Using YouTube to Market Your Poshmark Business

Using YouTube to Market Your Poshmark Business

Social media is king—and that’s not an understatement. Think about how much time you personally spend on any given platform. From Facebook to Instagram to YouTube, people are spending hours scrolling through various platforms, looking for news, and of course, reading reviews and other forms of feedback about a given product or company.

The question is, is your Poshmark business on social media? More specifically, is your business on YouTube. YouTube videos are becoming hugely popular among poshers. Especially for those unafraid to let their personality come shining through, creating YouTube videos spotlighting your closet and your listings really can mean the difference between big-time success and just so-so sales numbers.

How do you create the ultimate YouTube video for your Poshmark endeavor? What elements should you take into consideration upon producing the video? And how many videos should you go ahead and make? All great question and all will be answered in this article.

Using YouTube to Market Your Poshmark Business

Creating the Perfect YouTube Video for Your Poshmark Business

Here’s the scenario: you are starting to kill it on Poshmark. You have your eyes set on that prize of making this your full-time gig. Now it is time to take things up a notch. How do you do this? How about a dynamic YouTube video to engage users even more than you already are!

The elements that go into creating a first-rate YouTube video for Poshmark are actually quite simple. You are using the video primarily to showcase listings. Rather than have static images, a video really lets potential buyers see what you have to offer in a fresh new way. Creating the perfect video doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but you do want it to look professional of course. You may want to practice a couple of times before the camera. Rehearsing is never a bad thing!

Also, keep an eye on your lighting. The worst thing you can do is spend all of your time and energy creating a YouTube video and then have the lighting make the clothes appear washed out or dingy. A mixture of natural and synthetic lighting can work wonders for your video!

By the same token, think about your background. When watching television or movies, we obviously see that the backgrounds are everything, right? Not that your YouTube video is going to be a production of this nature, but you definitely want your background to add some interest—or at the very least, not to have it detract from your listings.

Having Multiple Videos for Your Poshmark Closet

The more videos, the better. Of course, you don’t want to crank out one after another without a break in between. Coming out with a YouTube video on a weekly basis could be a good starting strategy. If you find your videos are engaging users and driving sales, then maybe go to two or three a week.

Just keep it consistent whatever timing strategy you use here. If you commit to a video a week—do your best to stick with this, as your viewers will come to expect a certain number/schedule from you.

YouTube Video Titles, Hashtags and Descriptions

Beyond the production of the video itself, you have to think about the more nuanced components of your Poshmark video. Titles are going to be hugely important in terms of having your videos get found. Understand what users are searching for when it comes to Poshmark and include those keywords in your video titles and descriptions. Descriptions are very important in terms of drawing a user in and getting them to watch!

You also want to take some time with that YouTube thumbnail. The thumbnail is the small image that people first see when searching through videos. You’ve likely heard the saying about judging a book by its cover—consider the thumbnail that YouTube video cover that people are going to use to determine whether or not your video is interesting enough to watch. There are actually a ton of YouTube thumbnail creators online and many of them offer a free plan that you can use to design your personalized thumbnail.

The hashtags that you include in the context of the video design/description are also key when it comes to getting found on YouTube. Take some time to see what is trending. But also, be careful that you are not relying on overly used hashtags as you will only get lost amid a sea of other Poshers trying to get their videos noticed. You have to be unique when it comes to hashtag choice but also balance that with finding those hashtags that do seem to be gaining some ground.

Rounding up

That is a wrap for our mini-guide on using YouTube in your Poshmark Business!

Do you use YouTube already? Or perhaps you Tik-Tok or maybe Instagram Reels? Link us in the comments below to your YouTube channel and we will take a look at some of your videos (and maybe even share them!)

ps. Don’t forget to follow our YouTube Channel (we will publishing plenty here soon!)

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