Posh Parties Ultimate Guide

Posh Parties: The Ultimate Guide (2022)

Poshmark, the online marketplace for new and used clothing and accessories, has a feature called Poshmark Parties. Whether you want to buy or sell clothing, navigating through this opportunity can be easier using our Posh Parties Ultimate Guide

Our guide utilizes Poshmark documentation, expert reports, and experience using Poshmark to help guide you through accessing and participating in posh parties. Since Poshmark makes money off of completed sales and transactions, they have done everything they could think of to encourage the actions that make that happen. 

Whether you are an experienced Poshmark Ambassador or one of the new Poshers, this guide can help you determine your best participation level in Poshmark parties. 

Poshmark Parties: What are they?

Poshmark parties can sound like a hidden secret society exchanging unique things away from the eyes of the common folk. Still, the fast answer to what Poshmark parties are is that they are a timed virtual event for sellers to curate lists of clothing and accessories based on a designated theme from Poshmark. 

Any buyer can participate in parties, but participation is limited to sellers that are Poshmark Ambassadors. At the parties, sellers share listings on Poshmark that fit the theme guidelines. 

Buyers have the opportunity to buy the clothing found and promoted during the event by viewing an area known as a “showroom.” Different showrooms have listings unique to that theme, similar to brand pages. 

What we will cover

  • What are Poshmark parties?
  • Posh Party Eligibility: Who Can Attend?
  • What is a Posh Party Host?
  • What is the Schedule for Poshmark Parties?
  • How Are Themes Decided?
  • Are Poshmark Parties Worth It?
  • How Do You Find a Party on Poshmark?
  • How To Participate in Posh Parties
  • Attend Virtual Parties
  • Share Listing to a Posh Party
  • Host a Party
  • Before Your Theme Party
  • Whilst the Party is Happening
  • How to Become a Posh Party Host
  • Posh Party Co-Hosts
  • How Do You Get a Host Pick on Poshmark?

If you are new to Poshmark parties, we have provided you with detailed information on participating and maybe even hosting a posh party. 

What are Poshmark parties?

A Posh Party is a virtual shopping event where users meet up in the Poshmark app to sell or buy clothing and accessories. When the posh party is over, buyers can explore showrooms related to the party and the closets of the hosts and sellers sharing items.

Poshmark has four daily events with varying party themes around a brand, fashion categories, departments, or style. Every posh party has a different party host or team of hosts. 

Posh Party Eligibility: Who Can Attend?

The actual party is open to hosts, co-hosts, and sellers looking to share their closet listings that fit the theme. Buyers cannot attend the posh party. However, they can review the different showrooms that the parties create. 

What is a Posh Party Host?

Poshmark hosts are responsible for creating a curated showroom of fashion items available on Poshmark that follow the theme of the posh party. The Party Host looks through Poshmark and selects things that fit whatever party theme they are responsible for and what they think the party attendees would enjoy. 

What is the Schedule for Poshmark Parties?

Poshmark parties happen four times a day. Various members of the Poshmark community are selected to be the Poshmark party host to curate the party showroom. 

Poshmark parties have different categories assigned to a daily time every day.

9 am PST: Brand Focused Party

Brand-focused parties select’s a brand from the Poshmark community’s favorite brands and feature a selling event around listings from that brand. As long as it fits within the brand and the seller guidelines, sellers can post or share things that match the party theme. Brand party examples include Gucci, Tory Burch, Dior, Kate Spade, and Louis Vuitton. 

Noon PST: Fashion Category Party

Poshmark parties with a category theme are curated selections typically themed towards  fashion like “Trendsetting Jewelry” or “Hot Handbags.” 

4 pm PST: Department Party

Department parties on the Poshmark app focus on fashion departments you’d usually find a department store. Categories like maternity, petite, boys, girls, kids, babies, etc. 

7 pm PST: Style Party

Style parties get themed towards the hottest styles and trends. Previous style party themes include “Total Trendsetter,” “Date Night,” and “Street Style.”

Poshmark has a blog that maintains a list of the posh party lineup. Upcoming parties include “Everything Kids” and “Here For the Holidays.” 

