Poshmark Packaging and Shipping Questions Answered

Top Poshmark Packaging and Shipping Questions Answered

Poshmark is not solely about selling. Though certainly, you want to do plenty of that. But once you do make that sale, then what? The packaging and shipping process begins. How you package and consequently ship your items to the buyer really are important. After all, ideally you want them to be a repeat buyer. The more professional an approach you take to packaging and shipping your Poshmark items, the more likely they will be to purchase from you again. 

In this article, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding how to package and ship your Poshmark items.  

Poshmark Packaging and Shipping Questions Answered

Is there a size limit on how big a box you can use?

There actually is a size limit when it comes to your Poshmark packages. You are provided with a shipping label based on the size you specify. The label will accommodate boxes up to that specific size. If you exceed that size, the item will be returned to you. What you want to do to avoid this is to carefully measure the item so that you know precisely what size box will be needed; keep in mind too, you do not want to just cram an item into too small a box.

There is also a weight limit when it comes to Poshmark labels. Up to five pounds you are fine, beyond this however you will have to upgrade to a different label.

How do Poshmark shipping fees work?

Generally speaking, the buyer will cover the cost of shipping after purchasing a Poshmark item. Now, in some cases, the seller can offer to include shipping if for instance, they are trying to sweeten the deal and get the sale. Shipping is $6.79. 

What kind of boxes should you use for Poshmark?

Good news…Priority shipping boxes are acceptable, so this means no paying for boxes. You can even order these online and they will deliver to your door. If you anticipate a lot of sales, especially during the holidays for example, then you want to be sure to order enough so that you aren’t scrambling for boxes because you’ve run out.

What if for some reason shipping is delayed?

According to the Poshmark platform, the seller has 2 days to ship the item after it is sold. If a seller fails to get their item out, then the buyer can actually cancel the sale after seven days. If the item is still unshipped beyond this period of time, Poshmark will nullify any sale in which the item has not been shipped out after 21 days. The moral of the story: get those items out ASAP. This goes a long way as far as winning you points with your buyers. Not to mention, take too long to ship something out and it could result in a bad review, which then would destroy your Poshmark credibility.

What happens if a Poshmark item gets damaged in shipment?

Damage can happen. All you can do to this end is ensure that you package the item well and provide enough of a “cushion” around it so as to try and prevent any damage. If something does happen though, you can always file a claim with the USPS.

Can I ship a Poshmark item in a bag?

Many poshers, especially new sellers, often ask this question. You can ship items in a bag. Polymailers actually work well to this end. Keep in mind though, you do want to ensure that whatever item you are shipping is well protected. Even if shipping in a box, you may still want to first enclose the item in some form of bag—even if it’s just a Ziploc bag. You can never be too careful or have too much protection for the item in question. The more you do in this capacity, the more “above and beyond” you go shall we say when it comes to shipping, the more your buyer will appreciate it and ultimately (hopefully) become a repeat buyer.

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A General Overview of Shipping on Poshmark

To recap as far as some of the nuts and bolts associated with Poshmark shipping…

  • The buyer usually pays for shipping unless the seller is offering some sort of discount or free shipping promo.
  • Shipping with Poshmark costs $6.79 for any package up to five pounds. After five pounds you need to upgrade your label.
  • When you get notified of a sale, the label for that sale will be in an attachment to that notification email. You then need to print it and affix it to whatever package you’re using.
  • Poshmark has a standard two-day shipment policy.

Details matter for any Poshmark seller. Especially if yours is a business you hope to grow, then you want to make sure every component, everything you do reflects the type of business you’re striving for. A little time, a little effort can pay off in big ways! 

Rounding up

So, that is our quick general guide on packaging and shipping with Poshmark!

What experience do you have when shipping goods to your customers? Do you have a set method you always follow or do you just do it on the fly depending on what the item is?

We’d love your suggestions (and tested methods that work!) – let us know in the comments below or over on our Instagram page!

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