New Virtual Assistant Plans

New Virtual Assistant Plans 2023

With 2023 just around the corner and the results of our biggest customer survey back, we are proud to present to you our new Reseller Assistant Virtual Assistant Plans for 2023!

Many thanks to all those that filled out our survey – the responses were fantastic and helped us shape some new plans which we think are perfect!

Why the change?

The internet is a fast-moving ever-changing beast and Poshmark is no exception to this! We heard loud and clear that requirements for our plans were good, but our users wanted MORE – well, who are we to say no?!

At Reseller Assistant our customers come first and these new plans offer exactly what our customers want.

What’s changing?

From the feedback we got overwhelmingly – you wanted more shares! Well, we’ve done that!

We’ve also given you the following:

  • Free Follow-Backs – If someone follows you, we follow them back for free (not part of your daily shares)
  • Free Share-Backs – If someone shares something of yours, we share something of theirs (again, not part of your daily shares)

Here is a big one.. FREE Party Sharing!

Yes, we heard you loud and clear on this – scheduling time to share with parties can be a real pain! But not anymore, we now share relevant items to all Poshmark Parties several times a day for you – again, not taken out of your daily allowance either – but for free! (on all plans!)

Moreover, you can hire our VAs for any Poshmark marketplace, no matter if you are selling in the existing markets like the US and Canada or the new markets like the UK and Australia.

Get in touch with us via Contact Us Page if you need a virtual assistant to manage your Poshmark account in the UK and Australia.

What are the new plans?

Our new virtual assistant plans for 2023 are much more simplified than in the past. There are just three available now (and the return of a one-off option too!)

Starter Plan 2023

Our new Starter Plan has been upgraded and revamped with more features. Additionally, we have brought back the one-off option too – if you just wish to have 7 days of service from us.

For those who love the Starter Plan – you can grab a recurring weekly or monthly (new!) option at a discount too!

  • 3,500 Daily Shares Including Community Shares & Self-Shares
  • FREE Follows
  • FREE Follow-Backs
  • FREE Share-Backs
  • FREE Party Sharing (All relevant Posh Parties – 12PM / 4PM / 7PM PST)
  • 500 EXTRA Shares Per Day
  • Power Shares Top 5 x 15 Closets
  • Offers to Likers

Poshmark All In One Plan 2023

Our Poshmark All in One plan replaces our old Pro plan – and seems more shares and features added!

It is available as a monthly plan.

  • 6000 Daily Shares Including Community Shares & Self-Shares
  • FREE Follows
  • FREE Follow-Backs
  • FREE Share-Backs
  • FREE Party sharing (All relevant Posh Parties – 12PM / 4PM / 7PM PST)
  • Offer to Likers
  • 10 Relists Per Day

Combo Plan 2023

Our Combo Plan replaces our old Ultra plan – this new, upgraded feature and shares plan offers more and is ideal for the serious Posher.

It is available as a monthly plan.

  • Everything included in the Poshmark Sharing All In One Plan
  • 12 Relists Per Day
  • 100 Crossposts

But, that isn’t all!

We also know that some of you want even more – well, we took this into account and you can now buy a Booster Add-on for the starter plan which add a whole heap of extra features!

Booster Add-On

Our Starter Booster can be added to any of the plans for FREE while it’s worth $5.99/week.

  • 500 EXTRA Shares per Day
  • Power Shares Top 5 x 15 Closets
  • Offers to Likers
  • 3 x Relists per Day

Ambassador Add-on

Our Ambassador Add-on can be added to any of the Starter Plans for FREE while it’s worth $49.99/month.

  • 1000-1500 Community Shares per Day
  • 500 Extra Self-Shares per Day
  • 200 EXTRA Follows per day
  • 20 x Relists per Day
  • Monthly Email with Ambassador Progress Requirements

As of right now, we don’t have an Ultimate Booster add-on – this is because you get pretty much everything with the All in One and Combo Plans as standard!

Feature / PlanStarter 2023All in One 2023Combo 2023
Number of Daily Shares3,5006,0006,000
Offers to LikersYesYesYes
Posh Party SharesYesYesYes
Relists Daily01012
PriceFrom $24.99From $99.99From $149.99
Reseller Assistant Virtual Assistant Plans 2023

What about existing customers?

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our existing customers – If you are on one of the plans below:

  • Starter Plan 2022
  • Pro Plan 2022
  • Ultimate Plan 2022

Then you can do nothing if you wish – all our previous plans are grandfathered in at the price you signed up at and the services offered and will run until your cancel your subscription (but you will not be able to reactivate it anymore)

However, if you wish to swap to one of our new plans – either immediately at your next billing cycle then you can!

For customers with an active subscription who wish to change immediately

Get in touch with our support team – they can manually move you over to a new plan.

For customers who wish to change at their next billing date

Cancel your subscription – when it has ended you can just order a new one via our pricing page.

For customers who have cancelled or their subscription has lapsed

Just order a new plan via our pricing page.

When are the new plans available?

The new plans are available from today – to mark the launch of them we are having a special event! Check out the Summer Reloaded Event to get 20% off your first plan payment!

As usual, if you have any feedback, comments or happy things to tell our VAs – drop our admin team a message!

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