How Are Themes Decided?

Poshmark has a team dedicated to reviewing data trends and curating party themes based on what the Poshmark community is interested in the most. If a trending search is “cocktail dress,” “smartly dressed kids,” or “Lululemon,” Poshmark’s team selects something related as the party theme that will promote different items on their platform. 

Poshmark does not accept theme submissions or suggestions.  

Are Poshmark Parties Worth It?

Whether or not parties are worth it depends on what you want out of them. If your goal is to sell all of your listings in your closet, you may feel like parties aren’t worth it. 

Suppose the reason you are hosting a party is to draw attention to the host’s account, more exposure for sellers who share items or become a host pick, and to interact with other Poshmark users and sellers. In that case, parties are worth the time and effort. 

Some hosts and attendees have fun sharing their styles and feeling like a total trendsetter. 


  • Social engagement on the Poshmark platform raises closet awareness
  • More eyes on your listings increase opportunities for sales
  • It does not require direct human interaction or contact (online)
  • Unique content every party
  • An opportunity to ask other Posh Ambassadors, sellers, and hosts. questions


  • Posh parties do not always result in a sale
  • The purpose of the parties is to encourage more interaction, not direct sales.
  • It can take a few months to be chosen as a host, if at all
  • Quality of party depends on the host and sellers sharing listings

How Do You Find a Party on Poshmark?

Once you are a verified user and Posh Ambassador, it is easy to find posh parties in both the app and the web. 

On the Web

Navigate to poshmark.com/parties

  1. From the home page, select “Parties” at the top of the page.
  2. Select a Posh Party of your choice.

Using the App

Open the App. 

  1. From the home page, select “Parties” at the top of the page.
  2. Browse parties centered around different themes and select your party. 

Note: make sure you keep up on the app updates to ensure that Poshmark is functional and safe for use. 

How To Participate in Posh Parties

Posh parties give sellers a chance to highlight their best items by adding them to different showrooms for buyers to shop. To utilize a posh party correctly, learn the terms and guidelines of the Poshmark community:

If you agree to abide by the information in those terms, you should have no trouble buying, selling, being a host pick, or hosting a posh party. 

Attend Virtual Parties

The easiest way for sellers to participate in a posh party is to attend one! Any Poshmark seller can join a party and share listings to the different showrooms. 

The goal is to share items that fit the party’s theme and the seller’s closet to increase exposure. Engaging with other party attendees will also increase the likelihood that someone will purchase an item from your closet. 

Once you have located a party you would like to participate in, wait until the party’s start time and click the party link to reach the party page. Click the Join Now button at the time of the event to participate. 

Share Listing to a Posh Party

There is still no specific set of requirements for whether or not your listing is eligible for a party’s lists. You may not find out that your listing is not a good fit until you try sharing it. 

Once a party starts, you can begin sharing listings to that party’s showroom. To add a listing to a party, complete the following steps from the Poshmark app:

  1. Confirm the proper party is active.

Note: Posting to a theme or party that does not fit your listing will result in the listing not being added to that party. 

  1. Locate the listing you want to share and press the “Share” button next to it.
  2. The current party gets automatically listed on the next screen – if your item fits the theme, select “share” next to the party name.
  3. As long as a listing fits within the party theme and follows the general rules, Poshmark will add items shared to the party.

A new listing can be created during a party, even if the seller is a host. Sellers have the option to share their new listings with the active party at the time of creation. 

Host a Party

Hosting a posh party is about marketing your closet and giving it more exposure while promoting others. Being a posh party host includes more than curating an outstanding showroom of items related to the chosen theme. There are additional steps that hosts should take if a successful Posh party is a goal. 

Before Your Theme Party:

  • Know Poshmark’s rules and follow them appropriately. 
  • Stock your Poshmark Closet with your best items related to your party’s theme at the top. 
  • Tell people about your party and advertise it wherever you can, including through a blog post. 

While the Party is Happening:

  • The party will start and conclude without you, but make sure you attend your party at some point.
  • Choose your shared items with care and from various closets, sizes, etc. 
  • A minimum of 50 listings and a maximum of 100 listings must get posted per host during the party. 
  • Share five to ten items of your own.
  • Meet new users, interact with existing ones, and have fun fostering community.

