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Vinted Shipping: A Seller’s Guide

When you are selling online, understanding how shipping works is super important, especially when you’re selling on marketplaces like eBay, Poshmark, or Vinted. Shipping might seem like just sending stuff from one place to another, but it’s much more than that!

If you are just getting started on Vinted as a seller and not sure how shipping works on the marketplace, then don’t worry. In this guide, we will be explaining to you how Vinted shipping works and everything else that you need to know as a seller.

So without further ado, let’s kick things off.  

How Vinted Shipping Works?

When you sell something on Vinted, the buyer pays for shipping. This means the cost of shipping is added to the price of the item and shown to the buyer when they’re checking out. The Vinted shipping cost depends on the size of the package and where both the buyer and seller are located.

How Shipping Works on Vinted

After making a sale, you’ll receive a shipping label from Vinted. Sometimes you might need to pay for shipping upfront, but you’ll get reimbursed later.

When a buyer purchases your item, he gets to choose the shipping provider. It’s important to use the same shipping provider that your buyer picks. If you don’t, the order might be canceled, and the buyer will get his money back. Vinted can only track the package if you use the specified shipping provider.

As a seller, you can offer different shipping options to buyers. The shipping options you have depend on where you live. Offering more options increases your chances of making sales.

It’s also important to know that once you’ve sold an item, you have five working days to ship it out. If you miss this deadline, the order will be canceled. So, make sure to ship on time!

Vinted Shipping Methods

1- Vinted-Generated Prepaid Labels:

This is the simplest option for shipping your package. When you make a sale, Vinted provides you with a prepaid USPS label. You just need to print it out, attach it to your package, and send it off. If your package is lost or damaged during transit, it’s insured for up to $100. Vinted can help you file a claim with USPS for smaller packages (First Class), but for larger ones (Priority Mail), you’ll need to contact the courier directly.

2- Custom Shipping:

If you prefer to use a courier service other than USPS then you have to enable “custom shipping” when listing your item. This is useful for items with flammable contents or those that USPS can’t handle. Here are two important things to remember:

A. Carefully Analyze Shipping Costs:

You need to determine the shipping cost based on the item’s size and weight, following your chosen courier’s pricing system. Once the sale is made, you can’t adjust the shipping cost.

B. Make Sure Your Courier Offers Insurance and Tracking:

Vinted requires sellers to provide valid tracking numbers. If shipping can’t be tracked, Vinted will cancel the order. So, it’s better to use a courier service that offers insurance for protection against loss or damage of items during transit.

3- Pick-Up or No Shipping:

This Vinted shipping option is only suitable for large or fragile items, such as those in the Home or Kids categories, where it may be more convenient for buyers to pick up the item themselves rather than having it shipped. Sellers can indicate that the item is for pick-up only, meaning they won’t offer shipping for that item.

How to Choose the Right Package Size on Vinted?

When selling items on Vinted and shipping them using Vinted-generated prepaid labels, it’s important to choose the right package size to avoid any issues. By adhering to USPS’s packaging and shipping guidelines, you can ensure a smooth shipping process for both you and your buyer.

  • For items weighing 1.0 lb or less, opt for the Small (First Class) package size. This works well for accessories, lightweight clothing, and small home furnishings.
  • If your item weighs up to 2.0 lbs, consider the Medium (Priority Mail) package size. This is suitable for items like handbags, lighter shoes, trousers, dresses, and jackets.
  • For heavier items weighing up to 5.0 lbs, the Large (Priority Mail) package size is ideal. This can accommodate bulkier shoes, bedding, or bundles of lightweight clothing.

Avoid using USPS’s “Flat Rate” boxes, as they are not compatible with Vinted-generated prepaid labels. Stick to the recommended package sizes to prevent extra charges, returns, or negative experiences for your buyer.

Vinted Packaging

Regardless of the courier service you choose or if the buyer opts for pickup, ensure your item is well-packaged. Use a sturdy outer box and place the item in a plastic bag or small box for added protection. Cushion the item with foam, shredded paper, or similar fillers to prevent damage during transit.

You can also add a short note thanking the buyer for their purchase as that will add a personal touch, and including a freebie will encourage repeat business. Taking care in packaging not only protects the item but also reflects positively on your selling experience.

What Will Happen If I Choose the Wrong Parcel Size on Vinted?

If you choose a parcel size on Vinted, and it doesn’t match any suggested parcel size options then you need to select the custom shipping method. However, if you send an item in the wrong parcel size, you will be charged extra by the shipping provider. It’s important to ensure that you select the correct parcel size to avoid any additional charges or complications with shipping.

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