7 Secret Ways to Increase Your Sales on Mercari

7 Secret Ways to Increase Your Sales on Mercari in 2023

No matter if you are a new seller on Mercari or selling on the online marketplace for a while now, one thing you might be finding a challenge is increasing your sales figures.

The online marketplace has gained immense popularity in recent years, but with that rise in popularity comes an increase in competition.

As a result, sellers on Mercari are feeling the heat and are desperate to do anything that can get them a few sales.

If you are one of those sellers that are perplexed with low sales on Mercari then you must read this blog post till the very end. Because in this post, we will discuss 7 secret ways to increase your sales on Mercari in 2023.

With the tips that we are going to share with you, you can easily turn your “0” sales business on Mercari into a profit-making business.

So let’s start:

7 Ways to Increase Your Sales on Mercari


If you want to increase your sales on Mercari then the quickest and easiest way to do it is to start selling items from brands that are either popular or in trend on the marketplace.

It’s a proven fact that branded items tend to sell quickly on Mercari. This includes clothing, fashion accessories, and even electronics from well-known brands.

If you go to Reddit, you will find hundreds of posts from Mercari sellers telling that they saw a surge in sales after they listed items from known brands.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Mercari’s search engine favors new listings and trendy items, so listing branded items is a good idea to stay up-to-date on current trends and popular brands. Though vintage items also sell well on the platform.

If you are selling fashion clothing items, it’s recommended to start listing items with the season and tag trends.

2- List Items During Active Buying Hours

List Items During Active Buying Hours

Listing your items during active buying hours is another great way to boost your sales on Mercari. Active buying hours are the periods when the platform experiences high user traffic and engagement.

By timing your listings strategically, you increase the chances of attracting more potential buyers and increasing sales. Identifying the active buying hours requires some observation and analysis. Typically, these hours coincide with peak usage times, such as evenings and weekends when people are more likely to be browsing and making purchases.

Moreover, consider the time zones of your target audience, as this can influence when they are most active on the platform.

By listing your items during these peak hours, your listings are more likely to appear in front of a larger audience, increasing visibility and potential interest. Increased visibility leads to more buyer messages, offers, and ultimately, a higher likelihood of successful sales.

3- Relist Items that are Not Selling

Relisting on Mercari

Relisting items that are not selling is another successful strategy to boost sales on Mercari. When an item has been listed for a while and hasn’t sold, it gets buried in the search results, making it harder for potential buyers to find it.

Relisting the item can bring it back to the top of the search results, increasing its visibility and chances of being sold. Relisting can also give you the opportunity to make changes to the listings to make them more appealing to buyers.

To effectively relist items, consider making improvements to the listing. Revise the product description, ensuring it is accurate, engaging, and includes relevant keywords for search optimization. In addition, update the product images to showcase the item from different angles or in different settings to enhance its appeal.

If you don’t have time to relist items on Mercari then you can consider getting the Reseller Assistant Mercari relisting service for that.   

4- Send Offer to Likers

Mercari Offer to Likers

Sending offers to likers is another highly effective strategy to give a boost to your Mercari sales. When listing your items on Mercari, it’s essential to set a competitive price with a minimum 10% markup.

This will ensure that you have room to offer discounts to potential buyers who have liked your item but haven’t made a purchase yet.

By sending offers to these likers, you create a sense of exclusivity, encouraging them to take advantage of the discounted price. These offers appear as notifications in the Mercari app, catching the attention of buyers and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Timing is crucial when sending offers to likers. Use the “Send Offer to Likers” strategy during slow periods or when you want to generate quick sales. Special occasions or holiday seasons can also be opportune moments to attract more buyers with offers.

5- Get Your Seller Profile Verified

Mercari Verified Seller

Getting your seller profile verified on Mercari can help increase sales by building trust with potential buyers.

When your profile is verified, buyers can feel more confident buying from you, and you can feel more confident shipping to verified buyers.

Verification is a simple process that involves uploading a picture of your ID. Once verified, you will receive a “Profile Verified” badge on your seller profile, which will help buyers on Mercari trust you more.

Your verified status will be displayed prominently on your profile, catching the eye of buyers who prefer to only buy from a verified Mercari seller.

6- Go for Mercari Seller Badges

Mercari Seller Badges

Seller Badges are important for increasing your sales on Mercari. These badges are visual indicators of your reliability and commitment to excellent customer service, making potential buyers more likely to trust and engage with your listings.

To get started, simply register with Mercari as a seller. This will get you the “Member since 20XX” badge that signifies that you have been a seller for how many years. This establishes your presence on the platform and gives you a starting point for earning badges.

The next badge to aim for is the “Quick Shipper” badge, which can be obtained by consistently shipping items within 24 hours of receiving an order. This shows buyers that you are efficient and responsive, enhancing your reputation as a seller.

Next, work towards earning the “Reliable” badge. To achieve this, make sure to deliver orders as promised and avoid canceling transactions whenever possible. Buyers appreciate sellers who fulfill their commitments and are dependable.

Then, strive to become a “Fast Responder” by answering messages from buyers promptly. Timely communication helps build trust and encourages buyers to feel more comfortable making purchases from you.

Finally, aim to be a “Go Getter” by setting sales goals and actively working towards achieving them. You can earn up to three arrows in your Go-getter badge, which demonstrates your dedication to success and customer satisfaction.

By obtaining and displaying these Mercari Seller Badges, you can significantly boost your credibility and attract more buyers, ultimately increasing your sales on the platform.

Remember to maintain consistent performance to retain and continuously improve your seller reputation on Mercari.

7- Offer Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Offering free shipping is a very smart strategy to increase sales on Mercari. According to Mercari, items are twice as likely to sell when you offer free shipping.

Buyers like the idea of getting a good value and are more likely to purchase an item if they can get free shipping.

However, it is important to note that offering free shipping may require you to increase the base price of your item to account for the shipping cost.

You should also take note of the shipping cost as it can vary widely depending on the weight of the item.

Final Words:

Boosting your sales on Mercari requires a strategic approach. Getting a verified seller profile, listing items during active buying hours, and relisting items that are not selling are some easy ways to increase your sales on Mercari.

By getting Mercari badges, you can increase your credibility as a seller and attract more buyers. Moreover, sending offers to likers with perseverance and dedication can help you get more sales on Mercari.

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