The Reseller Podcast: Episode 2

The Reseller Podcast: Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Reseller Podcast

In our second episode of our podcast, Samantha talks you through how Poshmark works, how to sign up and how to get your items listed in your Poshmark Closet.

Listen along as she talks you through the website and how to navigate it, giving you tips along the way to help you become a better Posher.

Also covered is how to detail your listings. Are putting measurements in them important? How about how to take a good photo of your item? Just what is sharing anyway? and more!

Do you have any tips for using Poshmark? Let us know in the comments or on our Instagram page!

If you missed Episode 1 of The Reseller Podcast, you can listen to it here.

We’d love some feedback!

Our new Reseller Podcast is still in its early days and we’d love to hear some (honest!) feedback from you all – just drop us an email to [email protected] – we’ve already had some great feedback and had some people forward to be interviewed on our podcast too, which is amazing!

You can listen to the podcast here, on our blog or via the following platforms (if you can’t find it on your favorite platform yet, it will be there very shortly!) – just search for The Reseller Podcast

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Amazon
  • Stitcher
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  • Pocket Casts
  • Spotify

Our next episode will be released in a fortnight, on Monday, November 2nd!

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