How To Host a Poshmark Party: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Host a Poshmark Party: A Step-By-Step Guide

Being invited to host a Poshmark party is most definitely something to be proud of. Many poshers out there are clamoring for such an invitation. What does it mean to be invited to host a Poshmark party…Basically, it means that your closet is getting noticed, you have your stuff together, and you are on your way to even greater reselling success!

That said, you want to make sure you are prepared for your first Posh party. This is your chance to shine, and your chance to get more traffic to your closet. The worst thing you could do here is failing to plan and/or organize accordingly and therefore make a subpar showing. Below we go through the key steps when it comes to hosting your Poshmark party.

How to Host a Poshmark Party

The Closet Comes First

Your closet will be the star of the show after all. This is your chance to get more looks than you potentially ever have before! So make it count. Organize your closet so that the best items are at the top. Also, revisit some of the photos. Are they as professional as they could be? Can you offer more angles? And not just clothing photos either—double-check those descriptions.

Clothing descriptions really can make or break a deal. You want to walk that line between an enticing sales description and one that offers all relevant info to a potential buyer.

Remember, with a Poshmark party, the platform sends out an announcement along with the invites. This could mean huge traffic for you. This is why ensuring everything looks amazing is so key here.

Create a Compelling Announcement

About a week prior to the party, Poshmark will let you know your date, time (be it afternoon or evening), and theme. This is now your chance to advertise the fact that yes! you are about to host your first Poshmark party. A great way to announce this is to update your cover photo so that it vibrantly features the day/time and theme of course. We suggest using platforms such as Canva to help you design the best cover photos!

Remember to make it eye-catching. You want users to stop scrolling and really read the details. So ensure that the day/time/theme is clear and ideally contrast against the backdrop, otherwise, that can become somewhat difficult to read.

Curate Your Host Picks

During your party you will share listings—these are your host picks. A few can be from your own closet, but more often than not, a host pick will spotlight a listing from someone else’s closet. When you post your announcement, poshers will likely ask you for host picks. This is fine, just make sure to check out their closet. You may decide that you really like what they have to offer and consequently agree to give them a host pick. On the other hand, if things aren’t in order and not in alignment with your style, it is perfectly fine to politely decline.

You also have the option to add host picks during the party, taken straight from the party feed. It’s not a bad practice to do this—in fact, it could work to your advantage. The key here is to minimize what you share from your own closet and really find a few gems from those closets that you admire.

During the Actual Poshmark Party

The big day is here. You have two hours to make things happen and thus boost your bottom line. Your host picks should be in order by this point. Poshmark suggests that you share up to 100 listings during your party. And again, you can choose some during the actual party to share.

Once the clock starts, all you have to do is to start sharing. Do not share the items all at once. The party lasts for two hours after all. You have to keep users engaged. A consistent and spaced out sharing strategy works well to this end. It’s also always a good idea to comment on each item shared. This way users understand what is happening—so reference the fact that yes, it is a Poshmark party.

Post Party Wrap Up

Once the two hours are up, it’s time to relax…sort of. Odds are, you have or will be getting a fair amount of comments by way of questions on your listings as well as expressions of thanks. Responding to as many as you can is not a bad idea. But of course, don’t overwhelm yourself. Pay particular attention to those comments that regard your listing, as making a sale really is the point of all of this.

If you do get invited to host a Poshmark party, again the key is to be as prepared as possible. There will be other chances more than likely, but every party brings you one step closer to your goal of financial freedom through outstanding Poshmark success.

Note: If you are already using our services, kindly let us know you’ve been invited and we’ll pause your VA sharing from your closet during the party duration. Being selected as a co-host is an honor and strategically, you are much better off selecting your host picks! We’ll automatically pick up where you left off at the end of the party!

Your Experience

What is your experience with hosting a Poshmark Party? Have you been invited to one? How did it help your sales and followers growth? Would you recommend taking part to others?

Let us know in the comments below and any other tips you may have!

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