New Mercari service launching soon!

New Mercari service launching soon!

As you know we are the masters when it comes to Poshmark and providing virtual assistant services. We save people 1000s of hours every month and let them get on with other more important things each day!

So, here at ResellerAssistant HQ we have been scratching our heads having a think on how else we can save you some time!

Well, after our most recent survey it appears many of you are having to spend equal amounts of time on another platform too.

That platform is Mercari.

About Mercari

Mercari, founded back in 2013 is actually a Japanese eCommerce site – but operates in our homeland too!

Although not as big as Poshmark, it has made (like a lot of online businesses) huge inroads during 2020 and into 2021, thanks to everyone being at home and shopping online.

Mercari pretty much works in the same way as Poshmark, where you list your items online and buyers find them and buy them, with Mercari taking a cut in the price for providing the platform.

About our service

We are launching a new service to help you manage your Mercari account – full details will be launched fairly soon (including pricing!) but right now we are looking for some beta testers to try out the service and give us some feedback at what works (and what doesn’t – though hopefully there isn’t anything!)

If you’d like to beta test the new service before we go live fully later this month – then get in touch on the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly afterwards!

Sign up for the waitlist

If you have a friend who might be interested in our Mercari service – let them know (they don’t need to be a customer of ours to apply for the beta!)

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  1. Latanya Vaughn says:

    This will be a great service because right now it wish Mercari had a sharing feature like Poshmark.

  2. Marie Howard says:

    Would love to beta the Mercari services – I’m so excited to see more VA options!

  3. I would like to try the beta test for mercari please. Super excited that you will be offering this as well!

  4. Karen Walsh says:

    Wonderful news! This could greatly increase my sales on this platform!

  5. Patty Stano Mitchell says:

    Just started selling on Mercari and not sure how to share. Hopefully your service will help. Looking forward

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