How to Delete My Poshmark Account

How to Delete My Poshmark Account

In the age of evolving fashion trends and digital commerce, our preferences and priorities are changing every day.

It’s quite possible that your fashion taste as a buyer no longer aligns with what Poshmark offers, or you longer have enough time to give to your Poshmark closet as a seller. In any case, you might be wondering how to delete my Poshmark account.

In today’s guide, we will explain the process of deleting a Poshmark account in detail. Not only we will tell you how to delete your own Poshmark account but we will also reveal to you how to delete the Poshmark account of a deceased loved one.

So let’s start:

How to Delete My Poshmark Account Using the Poshmark App?

  1. Open the Poshmark app on your Android or iOS mobile device
  2. Tap the username icon on the bottom right of the app screen
  3. Scroll down the menu and tap “Poshmark Support Centre”
  4. Tap “Manage Account Status”
  5. Tap “Delete My Account”
  6. A pop-up will appear asking for a verification code (Check your email or phone number for the verification code)
  7. Enter the verification code and tap the “Submit” button.
  8. After that, a dropdown menu will appear with options about the reason for deleting your account.  
  9. Choose a valid reason and then tap “Delete My Account.”
  10. Again, a pop-up will appear for confirmation. Tap “Yes”.
  11. Your Poshmark account is deleted!

How to Delete My Poshmark Account Using a Desktop?

  1. Open on a web browser on your desktop.
  2. Login to your Poshmark account using the “Log in” button on the top right of the screen.
  3. Then, click your profile photo on the top right, and a dropdown menu will appear.
  4. Click “Account Settings” in the dropdown menu.
  5. There will be a menu bar on the left side of your screen. In that menu, find “Manage Account Status” and click it.
  6. Click the “Delete My Account” button.
  7. Your Poshmark account is deleted!


You should know that any account deletion request sent via written communication to Poshmark Support will not be processed. Moreover, uninstalling the app from your phone without following the account deletion process that we have above talked about will not result in the deletion of your account, and it will remain active.

How to Delete the Poshmark Account of a Deceased Loved One?

1- Make an Attempt to Log into His/Her Poshmark Account:

If you have access to the phone or desktop of your deceased loved one, then you first need to try logging into his/her Poshmark account.

Already Login Poshmark

If you get access to the Poshmark account, then you first need to delete all the items listed for sale in that account.

Once you are done with deleting them, follow the steps for deleting the Poshmark account that we discussed above.   

2- Contact Poshmark Support:

If you don’t have access to the Poshmark account of your deceased loved one, then the only other option you are left with is to contact the Poshmark support.

You need to go to the Poshmark website and fill out the form on the Poshmark support page. Explain the whole situation in the message section and attach relevant documents such as the death certificate.   

Poshmark Contact Support Form

The Poshmark Support team will review your request and will hopefully delete the account of your deceased love one in a couple of days.

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