How to Get Out of Poshmark Jail

How to Get Out of Poshmark Jail in 2023?

Are you tired of being locked up in Poshmark jail with no way out? Do you feel like your online selling efforts have come to a halt due to a suspension on the platform? Don’t worry! The way to freedom is just a few clicks away. Join us as we take you on a journey to unravel the secrets of breaking free from Poshmark jail in 2023. Get ready to know how to get out of Poshmark jail and say hello to a world of endless selling opportunities!

What is Poshmark Jail?

What is Poshmark Jail

Poshmark jail is the result of violating Poshmark’s rules and policies. When a user is placed in jail, their account is temporarily suspended and they are unable to sell or purchase items on the platform.

This penalty is meant to enforce compliance with Poshmark’s rules and maintain a safe and trustworthy community.

The length of a Poshmark jail sentence can vary depending on the severity of the violation. However, it is obvious that it is triggered by any suspicious action, i.e.

  • sharing over and over again
  • repeating the same comment 
  • Following too many accounts in a day
  • invading the posh parties

It is the platform’s method of combating spam and bots by limiting sharing, following, and commenting. Once you touch the max limit, the account ultimately goes into the virtual jail, where you cannot share, comment, or follow on Poshmark. 

Here are some other names for the Poshmark jail:

  • Poshmark share throttling
  • Poshmark share limit
  • Poshmark follow jail
  • Poshmark shadow ban
  • Poshmark soft ban
  • Excessive sharing on Poshmark

What Action Triggers Poshmark Jail?

Excessive Sharing:

One of the most common causes of Poshmark jail is excessive sharing. Poshmark allows users to share items from their closets with their followers and other users on the platform. However, if a user shares too many items in a short amount of time, it can be considered spammy behavior and result in a Poshmark jail sentence. This is because excessive sharing can be seen as an attempt to manipulate the platform and interfere with other users’ experiences.

Spamming Comments:

Another common cause of Poshmark jail is spamming comments. Poshmark allows users to comment on items they like or have questions about. However, if a user spam comments, such as posting irrelevant or duplicate comments, it can result in a Poshmark jail. This is because spamming comments can make it difficult for users to engage with the platform in a meaningful way.

Following Too Many Accounts:

Following too many accounts within a day can also potentially get you in Poshmark jail. Poshmark allows users to follow other users to see their items and keep up with their latest postings. However, if you follow too many accounts in a short amount of time, it can be considered spammy behavior and you will end up being in follow jail. This is because excessive following can result in overwhelming notifications, making it difficult for a user to keep up with all the items being posted. Moreover, can lead to a cluttered and disorganized feed.

Invading Posh Parties:

The last thing that can get you in Poshmark jail is invading Posh parties. Posh parties are virtual events where users can shop for items from different closets and participate in discussions. However, if a user invades a Posh party by posting irrelevant or spammy comments, it can be considered disruptive behavior and result in a Poshmark jail sentence. This is because invading Posh parties can interfere with other users’ experiences and undermine the purpose of the event.

Poshmark Rules

The rules are quite simple and easy to follow. Poshmark has kept it simple for the people to understand and to keep the ecosystem healthy with these simple yet powerful rules:

  • Limiting the number of people sharing posts, etc., every minute, hour, and per day

However, there might be some strict rules, too, such as:

  • Tracking people sharing after every 10 minutes. 
  • Tracking people who share 24/7 non-stop. 
  • Tracking people using Poshmark on the same IP address (credit to /u/bayb33gurl on Reddit). 

Rules apply to everything we do. They do sound restricting, but they ensure that things are done rightly. Henceforth, you can maintain some of the following rules to avoid sharing jail or getting banned: 

Be friendly and kind: Poshmark is the best community for buyers and sellers. This is where you will see people helping each other. This community helps people to collaborate by staying kind and friendly and sustaining a healthy environment. Poshmark prefers to maintain decorum by keeping the community safe and comfortable.  

Be yourself, be real: The platform prefers everyone to feel at home while interacting with other members, which is not restricted to their personality. Besides publishing and listing fake information about your products, excessive usage of this platform is also discouraged. Sending irrelevant promotion ads, scamming, or spamming with bundles or discounts is also prohibited.

Reach out to Poshmark Customer Service: Poshmark ensures to address all the members’ issues or problems. Solving the issues about any community member, Poshmark account, or purchase is also prohibited. Every user must contact the customer support center if facing any issues. 

