The Reseller Podcast: Episode 3

The Reseller Podcast: Episode 3

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Reseller Podcast

In our third episode of our fortnightly podcast, Samantha talks you through the other platforms available to sell your clothes!

Yes, there are plenty of other platforms out there – like Mercari and eBay to name just two – but which is the best?

Listen along and Samantha will guide you between each platform giving you the pros and cons for each – which has more expensive fees? Which may have better customers for you? Do any have unusual return policies? What benefits are there over using eBay instead of Poshmark and vice versa!

Do you sell on other platforms as well as Poshmark? We’d love to hear. Let us know in the comments or on our Instagram page!

If you missed our previous episodes of our podcast, you can listen to Episode 1 and Episode 2 by following the links!

We’d love some feedback!

We’re on a mission to help you out and become a better Posher – with virtual assistants, blogs, guides and now a podcast we’re hopefully giving you as many avenues as possible to up your Poshmark game and make some serious money from it!

But, we need your help – what do you want us to cover? Do differently or perhaps just do more of? Send us your thoughts to [email protected] – thank you!

Where you can listen to the podcast

The Reseller Podcast is available at all good podcast sources – which means you should be able to find us simply by searching ‘The Reseller Podcast’ at any of these:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Amazon
  • Stitcher
  • Google Play
  • Pocket Casts
  • Spotify

Our next episode will be released in a fortnight, on Monday, November 16th!

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