. Is there a more flattering way to capture the essence of the clothing you’re trying to sell? Maybe invest in a dressmaking form. It’s about showing users an image of what you have in such a way that makes them have to have it.

Goal #4: Start a Separate Bank Account for Your Poshmark Funds

If indeed you want to treat Poshmark as a bona fide business, you will eventually need to create a separate checking account for that business. This is true of any endeavor and/or startup, so why not your Poshmark venture?

Having a separate account just for your sales and expenses will only help you to stay better organized and focused in the long run. If you start making some fairly decent money from your reselling business, you could also consider giving yourself a weekly or biweekly paycheck. Making it big on the Poshmark platform really does start with taking those small steps toward building your business empire!

Goal #5: Get Better Organized as Far as Storing Your Poshmark Items

Especially if you live in a smaller space such as an apartment, keeping your items organized can be something of a chore. And while this may seem a more practical goal, it is still a very important one. One of the worst things that can happen is you sell an item and yet have no idea where you put it. Being organized in every aspect of your Poshmark business is only going to help you grow that business.

Maybe you need to invest in clothing racks. How about more storage bins? And be sure to label everything. Again, it’s about making things easier for you so that your reselling endeavor runs as smoothly as it possibly can.

This year stands to be a big one for many on the Poshmark platform. Poshmark’s growth and the potential for even greater expansion in 2021 bode incredibly well for those who want to make their mark reselling clothing and accessories. Set your goals and do what needs to be done to achieve them! 

Rounding up

We hope we have given you a few things to think of when it comes to building up your Poshmark business.

Remember, planning can make perfection – get yourself organized and early on and then you are in control and you can capitalize on having a plan!

The easiest thing to start with is a checklist of things you want to work on throughout 2021 – make them short and go into detail in sub-lists if needed, but set some goals for yourself!

An easy goal to list is becoming a Poshmark Ambassador – that will bring you some benefits and in turn, you’ll become a better Poshmark automatically!

Do you have a list ready? Got any goals in mind? Let us know below or on our Instagram page!

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