Poshmark Make a Deal Days

How to Make Money with Poshmark Make a Deal Days in 2023

Are you tired of struggling to make enough money from your Poshmark sales?

Do you find yourself constantly searching for ways to boost your earnings and reach new buyers?

If yes then Poshmark Make a Deal Days can be a game-changing opportunity for you to significantly increase your income on Poshmark in 2023.

In this blog, we will explain in detail what Poshmark Make A Deal Days is. Moreover, we will discuss how it works and how you as a Poshmark seller can benefit from it.

So get ready to take your Poshmark game to new heights and unlock the potential for greater reselling success!

What is Poshmark Make a Deal Days?

Poshmark Make a Deal Days is a giveaway initiative by Poshmark designed to help sellers maximize their profits and attract a larger audience to their closets. With Make a Deal Days, you as a seller have the chance to make offers to likers that will make you eligible to enter the giveaway.

What’s The Eligibility to Participate in Make a Deal Days?

To be eligible for the Make a Deal Days giveaway on Poshmark, you must be a Poshmark user in the USA or Canada (excluding Quebec) and be at least 18 years old. It is worth noting that making a purchase on Poshmark is not a requirement to participate in the giveaway. So, as long as you meet the aforementioned criteria, you can take part in the Make a Deal Days giveaway and have a chance to win exciting prizes.

How to Join Poshmark Make a Deal Days as a Seller?

To join Poshmark Make a Deal Days as a seller, you need to use the Offer to Likers feature either on the Poshmark app or website. By selecting any of your listings, you can make an Offer to Likers, and that is all you need to do to participate in the giveaway.

What Does “Offer to Likers” Mean on Poshmark?

“Offer to Likers” is a feature on Poshmark that enables sellers to send private discounts to those poshers who have liked a listing from their closets. Sellers can select a listing from their closet and choose the “Offer/Price Drop” option to send personalized discount offers. This feature encourages engagement and enables sellers to incentivize potential buyers who have shown interest in their items by offering them exclusive discounts.

Here’s how to send an offer to likers on Poshmark:

  1. Open your account on the Poshmark app and tap on the “Username” at the bottom-right of the screen
  2. Tap on “My Wardrobe”
  3. Select and open your preferred listing
  4. Tap “Offer/Price Drop” on the bottom-right of the screen
  5. Select “Offer To Likers (Private)”
  6. Enter your offer (The offer must be at least 10% below the listing price and include a postage discount)
  7. Tap the “Submit” button available on the top-right of the screen

What Prizes Can I Win in Make A Deal Days?

By participating in Make A Deal Days, poshers have the opportunity to win exciting prizes. The general winners will receive $50 in Poshmark store credit for a total retail value of $4,100. Moreover, there is a grand prize worth $500 in Poshmark store credit.

Final Words:

Poshmark Make a Deal Days is indeed a great opportunity for poshers to try out their luck and earn big on the platform. Moreover, it is Poshmark’s unique way to incentivize its users so that the whole Poshmark community can grow sustainably.

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