Can You Actually Make Money on Poshmark?

Can You Actually Make Money on Poshmark?

For many Poshmark users, the prospect of making some real money and maybe even turning their side hustle into a full-time gig is what keeps them moving forward in their endeavor. Many start out small. They go through their closets fishing out those outfits they no longer wear. They take pics with their phones and proceed to list a handful of items. Then they wait…That first like, the first follow, the first share, and finally, yes, that first sale. It is an exciting moment. It is the moment you start to believe your Poshmark dreams can come true.

However, maybe sales from that point on don’t necessarily take off as you’d hoped. Maybe things plateau and even get slower to an extent. Some Poshmark users will eventually grow frustrated when their sales stall, and ultimately, they give up on their dream.

So, when asking the question “can you actually make money on Poshmark” the answer is, it depends. On what, you might be wondering. It will depend on your willingness to keep at it. It will also depend on your ability to pivot when things aren’t going along as you’d like in terms of sales. And it will depend on how Poshmark savvy you eventually do become. That is to say, you need to understand how to work within the platform: when to post items, when to share, the best ways to host a Poshmark party, how to list items in such a way that they attract attention, among other things.

You can make money on Poshmark—potentially a lot of money. Some poshers are now realizing a six-figure income. But there is no one magic formula. It takes time and effort and a mindset that says, you can do this!

Can You Actually Make Money on Poshmark?

Some Poshmark Basics

For those still skeptical about whether or not you can actually make money on Poshmark, a few statistics and numbers you should keep in mind:

  • The platform currently has over fifty million users; five million of them are Poshmark sellers.
  • In 2019, Poshmark paid its seller network over two billion in revenue. That number doubled from 2018.
  • The resale industry is currently worth 25 billion dollars.

What do these numbers mean for you? There is a ton of money out there to be made on the Poshmark platform. Some poshers have actually become millionaires strictly from selling clothing and accessories on Poshmark.

Poshmark Success Stories

Suzanne Canon became the first-ever Poshmark seller to hit the one million dollar mark. Beginning in 2012, Canon decided she wanted to try and earn some additional money. She worked as a bookkeeper for her husband’s business and thought she’d give the Poshmark platform a try. Within five years, Canon reached one million dollars in sales. She is now, needless to say, a full-time Poshmark reseller.

College student Nick Waskosky, beginning in 2015, managed to sell more than 4000 items on Poshmark within a four year period. Waskosky made enough from his Poshmark business to cover his college tuition in full as well as purchase a new car outright.

Jenna Naschek is a 33-year-old from Atlanta who managed to turn a side hustle into a full-fledged six-figure business. She currently has a YouTube channel with tens of thousands of subscribers and is considered a bona fide Poshmark superstar.

These are just a few examples. Google “Poshmark success stories” and you are certain to find many more. It is becoming more and more common for the average person to turn their reselling business into Poshmark gold. The great thing about the platform is that anyone, any seller, truly does have the potential to reach that level of Poshmark superstardom.

If You Want To Make Real Money on Poshmark…

So what can you do? How do you put yourself on the path toward ultimate Poshmark success? And can you legitimately make enough money someday to call it your full-time job?

First off, start with what is manageable. In other words, don’t go crazy and buy out an entire thrift store in the hopes of making major sales. Start with your own closet; there’s something to be said for starting small and growing incrementally.

Take the time needed to create great listings. Don’t just rush through staging the items and then photographing. Spend some real-time ensuring that they look amazing. And your descriptions as well need to be equally as amazing, at least if you want to make some sales.

Get help if necessary. We all have pretty busy lives. Balancing work, family and a Poshmark business can get to feel overwhelming at times. This is precisely why some of the biggest Poshmark resellers enlist the help of a virtual assistant. As with any business venture, you have to be smart about your time; you can’t be afraid to delegate. Using a VA allows you to optimize your approach to Poshmark and in the end, make some real money. 

Rounding up

So, as you can see – having a Poshmark business can be a serious thing if you put the effort in. Several people in this article have now got the freedom of running their own business doing something that love. Will you be in one of our next articles?

If you think you are a superstar Posher – then get in touch – we would love to showcase you on our blog! (you can drop us a DM on Instagram too!)

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  1. I just want to say I love the Posh format. I own a brick & Mortar Real Market format store in Nebraska where our population and small towns make it hard to make a living. I worked for two and half years two jobs as I developed a
    Market concept Buy Local Care Local Store in a community that is a truly bedroom town with not a lot being offered downtown. Marketplace & Company our company started with selling gourmet granola
    Granola Box Granola and with a coffee house we opened the doors in July 2018. As I looked at how we could use the almost 100 year old building I started formulation our business plan. I loved the idea of offering a vintage decor – urban farmhouse decor along with a gourmet food shop that guest can shop while they dine on Authentic Italian Cuisine and sip amazing wines from our Wine Shop. in December of 2018 I had no idea what Covid was going to do to our little business. I had seen a pop up ad on Poshmark and decided to try this format. No I am not making millions on Poshmark yet. However the sales that came in did help us sustain our doors being open. Forever thankful that by grace God and this format we are still OPEN in Mitchell, Nebraska is our website that tells the story of the Market. Blessings from Nebraska
    Mindy Petersen
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