The Reseller Podcast Breakdown: Poshmark Basics

The Reseller Podcast Breakdown: Poshmark Basics

If you are new to Poshmark, or even if you’re a seasoned vet and are looking for some tips to help jumpstart your Poshmark sales as we head in February, you are probably going to want to check out our Poshmark podcast: The Reseller Podcast Episode #2.

We review everything from how to navigate your way through the Poshmark website to how to list individual items in your closet. While there is no magic formula for achieving Poshmark superstardom, there are strategies you can implement to help you boost that bottom line.

Think about why you got into Poshmark in the first place…to make some cash, right? And yes of course the community aspect of the platform and the interactions with other poshers make the experience that much better. But in reality, you are there to sell some clothes and make some money. And some poshers have managed to do just that. In fact, a number of successful Poshmark sellers have gone on to realize a six-figure income. What would you do with a six-figure Poshmark income? We thought so…

The Reseller Podcast Breakdown: Poshmark Basics

Beginning Your Journey on Poshmark

  • In this podcast, Samantha, our resident Poshmark expert, reviews several things that any successful posher needs to know. For one, she discusses the details to include in your listings. It’s not necessarily as cut and dry as you might think.
  • How do you create your very first listing? For the inexperienced user, this might seem intimidating. It doesn’t have to be. The tabs are all clearly labeled at the bottom of the app. For listing an item, you will use the “sell” tab. Pretty straightforward so far, right?
  • Once the photo files are uploaded, you are going to want to create the text portion of your Poshmark listing. It will prompt you for a title, description and then additional information such as sizing and category.
  • Your title will be key here. This will be what users are searching for, so if you can identify relevant keywords do that within the space allotted for a title. The podcast offers more tips on generating a winning title for your listing.
  • Should you add measurements to your description? This is another great question, and again one that we review in the podcast, along with how many measurements exactly you may want to include.
  • In your listing description, you want to offer poshers something more than just the basics. Get creative, appeal to their emotions. Really make them see themselves wearing your clothing.
  • And this effectively, is how you go about creating that first Poshmark listing. Again, you can learn more about this by listening to The Reseller Podcast: Episode #2

What You Can Expect Becoming a Reseller

We’ve discussed the money factor. Maybe you’re not necessarily looking to make it big but rather just want some additional cash for vacation, a new car, a down payment on a property. That is fine too!

Whatever financial need you have, if you pursue your Poshmark journey strategically, you can achieve your goals. Some things to keep in mind as you begin this exciting new reselling business…

  • There’s a built-in community. And this means then, that there are built-in buyers. So unlike with some other platforms and opportunities, it is not necessarily about convincing them to buy—that’s what they are there for after all. It is instead about showing your items in the best possible light, so when they do scroll through your closet they are impressed enough to pull that trigger and purchase.
  • People will bargain with you. In fact, more often than not, bargaining is encouraged. It’s all about getting those great deals. That said, you definitely want to steer clear of lowball offers. They are just time wasters. And as we all know, time is money.
  • It’s easier than you think. Many people are actually deterred from trying Poshmark because they’re nervous that it will be too difficult. The process is actually quite easy as outlined in our podcast. It does however require some time and effort on your part, especially if you’re looking to make some real money.
  • Sharing is the key to success. The more you share, the more strategically you share, the more sales you will ultimately get. Again, there is a strategy for sharing. Randomly sharing without understanding what you are doing could actually backfire on you. Oversharing could also backfire. So keep that in mind as you approach this Poshmark journey.

Whatever the reason you’ve decided to become a reseller, there are certain things you need to do and prepare in order to make the most of the opportunity. And make no mistake about it, Poshmark does represent one amazing opportunity!

Rounding up

The first season of our podcast spans many episodes, you can find them all by heading to our blog page and filtering for ‘Podcast!’ – Make sure you subscribe via your favorite podcast platform to get the latest episode when it is released!

If you’ve any feedback about our podcast, we would love to hear it – either let us know in the comments or over on our Instagram page!

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