Creating a Poshmark Inventory System

Creating a Poshmark Inventory System

This is a problem faced by many Poshmark resellers: You started your Poshmark business. Things are going well. You’ve sourced pretty much all of your clothing and accessories from your own closet/bedroom to this point. You are now actually selling faster than you can supply items to your Poshmark closet. Because of this, you go out and start to source items from thrift stores, maybe from friends, and also from discount shops. What happens then…Your living room, kitchen and/or dining room become overrun with Poshmark inventory.

At times it may feel as though your Poshmark stuff is overtaking your home, leaving you with little to no space to like, live. So what can you do? How do you alleviate this problem of the Poshmark inventory avalanche?  Here is where you may need to get a bit creative. In this article, we provide tips and advice for storing and organizing your steadily growing collection of Poshmark inventory.

Creating a Poshmark Inventory System

Storage Options for Your Poshmark Inventory

Do you currently have folded clothes stacked up on your coffee table? Has your dining room table become a packaging station? Are there random boxes and bins filled with accessories lining the walls of your kitchen? You’re not alone, many poshers face just this dilemma.

This is why coming up with a storage solution for your items—both listed and those to be listed—is critical, at least if you want to clear up some of that cluttered space in your house or apartment.

Many Poshmark sellers swear by storage bins. The great thing about these kinds of bins is that they are stackable—and they do come in a clear style thereby allowing you to see what’s inside. Let’s say you have available closet or nook space. You can purchase 5-6 bins and neatly stack them away.

That said, if vertical storage is not an option, there are also those convenient under-the-bed bins that can easily slide in and out. Fold and put away those items that are not yet listed but are on deck, and then stow them away under your bed until it is time to photograph and list.

When using storage bins to house your Poshmark items, you want to be sure to keep your overall system organized. That is to say, you might put all sweaters in one bin. Store pants in another. Shirts in a third and so on and so forth. This will make it so much easier to locate and access exactly what you need when you need it.

Clothing Rack Storage Solutions

Beyond using storage bins for your Poshmark goods, clothing racks are another efficient way to help keep your reselling business organized and on point. Not to mention, depending on the types of clothing racks you get, they could potentially look cute in a picture for your Poshmark page.

The key with using clothing racks is again to make sure you keep the items you hang up organized. One way to do this is to organize according to size. You could also of course organize your items by type. So as you would do with the storage bins, you’d hang all sweaters in one section, all pants in another and so forth.

Labeling Your Poshmark Items

It is not solely about intelligent storage solutions. You also want to incorporate a labeling strategy into your inventory storage setup. Labeling is literally everything. You can have the best organized bins in the business, but if upon looking at your series of bins, you have no idea what item is stored in which bin, you will be lost—not to mention, you’re wasting a ton of time having to then sift through these bins.

Buying a label maker could certainly come in handy here. It’s quick, easy and efficient, and in the long run, labeling your Poshmark items and inventory will help greatly streamline your business processes.

Create an Inventory Spreadsheet

Once you’ve gotten yourself and your inventory organized, now it is time to make sure it stays that way. To this end, creating spreadsheets can be incredibly helpful. You can even do this with just a basic excel spreadsheet. This will allow you to know precisely what you have available to list, what you already have listed, and what’s been sold and therefore needs to be shipped; you name it, your spreadsheet can contain any pertinent info you need.

Think about how businesses are run—your Poshmark endeavor is a business, right?—they keep track of everything. They have multiple reports and spreadsheets at any one time. The more you treat your Poshmark reselling gig as a bona fide business, the more likely it is to become a genuine business. It is about being deliberate with all of your processes, to include how you store and organize your inventory.

Rounding up

How do you manage your Poshmark inventory? Spreadsheets? Hand-written lists? Some special software?

We’d love to know how you keep organized – drop us a comment below or on our Instagram page and let us know!

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