How to become a Poshmark Ambassador

How to Become a Poshmark Ambassador

Poshmark is a platform full of opportunities. For new and seasoned Poshmark sellers alike, there are strategic things you can do to enhance your Poshmark profile and in the process, boost those sales numbers. One of the more important things that those who’ve been selling on the platform for a while can do to gain more exposure for their closet is to become a Poshmark Ambassador.

What exactly is a Poshmark Ambassador? Once upon a time it was called a suggested user. Since then, Poshmark has amended the name to Poshmark Ambassador. A Poshmark Ambassador is a reseller who’s been at it for at least 3 months and has leveraged key opportunities on the platform. An Ambassador also has optimized their shares, likes and follows. As such, Poshmark recognizes that seller and grants them even more advantages. Such advantages include the ability to host posh parties, the chance to speak at Posh events and the chance to have your close spotlighted for those new to the platform. This most definitely is a huge opportunity within the Poshmark community for anyone looking to grow their business.

How to Become a Poshmark Ambassador

Criteria for Poshmark Ambassadors

There is a specific list of benchmarks you have to meet in order to reach Ambassador status. These criteria include the following:

  • Make at least 15 sales
  • Have 50 closet items listed at any given time
  • Your ship time needs to be three days or less
  • Rating needs to be 4.5 stars or higher
  • Share 5000 items from fellow poshers’ closets
  • Share 5000 items from your own closet
  • Have an active Poshmark account for a minimum of three months to be considered

If you want more details regarding the specifics of becoming a Poshmark Ambassador, you can search through the platform to find out exactly what steps are involved with gaining ambassador status. The key, once you do reach that coveted Ambassadorship, is to remain active on the platform and be diligent about adhering to the guidelines. Otherwise, you could jeopardize your status. Ask any posher who has become an Ambassador on the platform, and they will likely tell you that the perks really are worth it!

Staying a Poshmark Ambassador

As mentioned, once you are invited to become an Ambassador and are accepted as such, you have to do certain things in order to keep these credentials. For those poshers looking to build a viable business, staying on top of what it takes to become and stay an Ambassador should be no big deal. In case you were wondering, a Poshmark Ambassador must:

  • Have an active closet. This is critical. An Ambassador is someone who exemplifies what the platform is all about and serves as a role model to those aspiring to make it big. Keeping your closet active and your listings updated is essential to maintaining your ambassador status.
  • Be a customer service expert. As most people know, the key to a successful business starts with excellent customer service. This means responding to buyers, shipping on time, and addressing any and all concerns as soon as they arise. Staying on top of the customer service game is a huge part of what it takes to be a Poshmark Ambassador.
  • Be a participant in the Poshmark community. As has been mentioned repeatedly, Poshmark is as much about community spirit as it is about selling items from your closet. When it comes to their ambassadors especially, Poshmark really prioritizes participation. From liking and sharing to hosting posh parties, to participating in various events, make sure you do your due diligence as far as community involvement.

The Perks of Being an Ambassador

Once you’ve become a Poshmark Ambassador you will without question delight in the perks associated with this new status rank. Among some of the more notable perks:

  • You get featured. So when new users sign up for Poshmark, the site will feature your closet on the “Find People” page. This is a huge benefit to you and your reselling business. Think about it, many newbies have no idea where to begin when they join Poshmark. And here, the platform is telling them, these are some of our best sellers. You can’t beat exposure like this!
  • You get access to Posh Insider. The monthly newsletter put out by the platform features a ton of useful insights and info. You get first glimpses at the latest features as well as top-secret insider information on how to create a robust reselling enterprise.
  • You can join Posh Affiliate. This is essentially a program that allows you the chance to grow your business via social media campaigns directly tied to Poshmark.

Becoming a Posh Ambassador is a major step in the right direction for any reselling business. It makes sense to position yourself to become an Ambassador so that you can take advantage of all that that title has to offer.

Rounding Up

Are you a Poshmark Ambassador? How long did it take you to become one and has it been worthwhile for you? We’d love to know – drop us an email (for an interview in an upcoming Podcast episode) or tell us below!

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