The Reseller Assistant 2021 Survey

The Reseller Assistant Survey 2021

Our Poshmark Survey is now live!

The Reseller Assistant survey is now live and in return for filling it out, we’re offering users a 20% coupon in return!

Read more below on why we run a survey and what we do with your data.

Why do we run a survey?

As we have quite a large and diverse customer-base it is important to us that we adjust our products and services to meet the demands of what our customers want! We love the feedback you email to our virtual assistants and they pass on messages to us all the time, but sometimes we need to ask a few questions to get an idea of what else we can do to help you!

Are my responses private?

Yes, none of your personal data is shared or made public (we don’t sell, loan, lend or give data away to anyone either – it is safe with us!). After your results are recorded, they are anonymized when we look at the overall statistics. There are some cases where we may pick out some entries where we might want more detail about your ideas!

What will you do with the results?

When we have collated all the data and the survey has finished we will publish some statistics on this blog – these general statistics will give you an idea of how your Poshmark business sits amongst others who also run them!

You will be able to find out some really useful information – are you charging enough? Do you have an above or below average number of items in your Closet and more!

How do I get my coupon?

Just fill out the survey and check your email a few minutes later, you should have an automated email from us with a coupon code on – this will give you 20% off any of our plans (either one-off or the first month of a recurring subscription)

You have until Monday 9th March (Midnight EST) to use the coupon – once it has gone, it has gone!

Also, as a special bonus, we will be picking five people at random and sending them a $100 Amazon voucher (whether you buy or not – as long as you have filled out the survey!)

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