What Happens If You Get Stuck in Share Jail?

If you cross any limit, Poshmark puts you in jail. Now that you are in a share jail, you will witness an immediate and sharp dip in sales on Poshmark. Here are two main reasons your sales might suffer:

  • Poshmark will prevent you from sharing your listing on their platform, which makes it difficult to attain views. Henceforth, it will be a fatal blow.
  • Poshmark will also avoid showing your listing actively and frequently. 

This is the sole reason Poshmark Jail is scary for many sellers. Their businesses are at stake if they end up being in jail. 

Is Poshmark Share Jail The Same As A Ban?

Share jail and ban are two different things on Poshmark. Many sellers need clarification on both. However, it is understandable if you must be aware of the difference. 

Unlike a permanent ban, share jail is temporary, and you can return after 24 hours. A permanent ban makes it difficult for you to come around, as Poshmark bans the IP address and catches you if you try to avoid it. 

Poshmark Share Jail: Is it dangerous?

Share jail limits you from liking, sharing, or commenting and does not endanger your account. Even if your account repeatedly goes into share jail, it should not be banned. 

The only reason behind sharing jail is to maintain the fine line between benefiting the platform and making it irritating. 

How to Get Out of Poshmark Jail?

You can get out of the Poshmark jail by leaving your account idol for 24 hours. Stop commenting, sharing, or following for a day to reduce your threshold. 

You can certainly increase the number of shares; however, keep it to a minimum until the probation period is over. You can share other peoples’ listings in the probation period (which is a positive contribution per Poshmark rules). 

What to Do After Getting Out of Poshmark Jail?

Poshmark puts you on probation for 48 hours after release from jail. However, your account remains under review, although you can access the regular features. However, once you come out of the shared jail, do the following for the next 2 days:

Become value-oriented: This is the utmost requirement to be a posh seller. Keeping the buyers’ perspective in mind will help your business stay on Poshmark’s good side. 

Help other sellers: You can attain goodwill from other sellers by sharing their items on your feed. 

Leave nice comments on other Poshers’ posts: you can leave nice and detailed feedback on the sellers’ posts if you do not feel like giving them exposure. Mentioning a perfect occasion or giving styling suggestions for a certain product may help the seller to improve your standing on the Poshmark.

Be a buyer for a day: this tip is one of the best things to strengthen your account. Poshmark values its customers more than its sellers. Henceforth, a single purchase makes you their customer, reducing the chances of getting banned. 

How Does Reseller Assistant Help In Preventing Poshmark Jail?

Reseller Assistant is a Poshmark VA service that is designed to help sellers on Poshmark to grow their reach and business more efficiently. Moreover, it can also help in preventing Poshmark jail by providing sellers the expertise that they need to engage in responsible and respectful behavior on the platform. Here are 3 ways Reseller Assistant can help in preventing Poshmark jail:

Scheduled & Compliant Sharing:

The virtual assistant service by Reseller Assistant helps prevent Poshmark jail by delegating tasks such as self and community sharing to a trusted and experienced virtual assistant.

This reduces the risk of breaking Poshmark’s terms of service, which can result in account suspension. By relying on Reseller Assistant’s experienced virtual assistant, you can ensure that your seller account remains compliant with the rules while minimizing the risk of getting jailed.

Moreover, the VAs at Reseller Assistant uses a sharing schedule that follows Poshmark’s limits for the number of items that can be shared per day.

Smart Following:

Reseller Assistant provides sellers with a smart following service, enabling them to follow accounts that are relevant and of interest to them while avoiding excessive following.

Our professional virtual assistants identify the best accounts to follow based on their preferences, ensuring that they engage in responsible and respectful behavior when following other users on the platform.

Joining Relevant Poshmark Parties:

The virtual assistant at Reseller Assistant ensures that they join only relevant Poshmark Parties that can help in preventing Poshmark Jail by ensuring that the shares are in line with Poshmark’s guidelines and community standards.

By sharing to relevant Poshmark Parties, users can ensure that their shares are not seen as spammy or repetitive, which is a common reason for accounts being placed in Poshmark Jail.

Moreover, by targeting their shares to the right audience, users can increase their chances of getting sales and engagement, which can help build their reputation on the platform.

Sharing in relevant parties can also help users build relationships with other users, who may be more likely to share their items in return. This can lead to increased exposure and ultimately, more sales.

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