Parties in the evening go from 7 pm to 9 pm PST. Hosts can choose how long they attend during those two hours and when, as long as 50-100 listings are shared by the host’s account. 

How to Become a Posh Party Host

Becoming a Posh Party Host can generate a lot of attention in your Poshmark closet. The minimum requirements for qualifying to host a posh party are:

  • Your account is approved for the Poshmark Ambassadors and meets the essential criteria required for the number of listings in your Poshmark closet, engagement, rating, sales, and Posh Love you have shared for other sellers. 
  • Your account must be in good standing and not have any unsupported items or offline transactions. 
  • Your account is actively engaged with other users on the Poshmark platform, including:
  • A Minimum of 100 lifetime new Posher’s listings
  • More than 7500 lifetime Shares
  • Over 500 community listings shared in the past 30 days
  • Your interactions show personality, and your images have creative cover shots good for advertising (quality photographs are essential). 
  • You attend every evening party and share only listings relevant to the theme.

If a Poshmark user fits that criteria, they can fill out an application to become a Poshmark party host for review. Poshmark reviews the applicants’ applications, closets, and activities and selects their favorites to host appropriately themed parties. Sellers who fail to be in good standing will not get chosen as posh party hosts.

First-time hosts can expect to wait several months before hearing back from Poshmark. Repeat hosts must wait at least one month since their last hosting gig before filling out an application to host again online. 

Posh Party Co-Hosts

Co-hosts are selected by Poshmark and not by any other host. Requests for hosting with a specific Poshmark may accommodate the user, but there is no way to ensure you will be hosting with who was requested.

How Do You Get a Host Pick on Poshmark?

Host Picks are featured items on the curated listings of the party. There is no exact formula or algorithm to get a Poshmark item selected as one of the Host Picks. Whether or not a host selects your item depends on whether they see it, like it, and meet all the criteria. 

Listings get added as host picks by the party host or co-hosts. Host picks can come from any closet as long as it follows the app rules, including the host’s account. 

A party showroom can contain thousands of listings, but the Host Pick showroom will only have a few hundred curated selections relevant to the theme. 

There is no rule against asking a host directly to make an item in your closet a Host Pick. The Poshmark platform included expectations of social interaction to save money on fashion, so engaging with a host and discussing a Host Pick is acceptable, provided it doesn’t violate Poshmark’s rules. 

What To Do Next

If all of this seems like more work than you have time for, but you can’t turn away from your thriving Poshmark shop, consider a Poshmark virtual assistant. Have Poshmark professionals like us, at Reseller Assistant manage your closet and share for you during optimum times for the best results. A win-win right?

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  1. If I want my item to be included by a host, exactly how do I send it to her/him? I am unfamiliar with the process of getting it to her to see if it’s a viable item for her. Thank you!

    1. Once my post gets approved, I have covered this for you!

  2. 1/ It is not really necessary to attened “every evening party” to be chosen as a host

    2/ to see if your items fit into a particular theme for the party, a little secret, click on the “SELLER TOOLS” button (looks like a wrench) during a party, and select SHARE TO “WHATEVER” PARTY, and all the items in your closet that fit that theme will be available for clicking!

    3/ if you want a seller to select your item to be featured as a HOST PICK, visit each and every hosts closet, you can find them listed on the party page, and look in their closet to see if they have a sign available, typically it will be the MOST EXPENSIVE item, OR the LEAST EXPENSIVE, OR the NEWEST item in the closet…comment ONLY on this listing, DO NOT COMMENT ON THEIR STORE LISTINGS, OR THE SOLD LISTINGS (that is rude!), DO NOT CREATE A BUNDLE FOR THEM, UNLESS THEY SPECIFY IT IS OK TO DO SO (that is also rude)! If you can not find a listing for the party, then, and only then you can comment on their MEET THE POSHER listing.

    4/ if your item is picked as a HOST PICK for the party, DO NOT change the picture or listing to read HOST PICK or HP, that is just tacky!

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