How to Make Your Poshmark Business Smoother

How to Make Your Poshmark Business Run Smoother

The reality is, selling on Poshmark takes up time, valuable time. But for those who are looking to build their Poshmark empire, the time and energy are worth it…hopefully. One thing that we see time and time again are users expending this time and energy in the wrong ways and thereby making life more difficult for themselves.

While keeping up with your follows, shares, likes and sales can get to be hectic on occasion, there are tips and strategies for helping to streamline some of these processes. We all want to make life easier for ourselves. The key is to figure out how to do just that.

With your reselling efforts, you most definitely want to determine how to best balance the energy spent there with your family responsibilities, with your work, as well as the need for some downtime. Below are a few processes you might think about implementing in order to make things run smoother where your Poshmark business is concerned.

How to Make Your Poshmark Business Run Smoother

Plan Out Your Week

Just as you most likely do for work-related tasks, your family obligations, kids’ schedules, you name it, taking time to plan out your week as it pertains to Poshmark will help you navigate things more effectively.

You might even purchase a planner/calendar dedicated solely to Poshmark. Use this planner to jot down when you will schedule a time to photograph items. When you are going to shop for/source clothing and accessories, and also when you intend to spend measurable time on the platform following and sharing, participating in posh parties, whatever activity will help boost those sales.

Keep in mind though, as you do actually move through the week, things can happen and plans can change. Noting these adjustments in the calendar will help you stay organized and on top of things even if there is a slight tweak to the schedule.

Keep Your Items Organized

One thing that often trips up many a posher is disorganization. Particularly if you live in a smaller space without say an extra room to store all of your listed items, organization can get lost in the shuffle. What happens though if you let disarray enter the picture is that it makes it so much harder to list and ship in an orderly and timely manner.

There are a ton of organizational tools and resources even for those who live in small apartments. From clothing racks to storage bins, to under the bed units, there are ways to maintain better organization. And of course, the key is to label whatever you can. This way you know exactly where an item is the moment it’s purchased.

Prepackage Some of Your Listed Items

That’s not to say that all of your items are definitely going to sell. However, there is nothing wrong with having them ready to go should they in fact be sold. When you do have more free time on your hands and can go ahead and package up some of your items, you will find that this can ultimately save a great deal of stress down the road. Many poshers will sell an item only to rush around locating tissue paper, envelopes and boxes. Not to mention, thank you cards and any other relevant materials. Doing this ahead of time not only makes the process go smoother but allows you to pay more attention to the details of packaging and shipping.

Think about how you want to present the item to the recipient. Thank you cards and even special little “gifts” can go a long way toward making that buyer a fan. It really is the small touches that count as far as expanding your Poshmark brand.

Enlist the Help of a Virtual Assistant

Life is busy—and that’s perhaps the understatement of the century! We all are juggling multiple things at once, and yet many of us have dreams of growing our own business and finally earning some real money. Getting help with your Poshmark endeavor by way of a VA really can save you so much time and energy.

A VA’s job involves a variety of things connected to the platform. From scheduling out your shares and likes at peak times to staying on top of following other poshers, VAs attend to many of the details so that you can free yourself up for other things: sourcing clothes for one and taking killer photos to help your listings sell faster!

While some may cite the cost of a virtual assistant as prohibitive, most readily agree that within a very short time the benefit of using a VA more than outweighs the cost. Their sales increase, they aren’t spending as many hours on the platform and they are making crucial connections to other poshers. If you are looking to help your reselling business flow better and run smoother, getting the help of a VA is most definitely the way to go.

VAs are our thing of course! If you need someone to do your sharing – we’ve got your covered, check out our plans and try us out – you’ll see a difference even with a week!

Rounding up

Following on from our guide on goal setting for 2021, do you take time out to step back and see how you can make your Poshmark business run smoother?

Planning will always make things run smoother and the smoother they run, the higher chance your profit margins will be greater too!

Let us know your top tips for making your Poshmark Business smoother in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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