Post Pandemic: What Can You Expect for Your Poshmark Business

Post Pandemic: What Can You Expect for Your Poshmark Business

Most will wholeheartedly agree that 2020 was, well, a year to remember…and not in the best of ways. That said, platforms such as Poshmark, where secondhand clothing and accessories are readily available, were more popular than ever, even during the height of the pandemic.

With economic pressure essentially everywhere, shoppers were (and still are) looking for deals. They are not as apt or as willing to pay retail as they once were. This is why so many poshers found themselves in a very unique position.

Numerous sites like Poshmark, eBay and Mercari grew exponentially as far as the number of both buyers and sellers over the course of 2020. If you did get in on the reselling action this past year, then odds are you realized starting your own Poshmark business was probably a smart move. And now you’re poised to enter 2021 and hopefully what will come to be a post-pandemic environment in a potentially lucrative position. In this article, we look at what you might be able to expect for your Poshmark business in the coming year.

Post Pandemic: What Can You Expect for Your Poshmark Business

Even More Users Will Sign Up for Poshmark Accounts

As the economy continues the slow road to recovery and we emerge from the events of 2020, you can expect that people will still be shopping for those deals. This means that, as many anticipate, the growth of reselling platforms will continue to skyrocket. Great news for your Poshmark closet!

On the flip side, however, it means not only will more buyers be accessing the Poshmark platform, but more sellers as well. So this could up the competition factor—by quite a lot actually. Don’t panic though—this just means you may have to take things up a notch in order to remain a standout closet.

Are your pictures where they need to be? Are you diligently liking, sharing and following? How about your descriptions, could they use some livening up? Revisit all aspects of your Poshmark closet to make sure you’re doing all that you can to stay competitive.

As Things Open Up in 2021, People May Be Going Out More

This means that yoga pants and sweats might no longer be everyone’s go-to outfits in 2021. The key to a successful Poshmark sales strategy is ensuring that you stay on top of trends and hot ticket items.

For the most part, 2020 saw the majority of people around the world hunkering down in their homes, so no need for those “out on the town” ensembles. That could easily change in the coming months. So you want to be sure and stock your closet with the kinds of items that shoppers will be looking for. It’s a matter of staying on top of what people want.

Niche Reselling is Set to Become More Common

Certainly, you want to have a variety of items in your Poshmark closet. After all, appealing to a broad range of users can’t hurt. However, what platforms like Poshmark have been seeing over the past few months is the emergence of more niche online shops and closets.

In other words, specialization is becoming key. You might assume this would limit your sales potential. On the contrary, however…When users to the platform are looking for stylish workout gear for example, and they’ve been following you and therefore know that you have a ton of the latest in athletic clothing, they are likely to check out your closet first.

Becoming synonymous with a certain style, type or even brand of clothing may just help you make some real money this coming year.

Even New Resellers Can Make a Profit in 2021

Even if you’ve never sold on Poshmark before, now is most definitely the time to get started. From everything you see and read, the platform is only going to grow. Which means there’s plenty of room for plenty of new poshers.

You don’t want to start your reselling business without doing a little research first, however, and taking the time to understand what is needed to actually turn a profit on Poshmark. You want to spotlight the right clothes—this may mean sourcing from more than just your own actual closet.

You definitely want to take amazing photos of those items you plan to sell. And you want to understand the strategy needed as far as liking, sharing and following fellow Poshmark users.  

Yes, 2020 was not the easiest year for many people. But for numerous savvy poshers, they were able to make some money on the platform and now are only poised to do even better in 2021. And again, even if you are brand new to Poshmark, but have million-dollar dreams nevertheless, now is the time to start working on making your dreams a reality! 

Rounding up

2020 was certainly a year that none of us could have predicted – but one positive fact is that more people shopped online for the first ever. That is great news for your Poshmark business, but it is important you capitalize that and keep them buying from you!

What lessons did you learn about your Poshmark business during 2020? We would love to hear in the comments below or over on our Facebook page!

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