Poshmark For Beginners: Setting up Shop

Poshmark For Beginners: Setting up Shop

As a newbie to the world of Poshmark reselling, you may be wondering about strategy, timing, about what to list even. If you are pondering these things, then that is good! It means that you are serious about your Poshmark business and that you are looking to turn it into an enterprise that actually makes you some real money.

We wanted to take some time to give those new to Poshmark invaluable tips and strategies to help boost your sales numbers and set you on the path to Poshmark stardom. Just look at the countless numbers out there who’ve managed to turn their fledgeling Poshmark closets into veritable empires. It is not out of the realm of possibility—trust us!

In this article, we will offer you some insider advice as to how you can better position yourself on the platform and in the process make your closet super popular!

Poshmark For Beginners: Setting up Shop

Setting up an Account

If you’re reading this article, we assume that you either have already established your Poshmark account or are just about to do so. Setting up an account on Poshmark is quite easy. They have a step-by-step process that is pretty much self-explanatory. The key in this beginning stage is to make your profile stellar. How do you do that?

  • Add a photo or two
  • Fill in relevant demographic info
  • Follow those brands that you yourself are likely to sell
  • Take some time to really think about that username—yes, it is important!

Once you’ve customized your profile and made it totally Poshmark friendly, then you will start listing items. Which brings us to…

The Best Ways to List Items

Your listings are at the heart of your Poshmark endeavor. You’re looking to sell clothing and/or accessories, right? You’re looking to make some extra cash, correct? And potentially, you are looking to turn this side hustle into a full-time gig. The listings are where it all begins!

First off, for most Poshmark newbies, beginning with their own closet makes sense versus going out and actually sourcing clothes. Though, as you grow your Poshmark business, this is certainly not a bad idea. Find clothing that you no longer wear but such that are in good condition and that are the kinds of brands that poshers are actually on the hunt for.

The key to selling is in the photos. In other words, the better the photos, the more enticing, the better your chances of making those sales. Think of those first few listings as your premiere photoshoot. Is the lighting sufficient? Make sure you have as plain a background as you can find. White makes for a great backdrop against which to display items. And then you might want to think about showcasing an item from a few different angles.

You can put it on a hanger and hang it against your plain backdrop. You can lay it flat on a table and shoot from multiple angles. The more ways you can show buyers your item, the more they will trust those likenesses. And establishing trust with fellow poshers is a very good thing!

The listing description is also a key ingredient when it comes to a winning sales formula. You want to be very specific as far as providing size, condition, brand. And of course, you want to reveal any defects or flaws both through the written description as well as through the photos you post. The other important part of any listing description: you need to make potential buyers really see themselves wearing and/or using your item. There is definitely some psychology involved with description writing—give users a vicarious experience of your item.

Consider Item Price

One of the biggest mistakes made by those new to Poshmark is how they price their items. More often than not, a posher will price way too high. In fact, many novice resellers will price their listings close to if not on par with the retail price. Why would a buyer purchase a used item from you, if they can just get it brand new at close to the same price?

This is where doing a bit of homework really can help. Yes, you want to consider the retail price, but only as a reference point. From there you are going to want to discount your listing and thereby make it attractive to those looking for a great deal. See where similar items on the platform are priced and go from there. While Poshmark is a community, there is also that element of competition. Make sure you position yourself advantageously when it comes to pricing.

Poshmark can certainly be an exciting new venture. The important thing is to treat it like a business if you intend to grow that business!

Rounding up

Did you find it hard setting up your Poshmark Closet originally? What tips would you give to other new Poshers that may just be on the starting line when it comes to running a Poshmark business?

We’d love to hear your ideas – drop us a comment below or over on on our Instagram page!

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